Favours from Zirac Holdings

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Favours from Zirac Holdings
GM: Stephen
Session: Winter 806 wk
Night: Wednesday Night (2 Nights)
Location: Avondale
Level: Low

  1. Thoric - A nonmage played by Category:Greg Graydon

Victoria (GM Info) is a Female Erelheine Warrior played by Struan

  1. Avatriss - A MindMage played by Jill Mitchinson

Who later acquired some new recruits for the guild:

  1. Henric - A Mind mage played by Chris C
  2. Bodric - A Rune Mage played by Category:Mandos
  3. Mavric - A Bard played by Lisa Rose
  4. Lyric - An Enchantress played by Category:Michelle Ellis

Thoric / Guild Rescue Mission
To organise the loan of two magical items held by the Dwarves of Zirac Holding in Southern Ranke.
Guild Rates for rescue mission 200sp per week.

Scribe Notes

The scribe has lost his muse....assistance welcome.


  • 4 Dwarves recuited into the guild. Not technically loot as that could be considered slavery.
  • Loan of two artifacts to aid in Rescue of Peter and Cob.
  • Share of assorted coin, weapons, and armour from mercenaries.

Gold Ring of Zirac Holding

This well made chunky gold ring is engraved with Dwarven runes identifying Thoric as a friend of Zirac Holding. Punching with this ring on will add 1 to unarmed damage and any Endurance hit will leave a bruise in the shape of a stylised T.

Value: 800sp

Engraved Silvered Battle Axe

Battle Axe made by a Rank 10 Weapon smith for +2 damage. Silvered and engraved in Dwarven runes "For Victoria, smite thy enemies with the blessing of Zirac Holding".

Value: 600sp

Engraved Silver Gloves

A pair of fine leather gloves set with bands of silver and semi-precious stones. The high quality jewellers works gives the wearer +1 PB. A skilled warrior might notice that these gloves would also be effective Cestus. The silver bands are discretely engraved with Dwarven runes "For Avatriss, smite thy enemies with the blessing of Zirac Holding".

Weight: 0.5 lbs Value: 600sp

Conch Shell of Whispers

This Conch shell is one of an identical pair that have been permanently enchanted with Whispering Winds. Once a day a phrase (of up to 30 seconds) spoken into the shell will be whispered to anyone putting the matching conch shell to his or her ear. The range is unlimited on the same plane, but the whisper takes time to reach the other shell (travels at 250 mph). The phrase will be repeated for 8 hours after it is received. It will not work between planes.

NB The matching shell is currently in possession of the Black Helm Clan Orcs in the mountains of Southern Ranke. They are not very happy at the disruption of their plans and loss of the shell and take turns whispering abuse into their shell.

Value: 1,400sp

The party has decided to store this in the guild vaults in the hope it will be useful later for dealing with the orcs or if the other half is recovered from the orcs.

Zirac Leather Plate Armour

The Dwarves of Zirac Holding have a method of making Leather Armour that is as protective as some metal armour. The method is only known to the armourers of Zirac Holding and is one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the Zirac Clan. The Armour is never sold and almost never gifted to outsiders.

Zirac Leather Plate Armour

Constructed from layers of specially treated and laminated leather, the armour is similar in style to Improved Plate except that it is primarily made of Leather.

Size: 4 (Dwarf Sized)
Weight Factor: 4 (16 lbs)
Protection: 6 (5 +1 for Rank 4 Armourer)
Agility Modifier: -3
Cost: Quest (Est. Value 3,000sp)
Stealth Modifier: -20%

Steel Reinforcing

Bands of steel can be inserted into the Zirac Armour for extra protection. These increase the Protection by 1, the Weight factor by 2, increase the FT cost of activity by 1 per hour, and add 500sp to the value. Rank 0 Armourer or rank 5 Warrior is required to insert or remove the bands without damaging the armour; this normally takes 10 to 15 minutes.

NB These make it impossible to cast magic while wearing the armour.

An Armourer with Leather and Plate II specialities can repair the armour if it is less than half damaged, more than that and it can only be repaired by the Armourers of Zirac Holding. Zirac master armourers may increase the protection by up to 2, reduce the weight of the armour, reduce the stealth modifier but cannot affect the Agility modifier.