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Seagate City 818WK: Click to zoom
Arms of Seagate
Arms of Seagate
Status Feudal Town
Government Duchy of Carzala
Location North-west Carzala at the mouth of the Sweetwater
Population 25,230 (as at?)

– Property Tax (Residential):
– Property Tax (Guild):
– Hawking Licence Rate:
– Bonding rate (per month):
– Piloting Fee:
– Wharfage Fee:
– Vessel Registry:

5% per annum

3% per annum
9% of goods' value/month
1% of goods' value/month
40sp (in or out)
2sp per foot per day
25sp per foot per year







Parts of the district of Seagate City; Seagate, Old Seagate, New Seagate, Castle Chilton.

Seagate is a trading town positioned at the mouth of the Sweetwater River where it empties into Confederation Bay.

The principal settlement of Carzala. Seagate has for a long time enjoyed being the main trading port and access point to the Sea of Grass and other areas to the east which are land-locked. On any given day ships from many nations and ports can be found moored in harbour. Of note a large amount of trade happens to the south with ships from Novadom and The Five Sisters and Tycho City.

Seagate is now said to be more widely used and favoured than that of Sanctuary in Ranke - in the opinion of some but not all, as some appreciate the homely feel of sanctuary as a place to get away from the world and live life.


Parts of the district of Seagate City;

Places of Interest

Castle Chilton
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Alchemists Guild of Seagate


  • 51 Tyrone El Shaldim, the harbour-master of Seagate. Tyrone is a rotund, middle aged human who runs a tight harbour and adheres to the regulations of the realm

Rulers of the Realm

The current Duke of Carzala is Duke Leto, Baron Bolton's grandson.

Others of Note

As of Winter 807WK

Mayor of Seagate

New Seagate takes in ~1,400,000sp per year in rates, levies, taxes and guild dues. The Office of Mayor spends ~800,000sp on New Seagate annually. The Lord Mayor is on a wage of 35,000sp per year. The remainder returns to the Duke.

Leading the guilds of New Seagate is a group of master tradesmen from a range of guilds. They have a strong influence with Duke Leto over the appointment of the Mayor of New Seagate.

Lord Mayor Roderigo

In the first and only mayoral election in late 821 wk, Roderigo was appointed Mayor of Seagate. Bringing in sweeping reforms and a tough stance on crime.

Former Lord Mayor Crispin Abercrombie of New Seagate

52 Lord Mayor Crispin Abercrombie of New Seagate is head of a large household of 120 members including family members, supporters and servants. The noble family of Abercrombie hails from South Gate. He often has the support of New Seagate merchant guilds. Crispin is aware of the expenditure of the 'larger' groups within New Seagate, and is it is in his interests to maintain their presence (spending money) in New Seagate. He works hard in his position and has done a good job for the Duke and the New Seagate Merchants' Guild.

New Seagate: People, Families, Household's & Factions of importance.

Influence: These people, families, households and/or factions have a lot of power in New Seagate and beyond into Carzala. They are not only large in numbers of members, but they also spend huge amounts of money maintaining a high standard of living and influence. Of the moneys listed, 90% is on standard of living which is spent in small amounts throughout the year. The remaining ~10% is disposable coin. By spending large amounts on being seen and staying relevant, they maintain and extend their authority.

The leaders of these groups are all well known, especially to the merchant community. They often have extensive credit lines and between them they spend millions of pennies in New Seagate annually. This expense is felt well beyond the walls of New Seagate.

Most of the important members (supporting their leaders) of these groups are recognisable to courtly locals. They are often wooed by smaller groups trying to gain some foothold of influence. All of these groups understand the importance of maintaining their authority and relevance in the Duke's Court. To this end, they employ the skills of courtiers and spies, keeping tabs on not only their own activities, but the activities of other groups. Local groups seek to gain access to the Duke's ear to shape outcomes in their favour. Foreign groups such as ambassadors are often seeking access to the Seagate Adventurers' Guild.

Lord George Monck

53 Lord George Monck is the leader of the wealthy Monck family. The family once owned and held the title of Baron of Monck's Corner of Carzala (10 miles west of Old Seagate). He lost the family lands in a gambling game to Baron Rainer of Novadom and the two are now mortal enemies. Duke Leto DeWinter was very unhappy with this. Lord George's extended family now lives in New Seagate, occupying all eighteen rooms of the Golden Arms (an upper class hotel). It is widely known that his family is very wealthy. The Moncks have recovered most of their investments from the Seagate Merchants' Guild (of which the Duke is aware), and are planning to put their vast wealth to work at reclaiming their family lands. Some say they have over a million silver, mostly in the form of Seagate Merchants Guild promissory notes. They currently spend ~400,000sp per annum in New Seagate.

Bishop of Seagate, Jocelyn

54 Bishop of Seagate, Jocelyn is the leader of the Urielite in Carzala and Seagate. Her twin sister is also in the church. She is a supporter of maintaining the independence of the 'Sects that make up the Unified Church'. She has refocused the New Seagate Church to spend ~180,000sp per annum on the poor within New Seagate walls. The Bishop is an advisor to the Duke and is asked to comment on all church matters involving any of the sects. She is actively supporting the new construction of two main chapter houses; one in Brastor and the other in Novadom City. She is a known public supporter of the needs of Brastor Holdings.

Lord Duncan Montombre

55 Lord Duncan Montombre is the young brother of the Count of Erin of the Duchy of Brandenburg. He is the ambassador in Seagate for the Duchy of Brandenburg, and is a slight human male in his late thirties. He is said to be a licentious womaniser and courtier of some skill. He is known also to be a middling ability E&E mage. Lord Duncan often has half a dozen of his courtier friends staying in town, some of whom are rich in their own right. Between them they spend ~300,000sp in New Seagate. Often this is cleaning up after their social misconducts or problems, and paying hush money.

Lady Victorya Con Sartra

56 Lady Victorya Con Sartra, the Ambassador to Carzala is based in Seagate She has held the post since Spring 804 when the new embassy in Seagate was completed. She is a member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Eltrandor. She is polite and wealthy and always well dressed. She attends most of the functions held in Seagate. She often hosts around a dozen guests from Eltrandor. Lady Victorya is accompanied by her ladies in waiting - Larlith Heldane, Selena Lachlan and Anya Davish. These four women are all fabulously beautiful and have made quite a splash on the Carzalan social scene along with their friends and relatives who have been visiting Carzala and neighbouring realms since the embassy opened.

The senior courtier at the embassy is the Consul General, Sir Ulur Consardral who runs the embassy along with Consel Glynfindor Lyndel and Vice Consul Charles Brindar. A number of staff are 'retired' members of 'The Black Halberds', a company of the Heavy Foot Rgt from the 10th Kiltary Legion that served in Carzala during the Dark Circle War (799-805).

Both the Kingdom and the ambassador are well liked within Seagate and at the Dukes court, not only because of the ~550,000 sp they spend in Seagate per annum, but also for the extensive man-power and help they provided against in the Dark Circle in 799WK to 805WK. The Eltrandor nobles have actively worked (in a friendly way) to maintain access to the Duke's Court and the Seagate Adventurers' Guild. It is know that they keep a watchful eye on the activities of Destiny.

Don Paulo De Marona

57 Don Paulo De Marona was appointed the most recent ambassador for the Republic of Destiny in 803WK. His predecessor was no longer welcome in the Duke's Court once ships of Destiny blockaded Seagate. Over the last three years, Don De Marona has successfully organised and invested in six merchant vessels between Tycho City, the Five Sisters, Seagate, and on to Caulder City, and then Destiny. All of the ventures have returned vast wealth, making him popular among the Seagate Merchants Guild. The total Destiny contingent is around forty people. They spend ~500,000sp in New Seagate yearly.

General Harold de Honare

59 General Harold de Honare is the uncle of the current Baron Silverstream of the Duchy of Ranke. He is a good friend of the Duchess and is often seen as the unofficial ambassador for Ranke. The General is a superb military commander and courtier. He has made himself a very wealthy man through cunning investments and has a canny ability to make the most of any situation. Currently he is semi-retired seeking the good life in Carzala. His marriage to the very young and talented Lady Julia Monck (niece of Lord George Monck) raised a few eyebrows at court. Some say the Monck family are extending their influence. Since his marriage the general has made a name for himself building his new wife a fine home, spending ~220,000sp in 806WK.

Ambassador for the Western Kingdom is Richard Lowlands

60 Ambassador for the Western Kingdom is Richard Lowlands. He is a hansom human male, in his late thirties. He is a professional ambassador and negotiator, who served in Alfheim before coming to Seagate. Not of noble blood he is a skilled courtier who speaks a dozen languages and known to be a Namer. He is all business, and honourable, representing his master, King Ulric Schwarzrotgold of the Western Kingdom very well. His large well appointed house in New Seagate is home to ~60 servants, ~20 skilled guards, ~20 courtiers. He spends ~400,000sp per year.

Cardinal Winton of Novalar

61 Cardinal Winton of Novalar. A Garbrialite member of the Unified Church, who is also a skilled Wiccan, the Cardinal is new to Carzala. It is common knowledge his servants have been looking for a building or estate which can house 50 people and servants. He and his twenty servants, guards and advisors are currently staying at the main temple of the Church in New Seagate. The Cardinal is known to be good friends with the Arch-Bishop of Mordeaux. It is rumoured that the Cardinal is interested in the activities of Destiny's and Alfheim in Seagate. It is rumoured that Duke Leto DeWinter is holding 600,000sp worth of Gold Ingots for the Cardinal within Castle Chilton.

The Seagate Merchants Guild

62 The Seagate Merchants Guild has a fleet of over 120 Caravels & Carracks sailing under the Carzalan flag most of which are at sea. Around a dozen ships weekly dock in Seagate with cargo often board for other ports. The fleet size is only second to the merchant fleet of Destiny. The Seagate Merchants Guild is mostly made up of vessels from other nations, flying the Seagate flag. This is often to avoid high duties and the occasional 'assignment to support navy vessels' when their home states are at war. Seagate is also known as a port which has people investing in risky voyages and cargos and new speculative trade routes, in the hope of becoming rich, sometimes leading to credit lines and people owing money, until their ship comes in.

Captain Marko Lilly-foot (of Novadom)

63 Captain Marko Lilly-foot (of Novadom) is leader of the Seagate Merchants Guild. He is retired from sea life and now lives in New Seagate. He works full time with over a dozen other master traders on the fortunes of the Guild (and their investors). Shares in ships bound for new markets and foreign ventures are common but not cheap and often risky.

The Seagate Merchants Guild spends ~120,000sp in New Seagate on its accommodation buildings and member's per annum. The captains (and their investors) spend huge amounts on their vessels, crews, repairs and cargos, in over a dozen ports in the Duchies and Baronies' and some future afield. The Seagate Merchants Guild has recently raised capital from its members to construct a new set of building including some warehouses and repair work to the docks of Novadom City. The Guild has some influence about which candidate is put forward to the Duke, as the potential Mayor of New Seagate.


The Duke has several hundred retainers who handle the taxes, trade and justice within the town and the Duchy. The bulk of these men and women work in a large building at the bottom of High Street.

The 'Seagate Irregulars'

This is a group of street kids who are modelled after the Tainsfield Irregulars. They are based in the docks area of New Seagate. Information can be obtained from them about goings ons in both parts of Seagate, usually for a price. Set up and used by Phaeton in order to discretely keep abreast of events.

The Seagate Watch

Historically the town guard was split into three companies, which in normal times would split between on duty in towns, on-duty at Castle Chilton and in reserve at the barracks. After the war vs the Dark Circle and the increase in urban population a need for peacekeepers within the city vs traditional soldiers was identified and the old Town Guard was given new uniforms in Black & Gold and renamed the Seagate Watch. There was also some re-organisation and retraining.

Watchmen are mostly veteran soldiers with a good knowledge of Seagate, its people and businesses. They rarely use magic but for major disturbances they may use invested items to assist them (mostly enhancements to watchmen rather than attack spells).

In both Old and New Seagate the Watch is has its own walled and fortified base, which serves as barracks, jail, training grounds etc.

Update 824WK: At some point in the last decade the Watch HQ in New Seagate was expanded and all Seagate Watches stationed there. The Old Seagate Watch House was converted into the Ducal mint.

The trading port area (detailed on the map at the top of this page) has a watch presence?

The Companies

Each company is divided into three watches run by a Sergeant, which are then split into patrols commanded by a Corporal. A Senior Sergeant act as an adjutant to the company Captain.

Dragon Company

The company is commanded by Sir Edward Abernathy, but Senior Sergeant Tarski handles the daily issues for the three watches.

Blue Watch
Green Watch
Red Watch

Griffin Company

The company is commanded by Sir Gordon Chisholm, but Senior Sergeant Boyce handles the daily issues.

Sea Watch
Land Watch
Air Watch

Phoenix Company

The company is commanded by Sir Donald Jameson, who is very keen on 'community policing'. Senior Sergeant Albrecht handles the daily issues.

Gold Watch
Sergeant Oats; Guardsman Gotry Shadrock Dwarf, very stern trainer
Silver Watch
Sergeant Bill Johnson; Guardsman Lofty Lyons friendly human
Copper Watch
Mostly take the night shift.
Black Watch
There is not a Black Watch and there never has been!
In difficult and unusual situations a watch of specialists may be formed to deal with the situation. Guild members are rumoured to have been part of the Black Watch. Black Watch Chronicles

Note: Harry Kale had an early career as a thief but now seems to be a 'useful lad' for Senior Sergeant Albrecht. Not really a Watchman, and might actually be an influential criminal.

Narwhale Company

Formerly the independent South Seagate Guard, the company is commanded by Lady Ann-Neville, daughter of Duke Leto and master courtier. Her smile and manners conceal the finest steel.

Funded by the Seagate Merchants Union, the guards are well paid, well armed and armoured. A point of contention with the other companies.

Crime and Punishment

Mundane Crime

With very little in the way of casual violent crime in Seagate, merely drunken disturbances and domestic disputes. Theft is the main criminal activity and there is an active organisation amongst the thieves and beggars. This has led to even major crimes being modest and generally low enough not to incur the wrath of the Duke. Any petty theft is punished by a brand on the back of the hand - more serious crime generally involves removal of the hand or life of the criminal.

Magical Crimes

The use of Magic in Seagate is frowned upon and there is an outright ban on offensive magic in the town and environs. Any breach is taken very seriously indeed and the guard carry cold iron manacles for the purposes of restraining mages. Punishments for crimes involving magic are generally punishable by prison (cold iron cells), confiscation of property and effects or, for more serious crimes, exile or death. The punishments often vary dependant on the Mage and the Guild is often consulted in these cases.


While the Guild avoids providing magical items and investeds to the citizenry there is always someone willing to trade things and so the levels of magic are higher in Seagate than most other towns. This is reflected in the abilities of the Guardsmen who need to be able to cope with Magic when things get out of hand. A 25% Tax exists for all Mages practicing in Seagate - however this is waived for Guild members - as such there are very few Mages in Seagate that are not Guild members.


Trade is an important part of Seagate and, outside of the Guild, the largest source of income for the Duke. With land trade through the Sea of Grass from the Lunar Empire as well as sea trade from the Five Sisters and Arabie, Seagate is a major hub of Trade for the region. It is said that you can buy just about anything in Seagate and anything you can't buy is illegal and available in Sanctuary.


Carzala had been primarily wilderness with a few small fortified settlements up until about 1900AP (700WK) when Chilton Dewinter, younger brother of Count Alexis of County Erisberg arrived at the settlement now known as Old Seagate with his family and retainers and started construction of Castle Chilton. Six years later the Barony of Carzala was officially recognised by Bowcourt and Aquila when Baron Chilton of Carzala and his wife attended the mid-summer festival in Bowcourt.

Baron Chilton was succeeded by his son Regar in 727WK when he was killed in the Sweet Riding by raiding Barbarians.

Baron Regar was reported to hate the Barbarians with a passion, he commissioned the construction of Regar's Keep as a southern outpost for his Barony and spent most of his life in the field driving the Barbarian raiders out of the Sweet Riding.

Baron Regar died without issue of wounds received in battle in 739WK. He was succeeded by his nephew Bolton.

Like his father, Baron Bolton was not a man of war but he demonstrated a shrewd ability in diplomacy and strategy. In the summer of 740WK, Baron Bolton negotiated a peace with the barbarians and Carzala has been a peaceful realm up until the encroachment of the Dark Circle.

In 751WK Brastor was founded originally as a trading location for miners working the local hills, and grew as foresters, farmers and other settlers headed for the riches of unclaimed territory. Baron Bolton died in his bed in 771WK attended by his three surviving children and his grandson Leto.




Citizens of Seagate predominantly follow the Church of Light and there are a number of places of worship in the town. However there is still a number of other places of worship in the town, most of them in Old Seagate, that are dedicated to other deities. While the Church of Light would like to see these buildings razed, the Duke has indicated his displeasure at such enthusiasm and so the churches survive and tithe well to the Duke. This however is the cause of significant friction between the Church and the Duke and is the cause of poor relations with Mordeaux.

High Holidays

The seasonal nature of the Guild's business also affects the town and at the High holidays there are huge markets with people having travelled from hundreds of miles away. Most merchants will plan routes such that they will be in Seagate on the high holidays. These markets are complimented by parades by the Guards and Local Guilds and Churches. With the arrival of Guild members prior to the Guild meeting ale sellers and temporary drinking establishments will spring up in warehouses and on street corners, and while the Duke's taxes are high on these temporary retailers, the profits can be excellent during these holidays.

Scribe Notes involving the town