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Dalran de Brevic, Lord of Shadowvale, Knight Defender of Erewohn

Dalran aka Chevalier Roke is a male, Human E&E mage in his mid thirties. He is a well travelled individual with much knowledge on a wide range of issues. He is a merchant with a speciality in Gems which have fascinated him since early childhood. He is played by Chris.


  • Pre-retirement. (as of Feb-2012 real time) I have played Dalran almost as long as I'd like to and so he will be retired in the near future. He has specific areas of interest that will call him out of retirement or he will return in times of great need.
  • RETIRED - as of the end of Winter 812WK Dalran has officially retired.
  • PERMANENTLY DEAD - He died after being defeated by a horror, captured and kept in a pool of mana extraction. He was rescued by a party of Immortals and guild members and his body returned to the guild for resurrection but his body dissolved shortly thereafter and he was declared officially permanently dead on the x of Thaw 813wk.


  • Lord of Shadows, or correctly the Lord of Shadowvale - his title in Erewohn.
  • Knight defender of Erewohn, an order dedicated to protecting Erewohn.


When not adventuring Dalran can be seen almost anywhere across the western kingdom as his merchantile interests take him far across the WK and beyond.

You can see if he is home at any of these locations. If he isn't home there will be a staff member who can pass messages on.
  1. Shadow Manor - Erewohn. See Jurgen Hauptdom
  2. Hooded Monk Winery - Tuscana. See Elise Rubens
  3. The Crystal Emporium - Newhaven # 47. See Akmed el-tarim
  4. The 'De Brevic' residence - Seagate. See Symon de Torres
  5. The 'Horstein Estate' in Artzdorf and Flugelheim


Dalran is a jack of all trades but recently became a military scientist in the battles against 'Aquilan bandits' on the Brandenburg frontier. He is a well known Gem merchant with a penchant for Blue gems and specialty in cutting and setting gems.

He has multiple weapons with his favorite Hand and a half sword being 'Necromancers Bane' which kills Orcish Necromancers very effectively.


Not much is known of Dalran before he joined the guild in 787, and he is certainly not forthcoming on the subject. He has become a familiar figure to some and a shadow to others who seek him out.

What has Dalran been up to (by session)


Summer 803

Dalran visited Ranniterre to assist in rescuing a captive 'lady'.

Scribe Notes: http://dq.sf.org.nz/library/snsu0302.pdf

Winter 803

Dalran had an entertaining time in Proscenia.

Scribe Notes: http://dq.sf.org.nz/library/snwi0304/SendInTheClowns.html


Autumn 804

Dalran visited the slightly too cold Artzdorf and Flugelheim and helped its 'Thawing out' after too long under ice.

Scribe Notes: http://www.dragonquest.org.nz/dqwiki/index.php/Ice_Demons_in_Flugelheim


Summer 805

Dalran travelled back to the 'War of Tears' and met the great elven lord Seir who helped create an event useful in the year 806 against Rashak and her Dark Circle minions.

Scribe Notes: http://dq.sf.org.nz/library/snsu0502/TimelyGhost.html

Autumn 805

Dalran wandered around the Western Kingsdom doing 'this and that'! See The Ostow Incident - GM Ian Wood

Spring 805

Dalran visited lovely Tuscana and ended up with a winery and home there. Scribe Notes: See Under the Tuscan Sun


Summer 806

Dalran spent this season wandering the Western Kingdom and doing 'bits and pieces'! See Fear and Loathing in Sanctuary

Autumn 806

Winter 806

Dalran has been seen across the Western Kingdom. He visited some gem Merchants in Ormond in Early Frost and was then seen or heard to be in Ostow, Aquila some 2 weeks after that. Rumours of his death at the hands of Bandits on route there appear to have been vastly exaggerated as he appears to have concluded business with a number of people and then been seen in Borderlay in late Frost.

Others have said that Dalran was seen at Winter Games subtly, but they must have been mistaken.

Spring 806


Summer 807

Was seen at the Festival of the Arts

Autumn 807

Some minor work in To Ruska with Love

Spring 807

The End of The World adventure saw Dalran working to help save the Norse pantheon from the machinations of the Calamar


Summer 808

The Blood of Girwyllan adventure saw battles with Furfur (ending in multiple deaths), a small trip to Furfur's realm to do some 'work' and interactions with Matt Tumbledown and other such luminaries. Also involved were Girwyllan the shaper, Leraje, Moonshae and Raithe, Mr Bamph aka Trevor the assassin, Berith, some of Furfur's lieutenants, The Beast Rabban and many more.

Late Summer Dalran went to seaside to work on his tan.

Autumn 808

Assisted an old friend Sebastian with some minor investigation - The Tiger and the Mouse. The rest of Autumn was spent doing some 'work' around home.

Winter 808

Some things were happening in Khatovar - See Blood and Sand. Assisted Father Rowan, Lath, Pierre, GoK and Aryan


Summer 809

During the Deconstructing_a_Fictional_Girl mission I helped Clarissa_d'Ornay deal with some issues in conjunction with Kilroy, Serendipity and Thaeuss].

Autumn 809

During the The end of days mission, I spent time with Kit, Braegon, Sabrina, Naden, Silverfoam and Caprice saving some people and disposing of some threats. Along the way I parted ways with Seir, discussed things with Michael and Uriel, assisted in killing a vile dragon and his sulpherous consort, disposed of Leraje, killed Raum and undertook a thorough cleaning of some residences.

Winter 809

Spring 809


Summer 810

Autumn 810

Missing, presumptions on hold saw us work on killing Liessa and dealing with some other bad demonic types from the dawn of time. Undertaken along with Vychan, Sabrina, Isil_ith, Lath, Keesha &?

Winter 810

Spent some time teaching

Spring 810

Lambs with Teeth saw me ambushed (we knew that was going to happen), kidnapped and divested of item, manacled and taken away to be offered a job. Undertaken along with Mordrin, Cher, Tegan, Thorn and Lizette. Haven was behind it all and they had employed some of The_Beast_Rabban's men - namely Grygor_the_Boar to do their dirty work.


Summer 811

With barely any break between adventures I once again go out working to save other in And Darkness Was on the Face of the Deep. Once I return I go on holiday.

Autumn 811


Summer 812

Dalran accompanied a party to deal with the Havenite incursion on Alusia. We also took some of the fight to Haven itself when we assisted the dwarves.


Autumn 812 to now

Dalran has been seen and noted all over the western kingdom. In Autumn 813wk he was seen entering a tower in Ostow where he was then observed often reading at a high window. Reliable sources have confirmed this for all of Fruit 813wk thus far.


Spring 813

Dalran and a few specialised assassins (Kilroy, Serendipity, Sasha and Lath)sought to deliver a blow to the Drow invasion of the Western Kingdom. They succeeded but during the process Dalran died permanently and Lath was recovered. The items that each carried were also lost and consumed by the mana devouring and using Horror known as Skoll the lurker in between.

Info for GMs

Dalran dresses appropriate to the situation but prefers muted colors such as black and brown. Approximately 10,000sp of visible jewellery, gems and the like.

As of 813wk - Dalran is permenantly dead

Combat Ready -
Social Occassions - Nice armor, a staff and a small sword
Guild Everyday - Nice armor, a staff and flail (that old weapon combo) and a few sharp weapons as well as a backpack ready for a minutes notice of departure.
Party Roles
Support mage to assist others fighting and denying enemy forces. No blast magics (unless invested)
Dalran would like the world to be a safer place and where true evil has no place in the world. He will endeavor to make the world a better and happier place through works across the planes.
Friends and Allies
There are few in the guild to be counted as Allies or friends but those that are know it.
Numerous but to be advised...
Gods and Powers
Has met a few and worked against or for them (unknowingly)
Seir, an associate of good standing
Furfur the 4th, aka Silguitia -= could be reasonably disposed to Dalran
Foras, President and Lord of Seekers
Leraje, the Marquis of Archers
[Kokhan (http://www.dragonquest.org.nz/dqwiki/index.php/Kokhan_the_Summoner%7CLord)], of Kinlu
Clementine the Water Nixie
Berith, the Savage Duke
Girwyllan the Shaper
Gust Front, retiner to Matt Tumbledown
Angela of Bremen
Death - see Temple of Death

Several of reasonable rank
Main Skills
Warrior 6, Mil Scientist 8, Spy 10, Assassin 10, Thief 7, Painter 7
Main Spells
Quickness 20, Enhance Enchant 20, Enchant Armour and Weapon at High Ranks, Invisibility 16, Locate and Create Crystals at good ranks.
Non-Standard magic
A few bits of esoteric knowledge
Other Stuff of Note
To be advised...

He has a Signup Page here.

Dalrans Black List

Spring 810 additions

  • Grygor the Boar - Dead 18th Seedtime 810
  • The 40 crossbowmen who ambushed us with missile weapons, grenado's, swords and ill intent. Confirmed as a Lunar Empire mercenary company, to be dealt with later.
  • The Capt & crew of the vessel that took us away from Novadom to the Hell fortress in the hills. A palestrinan merchant ship, TBDWL
  • Whomever wasn't careful with the bucket - you know who you are - Lizette. TBDWL
  • The 3 quiet Undead/Demonics who barged us up river from the port. TBDWL
  • Any flesh golem/reanimate types in/near our prison
  • Etrigan of Haven
  • Pithius of Haven. Disguised as Giovanni and killed Seedtime 810 by the party near the guild when he was revealed as far from being a sex mad Palestrinan but as the evil demonic assassin Pithius.
  • Clarice aka Atruse
  • TBA