Sea of Grass

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Grass plains south of Alfheim, East of The Baronies, North of the Isles of Adventure, West of the Lunar Empire. Primarily inhabited by tribes of nomadic horsemen.



Beth Salem

The area around the lake at the center of the Sea of Grass is known as Beth Salem and is an area of stone ruins.

It is around this sacred lake (Salem Mere) that the tribes hold their yearly gathering each summer solstice which brings a flow of new blood between tribes and allows the leaders of tribes to discuss the world and decide the way forward for the tribes. Each year each tribe decides its tribal leader - the Great Khan, for the year and decide on any shaman.

Every year any tribesman may compete to lead the tribes as the Great Khan of the tribes where they must defeat 12 tribal champions and then pass the test of the Tengers who are the great Shaman of the tribes and who reside in Beth Salem.

History of Beth Salem

This is what is left of one of the Seven Cities of Pasifika and, by the lakeshore, are the six trilithon portals. Now that the Dark Circle has gone the portals here have been reintegrated into the network.

Salem Mere

This is the lake surrounded by the area known as Beth Salem. It is a neatly circular freshwater lake covering an area around 24sq mi. The lake is very deep and immensely sacred to the tribes dwelling in the sea of grass.

Mt Hyr Surt Gul

This mountain sits apart from its related mountains that are part of the Gatar Depression as there is a flat expense of 5 miles between it and the mountains around the outside of the Gatar Depression. The mountain rises steeply from the vales surrounding it and it is 15,000ft at it the peak. The mountain is heavily forested with old wood and wood taken from here is apportioned out to the tribes when they meet at Summer Solstice at Beth Salem.

This mountain is a sacred site for the tribesmen and is rumoured to have several sacred caves and shelters in the area which are reputed to hold the treasure of the tribes. The only full time residents on the mountain are the infirm who are unfit to dwell with the tribes and are taken to the mountain to meditate or rest before passing on to join the great spirits of the tribe and continuing the cycle of rebirth.

The Great Khans

The People (The Tribes)

There are 12 great tribes that have dominated the plains for the last few hundred years and due to their prowess and power they have remained the most powerful, but there are a number of other lessor tribes that mainly follow one of the great tribes. There are lots of little tribes that are mostly built around family units that avoid interaction with other tribes for fear of being absorbed. Several of the lessor tribes however simply follow their own ways and have no firm allegiences. Some of the great tribes are;

Children of the Deep Waters

Shamen are primarily Water Mages.

Followers of the Sun

Shamen are primarily Celestial Solar Mages.

Gazers of Heaven

Shamen are primarily Celestial Star Mages.

Hiders in the Shadows

Shamen are primarily Celestial Dark Mages.

Keepers of The Flame

Shamen are primarily Fire Mages.

People of the Snow

Shamen are primarily Ice Mages.

The Travellers

Children of the Traveller

Shamen are primarily Air Mages. A smaller group of the Travellers who are now known as the Blackwell Clan are known to have settled in southern Brastor Holdings around the town of South Lending.

Tribe of the Stone

Shamen are primarily Earth Mages.

The Lessor tribes

This isn't an exhaustive list but merely a guide to known main clans
(see the Quest for Shaman's Daughter for reference to some of these clans)

  1. The Golden Horse
  2. The Wolves
  3. The Eagles
  4. The Vultures
  5. The Goats
  6. The Bears
  7. The Mongoose
  8. The Ostridge
  9. The Cheeta
  10. The Blackwell (was part of The Travellers tribe but now settled in Brastor)
  11. The Elk
  12. Obsidian

History & Events

Every Summer Solistice the great tribes meet at a lake and there are great tournaments staggered through the day of the solstice. The winner of each tournament earns the right to fight the champion of the tribe. If they defeat the champion they have the right to challenge the chief of the tribe although few do so. If they defeat the chief they become the new chief.

Spring 806wk

Carnivorous Clementine - Female Air Mage (Bear), Cultured Clarissa - Female Air Mage (Elf), Lovely Lath - Female Air Mage (Human), Maidenly Mebh - Female Air Mage (Human), Stray Skye - Female Air Mage (Human) Vigorous Vapour - Male Air Mage (Human), Slimy Shoka - Male Air Mage (Human).

Scribe notes for a guild party when and helped the tribes.

Summer 805wk

Aryan (Shadows), Eric (Deep Waters), GoK (Sun), Grendel (Flame), Kern Silvercrest (Heaven), Mebh (Travelers), and Razor (Stone) arrive at the mid-summmer meeting of the tribes, compete to become the tribal champions and then challenge the chiefs for control of the tribes. All except Gok are successful and they lead the tribes east, out of the dark circle and out of service to Rashak.