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Rahne - Human E&E, played by Stephen.

At 5'5", with a medium build, Rahne is a polite and respectful lady of the Akinrosi of Kinlu.

After hearing of the Seagate Guild from others in Amdijin house, Rahne left her home and people to become a Warrior-Philosopher in the strange lands of the far west. A life and calling that would never have been hers at home.

Rahne is usually dressed in blue-green silk robes in the style of Kinlu warriors and carries a pair of Katanas.

She usually resides at Blackshore Manor, west of Novadom. Sometimes at a discrete (concealed, nearly impossible to find if not already known) country house in Kinlu or a private temple (to Morpheus) in Palestrina. Has interest in a new Manor in the Kingdom of Gilbenmark, Ivinia.


Greater Enchantment, rank 20 - by appointment
1 Season duration costs 4,000 per area covered.
Astrology, rank 10+ - by appointment
Lucky Numbers
Special Readings
Interplanar Astrology readings

Enchanted Hair Braids

  • Provide resistance to draining and low level protection from damage and magic.
  • Cost 5,000+ sp and 1 FT
  • Writeup Template

Rahne of Blackshore may enchant a jewelled hair charm, writeup as per the above link. As payment for her service she requires the character to perform a charitable act or make a charitable donation.
NB The materials (at least 5,000sp worth, those with expensive tastes may spend more) must be paid for and a master jeweller commissioned (usually taking at least a week unless a bonus is paid for preferential treatment) to make it before it may be enchanted.
Rahne is usually available to do the enchanting a day or two before the guild meeting.

Having had a charm made before the guild meeting and approval of the charitable act or donation requires the approval of your current GM.

Please add your character to the Enchanted Hair Braid Owners. If your details are not there, you don't have one. NB This is a game admin mechanism, not an in-game list. Naturally Rahne knows who she has enchanted them for and their charitable act but she is discreet.

Info for GMs

Female human, 5'5", medium build, dark hair, (PB 17) duelling scar, usually dressed in robes in the style of Kinlu warriors. Adventures in blue-green silk robes, blue scarf and carries a pair of Katanas.
Visible Value
100,000+ sp.
Party Roles
Astrologer, Warrior-Philosopher. Spell Blade. Enchantress of the Stars.
To follow her destiny and become a true warrior. A fate denied to her by class, race and gender at home.
Friends and Allies
Silus of Aladar
Some of the Beltan Elves
The Free Water Elemental at the falls of Valusha
Healers at The Ruby Waters
Shapechanger Bears of Gilbenmark
Known as a hero in the Kingdom of Gilbenmark (Ivinia)
Significant Neutrals
Met King Sigismund
Privy Chancellor and Cook in Eidolon might remember her, with prompting.
Dark Brotherhood
Lord of Glass, Lord of Rings, Lady of the Lake
A couple of Drow Necromancers (a Bone Specialist and a Flenser) that got away.
8 Common, 8 Erelheine, 6 Folksprach, low rank in: Akinrosi, Elvish, Five Sisters Trader, Saxony, Silent Tongue, Destinian, Ruskan, Albionese, Palestrinian, Ivinian.
Katana, Sai, Short Bow, Battle Axe
Main Skills
9(10) Astrologer
7 Dream
7 Ranger
7 Warrior
5 Philosopher
5 Courtier
5 Troubadour
6 Merchant
5 Mil Sci
5(10) Navigator
4 Calligrapher
5 Tailor
3(4) Herbalist/Cook
2 Mechanician (Celestial Mechanics)
Main Spells
16 Enchant Weapon
20 Enchant Armour
21 Witchsight
20 Telekinesis
11 Enhance Enchant
Sleep, Charm, Invis, Wizard's Eye, Levitate, Ventriloquism
Divination, Healing, Banishment
Mind shield
Non-Standard magic
An Eye for Class
Second Sight (see spatial anomalies & planar boundaries/gateways)
Pixie Dust
Star Dome
Other Stuff of Note
Rk 20 Greater Enchantment
Rk 20 Dream (Sleep) Dust
Rk 20 Crystal of Vision
Journeyman Dream Master
Appropriate Social and Military rank (items and abilities)
Is always (socially) considered to be appropriately dressed
Crane grace and form
A Walk in the Black Forest Treasure - Rahne
Some of Crooked House: Treasure


Blackshore Manor

In Summer 816, Rahne was granted joint title (with Tsayoi, Dellith & Boris) by authority of the Duke of Carzala of Blackshore Manor, west of Novadom.

Astral Charm-Gate Wrought iron astral gatehouse in the middle of a Karesansui (peaceful rock garden).

Pattern to the east, in mountains near Novadom


Has a concealed House in rural highlands near Amdijin lands.

Astral Gate

The house is nearly impossible to find if it is not already known of.


The private and concealed temple of Morpheus near the Del Carretto lands in Palestrina. As a disciple of Morpheus, Rahne trains here and tends to the temple.

Astral Charm-Gate


Granted by King Harlmaar Ivyrsen in Summer 820wk, has a shared (with Ragna, Keshah, Mungo, Hagan, Vychan) deed to land in the Kingdom of Gilbenmark, Ivinia.

A hill at the edge of a fjord, from the lookout about 600' above the sea down to the coast. Construction was started on a manor house on the hill in late Summer 820.

Keshah Rune Portal


Born to a respected family in the artisan class of the Amdijin House in Kinlu. A strong-willed and boyish child, she preferred play-fighting with her brothers over playing with other girls. Trained as a Calligrapher, Rahne was destined to marry the son of a musician. A week after the joyous news that her younger brother had been invited to undertake warrior training, Rahne failed to return from an errand in town, the next day a message arrived for her family stating that she was well and had left to follow her true destiny.

805-814 wk

805 wk
Travelled to Seagate via Kyoshin and Borovia to join the guild and train as an Enchanter.
Winter 805wk
Delivered a warning message from the guild to a party operating in Brastor. Then assisted them in completing their mission.
Winter 806wk
Assisted in the rescue of Cob and Peter Smith from a temple in Brastor.
Spring 806wk
Saved a Dwarven Princess from the machinations of their god of war.
Summer 807wk
Scouting bandit activity in Westmarch (Aladar) for a mercenary hit squad hired by a group of Brandenburg merchants.
Summer 809 WK
Went fishing in Ruska for the Elves. Visited Arabie. Closed a portal to the plane of water and helped fix some of our political blunders in Eidolon.
Spring 810 WK
Helped a goblin from another world (Grymeron) get home through The Rainbow Gates. Visited Southern Fastness, Ruby Waters, Falls of Valusha, Superstition Dwarves, Tiana Falls, Gryphon Pass.
Autumn 812wk
Hunting the Eagle - Zumular, thieves, Drow, Spidermagic, Necromancy, undead.
Summer 813wk
Crooked House - Brastor, Gryphon Pass, Gatar Depression, Sumaldi Oasis, Gryphons, Hags, Trolls, Goblins.
Winter 813wk
Just Deserts - Gatar Depression, Five Sisters, Saktekorum, Oz, Taghlib Tribe, Hazes, Dark Brotherhood, Ozma and witches.
Spring 814wk
Blood in the Snow - The Kingdom of Narviyk, Filgiso, Setagen, Sailing, Sea Serpents, Ice and Snow, Hidden vale, Necromancy, Hob-Goblins, Ghosts.
Summer 815wk
A Walk in the Black Forest - Abyss, Victoria, New Terra, Assirrya, Malkuth, Steam Trains, Zeppelins, Asteroid Ships, Zombies, Cults, Balrog, Transuranians, Aliens.
Summer 816wk
The Mikado Affair
Autumn 816wk
A friend in need ... - Tanah Melay
Spring 816wk
The Coils of Spring
Summer 817wk
Into the Dark Continent
Summer 818wk
Full Metal Breastplate
Autumn 818wk
My dreams are strange dreams - Palestrina
Winter 818wk
Night Train to Lisbon
Summer 820wk
Okla is missing - Ivinia
Summer 821wk
Blood & Ice - Ivinia
Summer 822wk
A Spate of OZzity - Oz, Lady Swarm. Bring Summer to Bryshande - Bryshande
Winter 822wk
West where the Heartwood is - Wandle Rithe (NNE of Brastor), Western Terranova
Spring 823wk
MorsCerta, HoraIncerta - Aladar


Father - Rihito
Master Troubadour in the house of Lord Tomotsu of the Amdijin House in Kinlu.
Mother - Aina
Mistress of the Kitchens
Sister - Keiko
Oldest, dutiful, responsible, girly, married to an older shop keeper, producing heirs.
Eldest Brother - Riki
Apprenticed to father, learning the trade.
Second Brother - Riyu
Honoured member of the guard of Lord Tomotsu.
Third Brother - Kaito
Member of the house guard of Lord Tomotsu.
Youngest Brother - Aki
Keen to fight too.