Tycho City

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Part of the Lunar Empire when in times of need.

Tycho Port
Races: Human 89%, Hobbits 2%, Dwarf 2%, Giants 0.1%, Orcs 2%, Lizards 5%
Languages: South-west: Five-Sisters-Trader 90+% , Lunar 100%, Common 80%, 
Suarime 10%, Dwarf 5%, Orc 5%

Tycho City is, first and foremost, over-crowded. The population is around half a million people. Half that number live in Tycho officially. It is one of the few cities with a grain dole of one cup per person able to ask for it. This is normally held mid-week.

It is a free city holding a charter from the Lunar Empire. It is a major trading port with well over 40 ships in port on any given day. The weather is always good for shipping. Each day four to twenty free traders arrive with cargo from Cognitam City in the east mainly bearing food, and people. The city is home to many traders of all types. Over a dozen languages are spoken on the docks. The ships and free traders come from all over the Islands of Adventure. It is said that everyone in Tycho is a trader.

The island of Tycho is about 15 miles long, an elipse running south west to north east. At it's southern tip is a large circular natural harbour nearly 2 miles wide. It is around this harbour that the city of Tycho has been built.

Tycho is a city divided and these divisions run across nearly everything. Reaching out over the water is the area known as the docks. A mixture of old quays, small islands, boardwalks and canals make up the Docks, which stretch in places half a mile out from dry land. Built on dry land, though threaded in its lower reaches by canals, is the City. Traditionally these areas are ruled over by the Harbourmaster and the Governor respectively. The remainder of the island is vineyards and pleasure gardens owned by the aristocratic merchant families that call Tycho their home, outside of the city they are the law.

Tycho water ways

Seagate Guild Palace

The Seagate Guild Adventures has a small walled palace on the north end of the island. Within the palace is a permanent portal to the guild in Seagate. Using the portal makes you extremely tired. In keeping with the wishes of the merchants guild of Seagate and the watchful eyes of the Lunar High Guild of Transport and Travel, the guild prohibits the use of the portal for trade. The palace is dominated by a large fortified tower with excellent city views. The Guild grounds in Tycho are not as secure as the Seagate guild Grounds. Guild Reps in Tycho can inform members of the local customs, and change to Tycho or Lunar coins.


  • Salamo De Grosse, the Harbour-master