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Lyric Henrikson

Lyric Henrikson

Played by Michelle Ellis

Lyric is a young dwarven female, eager to see the world. She is even more keen to travel with her older siblings of Henric, Bodric and Mavric as they are quite useful to her needs. Being the youngest child she can sometimes be demanding in these needs, but by being the baby, the others are always... well mostly, happy to oblige, sometimes she has to charm them - ever seen a dwarf do puppy dog eyes....

A number of years ago, when Lyric was very young, the adventurers guild came and saved some of her family, including Bodric, from Sahuagin who had kidnapped them. Her brothers stories of flying and magic held her interest up to this day even though they weren't supposed to be spoken.

Being adventurous (and a bit sneaky), she, like her other siblings, found a secret room with secret books (shhhhhhhhhhhh), in the caves of her home. Within these rooms contained books of magic. Since this time she has been studying magic in secret, with her other siblings, and as she had a natural aptitude for the E&E college, this is the one she has been working on. However reading books and testing her skills alone with no teacher, is not all its cracked up to be and she has eyes on running away and joining the circus of the adventurers guild so that she to can use magic better and fly and stuff just like the stories Bod talks about.

Now with the return of some adventurers to her home (wow, a human and an elf, cool, hasn't seem these sorts before), she is keen to run away with them to go and see all these wonderful cool stuff the world has to offer.

If only they can convince their parents to let them go, otherwise running away isn't a bad option but she didn't have to run away because their mother sends all four of them off with the adventure to help them on their errand. When mother sees Lyric casting magics during this errand she puts her four children under the watchful eyes of Thoric to ensure that adventuring and magic use is worked out of them working at the guild.

She is now fully trained in the E&E college and has befriended Jazmyn, daughter of Amber

Lyric has now had 2 mini adventures and is on her third full adventure.

Like her brothers Lyric also sends letters home.

Full session adventures:

1 Jewel and Surgeo

2 How to Win Friends

3 Black Watch Chronicles II: The Absent Physician

Part adventures

1 Favours from Zirac Holdings

2 Rescuing Cob and Co