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Thaeuss - Elven Binder, played by Stephen.

Well dressed in dark colours, light build, fine Elven appearance. Height: 6' 1" Weight: 120 lbs Usually accompanied by a golem or two, man-servant & bodyguard.


Little has been revealed about Thaeuss' history. How much of this is because Thaeuss has not revealed it and how much is because even Thaeuss does not know is unknown. It is known that he is over 1,000 years old, but seems to have little knowledge of any events more than about 50 years ago.

Joined the Seagate Guild
805 wk
For most of the time Thaeuss has been a guild member he has appeared a bitter and wasted elf, older than his claimed years.
This year has seen some significant changes with his skin regaining a more natural colour, old scars healing, gaining health and vitality, and most recently (early Summer 806) the appearance of a youthful Elf of 42.

Services Available

From time to time Thaeuss has offered his magical and mundane services to fellow guild members, for a price. The price seems to vary a lot depending on who is asking and when.

Binder Magics

Spell/Ritual Price Rank / Effect
Itemisation 300 - 1,000 sp Rk: 6 Dur: 7 Days Eff: Reduce 1 item to 1/12th size and 1/10th weight.
Preservation 300 - 1,000 sp Rk: 6 Dur: 40 Days Eff: Preserves 1 large object or several smaller objects.
Mending 300 - 1,000 sp Rk: 6 Eff: Quick repair of objects. Incl Armour <=Rk4 and Rk0 Weapons.
Petrifaction 500 - 1,000 sp Eff: Living and formerly living converted to/from stone.
Linking Lifeforce 500 - 1,000 sp Eff: Your health is reflected in an object. Range: 700 miles / Planar for 10,000sp.

Other Offerings

High Class Travel Rations
Sick of stale bread, beef jerky and mouldy cheese?
Adventure with a touch of class
  • Brioche fresh out of the oven for breakfast
  • Savoury breads filled with delicacies and freshly baked for lunch
  • Dinner is a choice of Venison or Game Pie, Glazed Ham on the Bone, Roast Eye Fillet or Succulent Lamb all fresh from the oven.
Includes 2 bottles of the finest Aquilan wine.
All of this prepared by the finest chefs in Seagate, packaged in a convenient travel case and kept fresh for 6 weeks.
1,000sp for meals for 2 for a week.
High Mana
High Mana can be offered in a small area at the guild, 500sp per hour (minimum charge), double on day of guild meeting, right to vett magics used, bond for damage to mana source 50,000sp.
Master Sculptor
Expensive, high quality works of art produced in reasonable times.
Broken petrified entities reassembled.


Thaeuss spends some of his time at the guild, some at a private fortified estate outside of Seagate, and some elsewhere.

Info for GMs

Dark-haired male elf, average (elven) height and build, fair to look upon (PB 19 / 21 to Elves and other Fae) youthful looking but with old eyes.
Around town and the guild he is generally well dressed in expensive classic style rather than the latest fads.
Adventuring he wears odd looking leather (impskin) armour, a solid (mithril) breastplate completely covered by a plain black tabard, and a plain black (magical) cloak.
Thaeuss carries no visible weapons but is often accompanied by bodyguard/servant golems.
Visible Value
Thaeuss tries to minimise his apparent net worth, surface (non-magical) estimate would be 1,500sp tops.
Almost everything he is wearing is magical, if the concealed breastplate and other concealed and itemised items are included he is wearing and carrying well over 100,000sp worth of equipment.
Party Roles
Utility, transport, combat minions, backup Mil Sci, ruthless self-interest.
Personal Wealth & Power, revenge.
Friends Allies
None acknowledged.
Xiombarg, Queen of Swords
8 Elvish, 7 Common, 5 Silent Tongue, 4 Drow, 4 Erelheine, 4 Dwarvish, 3 Hobbit, 3 Arachnid, 2 Merfolk.
Main Skills
8 Sculptor, 5 Mechanician, 4 Armourer, 3 Merchant, Troubadour(Acrobat), Mil Sci...
Main Spells
Instant Golem, Possess Golem, Instill Flight, Wall, Itemisation, Bubble, generals...
Other Stuff of Note
Portable High Mana, Mana Stone, soul/spirit magics, Immune to disease, infection, ingested poisons.