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Bromli is a dwarven Namer/Warrior played by Nick Martin.

Head brewer at Stormstout Brewery.

Adventure List

  1. Venturing out, Slimy Goblins, Horsing Around
  2. Autumn 811wk Autumn Colours
  3. Winter 811wk A Winter's Tale
  4. Spring 811wk Spring Tides
  5. Summer 813wk Crooked House
  6. Summer 815wk Duskfalls demise
  7. Summer 816wk Mine Fox Rescue
  8. Autumn 816wk War-wolves of Londinium
  9. Summer 817wk Into the Dark Continent
  10. Summer 818wk I need a Hero (or five)
  11. Winter 819wk Series of Unfortunate Events
  12. Spring 821wk The Hero's Quintet
  13. Spring 822wk O' give me a home