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Ithilmor is played by Clare Baldock

Lady Ithilmor Vardandil von Hecklyn, Priestess of Varda, Knight of Ormond, Lady of Lindensouth (Larkmoor, Westphalia).

Ithilmor is a Star Celestial mage of some power. She is the daughter of Father Broc von Hecklyn (aka Karys or Fenton von Hecklyn), a Rune mage (previously a Binder until he saw 'the light') and a member of the Seagate Adventurers Guild. She was a Dark Celestial mage, and after participating in the rise of Sammael, became intrigued by him, and pacted to him. Subsequently on meeting Varda (Elbereth Gilthoniel), she was released from her pact and she changed allegiances, both because an Elvish God (and Varda in particular) suited her temperament and goals better, and also to save the life of a party member, Eric. She thus became a Star Celestial Mage. All her spells are however the Dark versions. Maybe one day she will learn Light Sphere to go along with Dark Sphere - be afraid, be very afraid. Ithilmor is able to get to an island in the Islands of Adventure. Ithilmor is also the owner of a fine Burka, although those who have adventured with her are more likely to remember her sashes, exotic oils and dancing. She has a waterfall tattooed down her back from head to foot, and a metallic barb piercing her breast. she is married to Turf. She is known to be a great dancer.

Ithilmor is Cain's nemesis, and he is always aware of her location and actions.

Sister to Ithildin, the less known, quiet sister (who knows where she may lurk).