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The Powers of Light, also known as the Elohim (or Lordly Ones) promote good works and encourage the sentient races to live good lives and not fall prey to the blandishments of the Powers of Darkness. The goals of the Powers of Light on Alusia are altruistic and tutelary.

When the Elohim or their servants appear it is usually in the form of winged humanoids, fair of face, comely of shape, and similar to both elves and humans, tending towards the taller height and fairer face of the elven race, but with the strength and build of the human. Their white feathered wings can send them soaring through the skies, and although they can be folded away when not in use, they will almost always be quite noticeable.

The Elohim possess a structured order and hierarchy comprising of a number of tiers. The exact number is disputed by Philosophers, but tends to be numbered between 5 and 9.

There are five great Powers of Light, called Archangels, (or Archons by some philosophers), each with a broad sphere of influence. Each Archangel leads a host of lesser Powers, the Bene Elim, commonly called Angels, who fill subordinate offices within the Archangel's sphere.

These are in turn served by Elohim of decreasing power. The lowest three tiers appear to form the servants (or minions) of the Elohim and are used as messengers, guides, mentors for Agents, etc. Each of the Archangels also has a animal that they will often use, and all of the Elohim are known ot make use of sentient Pegasi as mounts and servants.


Other Elohim

Tiers / Orders

Philosophers disagree as to the number and namimg of the tiers of the Elohim, and the Elohim themselves have been less than forthcoming on the matter.

Some of the order names offered by Sages include: Authorities, Dominations, Eons, Erelim, Hosts, Innocents, Ishim, Martyrs, Ophanim, Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Virtues



See Unified Western Church for details of the Churches associated with the Powers of Light