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The Impetuous Grace is an experimental flying vessel, based on the flying ships of Ares. The Impetuous Grace is always changing it's appearance, both through the continual redesign of its hull and superstructure, and through the illusions it is often covered with. A typical configuration is a forty foot long wooden hull with an eight foot beam, flanked by two towering stone outriggers, twenty feet high and ten foot long. The deck of the main hull is curved rather than flat, and has 4 inch railings. There are entrances into the main cabin both fore and aft, as in the exact centre of the main cabin is a 4 foot square iron cage containing a metal sphere. The sails are usually rigged from the stone outriggers rather than a conventional mast.

Speed, Capacity, and Comfort

The Impetuous Grace can travel up to 70 mph directly towards or away from the sun, but much more slowly in other directions or during the night. This is because she is one of the legendary Aeir Ships of Ares. The deck is clear, apart from many belay-points around the perimeter. Up to 5 tonnes of goods could be stored on the deck or in the cabin; alternatively, up to 3 or 4 people could travel in moderate comfort, or 6-7 in cramped, claustrophobic conditions. An additional 40 foot mast can be raised on the centre hull for superior manoeuvring, but a second crew member is required to take advantage of it. When flying, the craft is incredibly responsive to the helm, and is able to change direction or altitude without warning. However, straight-line flight requires a steady hand and a clear head, as she is aerodynamically unstable. The ship is presumed unseaworthy, and only theoretically watertight; sailing on the open ocean has not been attempted, although she flies sweetly 20 feet above the wavetops.

Skill and Crew

The Impetuous Grace flies the flags of Bowcourt and the Unified Church. It is possible to operate her at optimal speeds with a single highly-skilled pilot; however, greater manoeuvrability and smoothness of flight is gained with a full crew of 3 (helm + 2 trimming sails). The Helmsmen must be a master Navigator with Aerogator training. The Sailors require Sailor, Navigator, or Airmanship. When in level flight without significant course changes, the Impetuous Grace only requires a Navigator with Aerogator training at the helm.


Navigation of the Impetuous Grace is like any Aeir Ship. The Impetuous Grace has several Sun Compasses.

Charts and tables allow for the Step by Step navigation of the Impetuous Grace, including long distance travel via a Great Circle Course.

The Impetuous Grace also has tables of town and city locations, and many detailed charts of Alusia and some more exotic climes.


Simple rule of thumb: ~700 miles a day, 35mph sun-up, 24mph sun-down.

Solar Attraction / Repulsion
  • Max speed 70mph (at Rank 10, sea-level)
  • Directly towards / away from sun
    • Can veer +/- 5º (+ 1º / Rank). (requires sails)
    • Can veer +/- 10º (+ 2º / Rank). (requires main mast and crew)
  • Acceleration 2 TMR / minute (80mph2)
  • Max Speed 24 mph (at Rank 10)
  • Any direction required. (requires sails)
  • Acceleration 5 TMR/minute (200 mph2).
  • Sinusoidal Acceleration 15 TMR/minute (600 mph2).
  • Max Speed 120mph (after 15 seconds)
  • Vertical only, up or down
  • As per Falling
Mage Wind
  • As per spell

Sister Vessels


This item is under development by Kit. In Game, its construction has not been completed due to Kit having not yet acquired Mechanician - Experimental Shipwright (experiments continue regardless). Out of Game, this draft write-up has not yet been approved by the GM, Michael Parkinson.

Adventure: The War on Horror: Ares

Game Date: Summer 807