The Coils of Spring

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: The Coils of Spring
GM: Jim Arona
Location: Chez Caulfield - Pleasant Street, Royal Oak
Season: Spring 816 wk
Night: Tuesday
Level: Medium

Entity Prime c/- Serafin
  1. To travel to the Svalbard Archipelago on Reich to gather Nazi secrets about the Aurora Borealis.
  2. Possibly raid the Svalbard Seed Repository if time permits.

This is a raid so some infiltration Skills are expected. On the other hand, a committed attitude towards large scale destruction and looting efficiency will be looked on positively. Expressions of interest from Alchemists with expertise in incendiarism, Seers that specialise in celestial observations and Herbalists are warmly encouraged. Encounters will likely include entities from other planes, so some little expertise in demons is valuable, although, perhaps more along the lines of knowing the best way to despatch them rather than theological disputation into the evening over a decent port.
Any Healer who would like their interest recognised need only send their names to Serafin, Lord of Patterns, at Cauldersfield and the matter will be resolved with the utmost expedition. Redacted by Guild Security - Protecting you from your own stupidity 10am-3pm 133 days of the year!
Damn your eyes, Guild Security!

Scribe Notes

Session 1 - meet, brief, Feralie, Assirrya, Reich

We met at the guild and we buy a few (12) wicca counter-spells so that we may use some of our skin-changes etc. Acquire Myrrh and Restoratives, make Astrology readings, water potions.

Meet with Lord Serafin, the Lord of Patterns - at his home (in Caulder), he explains that he's acting on behalf of an old friend who needs some adventurers to undertake a mission of great importance on Reich. The old friend is Entity Prime, the Lord of the Machine. He would like us to raid the facility studying the Northern Lights. We may want to take the opportunity to raid the nearby Seed Repository but we should be quick as the Nazi's are likely to react quickly and violently once we are discovered. And we might want to keep an eye out for the Casket of Winter, Serafin would like to divine it, from a distance, before we take it away again, far away.

We travel to the pattern near Novadom (and Blackshore), walk the pattern (costing Rahne some blood and revealing its uses) to Feralie. On Feralie we climb the mountains and follow the ridge line on a Mithril path made by Elves of the 1st age, upon which we walk for 3 days to a castle on top of a mountain. In the castle we find a number of races including Giants, Dwarves, Hobbits and more. We meet the Fire Giant Klang (reknowned as a smith) and his associate Grant the Stone Giant (a gay sculptor) who takes a shine to Tsayoi. We also meet the King under the mountain. The king shows us a lake he has made which is full of cranes and through magic it gives the cranes additional stamina for a while to fly on their travels (+1 EN per day spent walking the lake for the season).

After 2 days we depart again and traverse the pass through the Nightfall Gate (narrow path, airless void on either side) to Assirrya and the rocket launch sites that will take us to Entity Prime. We try to get some clothing for use in a vacuum that Rahne has used before but our contacts are insufficient to get the good stuff. Tsayoi orders some armour upgrades. Prue does learn of Murder Row - a lane that leads to a nexus to the Atomic Café on Malkuth - and is a good place to find murders and the Lord of the Turning Wheel. And Thieves Lane the network of wires running just under the dome where goods may be fenced and pockets emptied.

We take the rocket to the satellite orbiting Assirrya which is home to Entity Prime.

We meet with Entity Prime and have discussion about the mission. He has concerns that the Transuranians are using the Aurora to influence Uranus, harvesting the power of the Aurora and the Casket of Winter to bring Transurania into alignment with Reich's Uranus. We may take the power and/or destroy it, he does not mind so long as it is denied to them.

We negotiate for 600TSG or services as payment. He supplies us with a Storage Battery, Bronze Pliers of Opening, Rocket Ammunition for a Browning ACP, and invests his solution to the 3-body problem.

We return to the astral and travel for 2 weeks to Bucharest to the house of the The Lord of Tinkers where we find the Widow Click (a very old Eldoran elf) and Anushka (a fairy creature) who is a very alluring and attractive female.

We get briefed on local conditions and are supplied with some Pentecost potions, Blank Phylacteries, Plover Stones and a number of Grenadoes in the shape of Fabergé eggs. We also pick up some Toxic Cigarettes x 20.

We discuss how to leave Reich after the raid as we are informed we will not be welcome back through the Tinker's House with the Reich on our heels.

Dangers: Cold Balrog in the North; the Maia, Thuringwethil - Lady of Secret Shadow, Vampire messenger of Sauron; Lorelei, the Rhine Maiden;
Planar Exits: Concealed house at Weisbaden; Medusa's lair, under lake at Berchtesgaden; Footstool?

The Widow Click observes that Alandis is under the eye of Lórien, Master of Dreams and Visions. Alandis later sleeps and converses with him in dream.

Session 2 - return to Berchtesgaden, see the Medusa, and travel along the Amber Road to Hammerfest and onto Svalbard

We ponder how best to proceed towards our goal and discuss options such as travelling via Aachen or the Amber Road. We learn that Himmler has retired to Egypt and resides there in a museum.

We decide on The Amber Road - or rather the Amber trade route and once we have our necessary papers, materials, clothing and food. But first we need to address our need of how to depart this plane in a hurry and so we send Prue and Mario by town-car into the heart of Germany to the well-known resort of Berchtesgaden which is on the shore of the Konigssee.

Half a day later they arrive and rent a chalet for a few days and then indulge in some carnal recreation before having a sleep wherein Mario pulls us through via his Dream portal. I have returned to a location last visited during The Lady Vanishes affair and memories are less than pleasant and so I urge caution and wariness.

Now we are all in the area we wait until deepest night and then go for a walk in the lake where I direct the party to the hidden temple underwater some 300ft from shore and 500ft down. Herein lies the Minotaur who can lead us to the Medusa.

He is un-surprised to see me and some new companions but agrees to get the Medusa for us and we put on the blindfolds to avoid stoning. The medusa listens to us and agrees if we can get some things for her, namely some rare White Rose of Gerantia or the genitalia of any rapists or defilers of women. She also agrees to invest rituals for us and we get a number (I get Binding Fire and Lessor Effreet invest) as they are most useful.

We learn that the point they will arrange for us to depart is via The Mistress of the Depths' astral gate which does cause us some consternation.

We thank them for their assistance and return to the chalet where we rest for the night.
The next day sees Prue and Mario once more drive back to Bucharest where they arrive around 10pm and then Mario brings the rest of us through to Bucharest from the day of rest at the chalet.

We rest that night and depart the following morning.

We depart and travel overland NW from Bucharest towards Odessa at the mouth of the Dneiper.

We take to Prue's boat and its watery enhancements and travel upriver. We reach Kiev and find a large city but somewhat tarnished and lethargic. We spend some time here and within 3 days we find a rapist using the special eye snakes provided by the Medusa and thus we capture a male of truly vile nature whom we skin change into a rat and give to Mario so that he can be the entrée to the medusa and to save Mario spending a week with them to see the error of his behaviours.

We continue travel upriver to the NNW and we do note a strange absence of villages close to such an abundant river but we continue anyway. We pass a number of signs in Russian but since we can only speak and not read we ignore them. Later that afternoon we decide that we need to read what's there so we entice our rat friend to help and thus we can read the sign.

Unfortunately, it states that we are in the Chernobyl Super Soldier research institution viral release area and we now see why things are as they are. We take precautions against breathing the air and up our speed to get out of the area with alacrity.

We soon sense we're not alone on the river and are attacked by Giant 14ft eels. I am almost killed after being pulled into the water and taken to the bottom before Mario gets a control spell off which saves me just in time. Mario acquires 2 new giant eel allies who help tow the boat onwards.

We continue up rivers and marshes until we reach Tallinn and the Baltic Sea.

We then change heading and travel NE around the road and then NW across Finland until we arrive at Hammerfest in the far north of Norway.

We soon leave Hammerfest and the 3000 or so people living in a town of multi-coloured houses behind when we obtain a fishing boat and proceed NW to Svalbard.

We understand that Svalbard is an interesting place and we're interested in the Svalbard Seed Vault, the Zeppelin Observatory (research station) and the Kjell Henriksen Observatory and anything else that may take our interest when present.

We have to travel some 500miles to get to the southern tip of Svalbard and when we're around 250m we sail close to Bear Island and when we view it through the binoculars we see its been recently shelled and the meteorological weather station there destroyed. We land and see if we can offer assistance but find everyone dead from the shelling or from the Gestapo men who came ashore to ensure total death and destruction. We surmise that they don't want anyone interfering or in fact noticing what they are trying to achieve in Svalbard.

We did manage to find some information which reports that the Aurora Borealis is very active for this time in its cycle. While there the party notice that I (Tsayoi) seem more youthful and they divine that an ancient weather pattern is in effect on me which presages the onset on an ice-age.

Prue establishes a Maelstrom point for later use.

We continue on and finally make landfall on the southernmost point of Svalbard - Sorkapp.

We see another radio outpost on a nearby island has also been destroyed by heavy weapons fire from the sea, no survivors.

Session 3 - Into the vault and then onto the Aurora Borealis Observatory where we meet an unpleasant surprise visitor

We arrive at Hopen Island (SE of Svalbard itself) and check out the destroyed radio station there. Prue does a waters of vision from there and observe our target locations, the seed vault and the aurora borealis observatory. While there I look around and discover a strange rock which breaks open to reveal a winged alien fossilised creature and it shows that the rock was actually a fossilised rock. We take this with us for later investigation.

We note that there is a tarpaulin covered area beside the observatory in a possible cross shape. We have suspicions of this but need closer examination to confirm.

On the evening of the 12th of Seedtime we make our move towards the seed vault target. We use Mario's dream walking and come out near the elevator bank above the vault itself. Luckily we are invisible but we are still trying to avoid detection so we must be very subtle. How to deal with the two guards in the area proves difficult but we manage to do then gain access to the security area so that we can loot the vault of what we can find.

We gain seed and cuttings of Psionic Orchids, White rose of Gerantium, Whitethorn, Blue Rose, Century plant, Black Lillies, Red Shen Root, Moonwort, Angelica Root, Eyebright and many more.

We exit the seed vault and travel with alacrity to the area of the Observatory where we are wary of Transuranic's and any number of other nasty types rumoured to be in the area.

We gain entry to the outside and we are about to subtly gain entry to the buildings when a number of entities reveal themselves to us. We find ourselves confronted by Thuringwethil the Maia - The Lady of Secret Shadow (a Vampire messenger of Sauron), along with 3 Ice Giants, a Storm Giant and a huge ice elemental.

Combat ensues where we are hard pressed by the huge enemies trampling us and we waver until we play the Fortune trump and the Sun trump which along with major magic and good damage dealing enables us to hold our own and to finally push Thuringwethil back when Arien, the Sunbearer (a Maia of fire), called by the Sun trump causes her some consternation enough that she starts to flee but not before saying "out of the darkness my master comes even now".
During the fight one of the giants mentioned 'The City in the Pyramid'.

The rest of the enemies are being finished off and so I follow T who crashes through the building exposing dead and tortured innocent children suspended on hooks and the like. Thuringwethil looks to be getting away so I run into close with her which almost decapitates me but I avoid the death and instead pull her head off, thus killing her.

We pause ..

Session 4 - a brief pause and then we're caught between a Roc and a hardened place

Taking the remains of Thuringwithal with me we proceed further into the main building where Mario detected some minds.

Infravision shows me two transuranians hiding amongst the children bodies so we advance down twoards them with extreme prejudice which results in a whole lot of mess and two dead bodies in various states.

Meantime the Storm Giant and his Roc mount start bombing our building using nearby outbuildings but luckily don't cause much damage before they fly off to get more munitions (in the shape of cars to carry and drop on us) and we get some time to prepare, recuperate and take stock of our situation.

The Roc and rider return but we have powerful mages who charm and control to little avail until after the Roc has dropped a car, only narrowly missing the heavily combustable stored power cells. Rahne casts sleep and the Storm Giant takes a fall off the Roc into the ground below while Mario takes control of the Roc.

Things are looking up until we note another HE177 bomber coming fromn the north which we must deal with!

Rahne takes the grenado we hope will deal with the plane and flies towards it. Unfortunately the plane has good rader operators who detect Rahne and she is almost shot to pieces before she gets close enough to let off the grenado.

Session 5 - where we clean-up, flee, penetrate a Pyramid and manage to charm our way to another plane

We get to Rahne before she succumbs to her injuries and we watch the bomber she has attacked with her kobold grenade crash into the nearby ice-covered hillside.

We all gather together at the observatory site and apply some additional healing to Rahne while we load up the Roc with the pallets of Aurora Borealis cases (90 in all) along with the little loot we have garnered to date.

We decide to vacate the area and move way before additional defence reinforcements arrive and consider going eastwards before a voice in my head says go northwards. I relate this to the party.

A limited precognition of where we are heading reveals a pyramid shaped area with some sort of force field around it and a trio of coenobites patrolling the area - which we are keen to avoid in our current depleted state.

We head northwards (spotting a Kraken being carried expeditiously across the water by way of a personal waterspout - something else to avoid) where we find a valley to land in and create a fog to hid our roc from sight while we do more miraculous healing on Rahne which only fixes 5 of her 9 grievous injuries.

During this time, we examine the Aurora Borealis cases and find that the cases each are formed from the souls of the children that have been sacrificed in the observatory. Inside each case is a flask which is the coalesced energy of the Aurora Borealis, some 20pts of Charm per flask which is Charm particles/quarks with spin values of ½.

After only a few hours and lots of healing we fly towards the pyramid in the location detailed as Pyramiden and enter a whole in its base. Once we enter the pyramid we note the temperature changes to warm and we hear a woman's laughter 'that quickly fades and bodes not well but we have little chance but to continue now.

We walk through a distance of the pyramid and encounter polar bears eating rabbits and other such alpine critters while they give us a wide berth. We decide this walking isn't productive and so alight upon the roc and fly to the top of the pyramid in 5 minutes. The top has a gate which the Roc cannot enter and so we dismount and seek to gain entry into The City with the Pyramid. On the outside of the gate is a hand pad in the shape of an elven hand. Alandis puts his hand to the pad and the gate opens and we enter.

Inside we find a whole lot of dead beings that are so dead they're desiccated. We judge them to have died around 7,500years ago and are of an elf like race named Vadaugh which we deem to have been created rather than evolved! Alandis takes a moment and talks with Lorien his aligned elven godlike entity.

We discover a particular important looking entity upon which we find a Byrnie, Some robes, a 6-fingered gauntlet and a crimson metallic axe-head along with a number of rings, broaches and other items.

We are informed that the pyramid is a mobile fortress and trading port which can travel between planes but that in a recent transit they fell off course, landed in Reich and they all died thereafter. We also determine that the nuclear engines which power the pyramid to travel through the realms can no longer do so as they can't generate the power due to the world lore of Reich which determines the heat energy release and is also modified by the Casket of Ancient Winter which is used to 'cool' the heat from the energy generation.

We hatch a plan to use the Charm points to power the engines to move it away from here. We use 234pts of charm and activate the engines to the last programmed coordinates cross the plane.

24hours later we complete our transit and we are now on an island in the middle of an inland sea and in an unusual twist the island is the same size as the pyramid. Plane of origin is Kalvos.

We see some land several miles away and Prue only can see a huge giant (A water power, 40ft above waist, bald, long beard and a large net) with a net trawling the ocean looking for something. Prue talks to him and he seeks his soul which was taken by Ariel/Arioch (The Prince of Swords) over some slight and thrown into the seas.

Session 6 - a time of reflection then river travel followed by an unexpected ambush

Noon 15th Seedtime

We search the bodies after considering things a bit more. The major body upon which we found the robes, we also find an enchanted leather eyepatch (PME - shielding) that is still intact and we note that the body had an eye-socket that showed signs of the eye being torn out with force.

Alandis makes a choice when the gauntlet reaches out to him, whether to stay true to Loren or to go the path of the gauntlet and he chooses the gauntlet. His aura begins to change in a small way (for now) and he becomes a bit hostile towards me (Tsayoi) for some reason. We note that his eyes have changed and become crimson and his GTN is now Vadaugh.

A voice tells me to consider The Dog and the Boar which some think refers to a local inn of some sort but I think otherwise. We depart the pyramid once we know we can lock it safely and gain access if we need it.

We travel to the near shore and head inland via the river we previously noted. The river is strange and gathers in unusual ways but we continue upriver anyways using Prue's magics to power us.

The river becomes very straight and ordered after we pass the ancient pebble beach near the ocean and we travel inland. We gather some adders-tongue bulbs for later use and continue until nightfall. We camp the night and it passes uneventfully.

16th Seedtime.

We continue travelling along this straight river and see well planned, tended and cultivated plains of vegetation. Around noon we encounter a village and stop to talk.

We are seeking Arkyn of Law and are told that the city is a week (by river barge - some 1000miles) up river, and this is where we might find him. We stay the night, resting and replenishing ourselves.

17th Seedtime.

Dawn sees us depart by travelling on my chariot at speed while some fire-run beside us. We stop at noon and take lunch in a wooded area near the river.

We are surprised when 9 enemy attack us which causes us a concern and even more so when another entity (Hecatoncheires) joins the fight and welds a 100 blades with a straight and curved sword. Along and dangerous fight ensues and we win by cutting him down while avoiding more damage to ourselves

Session 7 - we travel and then get sucked down into the depths and out the other side of a dam

After the fight we loot and lunch before policing the battle area. We discover that the 100 armed man has a GTN of Hekatonkheires and is rare (we hope) and we take all he has. I get to carry the Imp body as its likely to be useful and only weighs 50lbs. We then move on.

I redo Wildfires for the party, unpack the chariot and we run the day away until just before dusk. We have dinner and then by 6pm we get on the boat, I redo my WoF ritual and then get to sleep at 7pm.

We travel the river until 3am when through bad sailing management we manage to get sucked down into a maelstrom and into a series of unnatural water pipes ending in a mechanical turbine blade which we barely avoid being sliced to our death upon. We then transmute our way out and discover ourselves up the side of a dam - 200ft up. We slide/glide down and land at the boom, move a short distance and camp for the night. During the night an old woman approaches the camp seeing us, however our ever alert guard A fails to wake anyone to help or talk with the old woman who suspiciously takes no notice of us and continues on her way - doing 'old-womany' things.

18th Seedtime

We awake and DA to find ourselves in the lady of Duchess Miggea, yet the POO (Plane of Origin) is still Kalvos. The land appears to be ordered to the point of insanity. We walk to the nearest town (named Dolwic?), 7 miles away. We discover that water here conducts 'strange' which is unusual and we detect to be some miles SE of the town. While in town we also discover that there is a Medeanite Sorceress nearby and we decide to deal with her and then move onwards.

Session 8 - we meet a witch who has family always close to hand

We track the witch to the hills some 60m SE of the town and once we travel across plains, across starnge rivers and up and over hills we come to a small gingerbread cottage in a vale down below.
The cottege is surrounded by thick bush of an unusual nature as well as some sort of barrier against men especially and magic as well.

The ladies decide to talk with her rather than immediately attack and so they go in advance of the menfolk.

The parley with the old grandmotherly witch/sorceress goes less than sterlingly and soon combat is joined. The fight ends after taking down her allies and especially her assassin imp/familiar. The last words from her stir feelings of dread and we sense the approach of an ancient black dragon.

During the fight we'd noticed a number of children entwined in the surrounding bush as well as around 2 dozen flying creatures of unseemly ilk. The children show a marked resemblence to the witch and we surmise they are her children.

Dread ...

Session 9 - The Dragon cometh and devastation wrought by all and sundry

We enter the house and drag in some of the bodies to finalise looting before the dragon arrives. Inside we note and distribute a whole lot of potions made by the Sorceress, some 180 of them. We also grab a number of household objects and roots etc.

The dragon flies in and lands nearby and then advances. She gets to the roof and we attempt to parley with her to little avail as for some reason she doesn't like us.

So she tries to tear away the building and we make plans to deal with her. Great hits from a number of grenadoes including the amorphous water grenades and other damage her a goodly amount while physical hits from others cut her more. She attempts to flee when we bolster our strength to take her on but we manage to down her even though she hovers some 30ft above the ground.

Finally we take her down and stand over her body.

The flying wolf creatures come into attack and take advantage of the chaos but we see them off with heavy casualties on them before they flee.

We loot the bodies of our vanquished foes, including body parts etc, immersing armour and fetish heads in the various bloods to enhance their efficacy and more.

We decide to spend the rest of the day resting and cutting up the body, gathering skin, scales, blood, body parts, organs and bones.

Night passes.

19th Seedtime

Session 10 - Hi-ho hi-ho, off to a dragons horde we go! But alas álong came a spider ..

The new day sees us cleaning up from the previous night and preparing to leave with our dragon bone zombie and wagon which we need to carry some of the things we have 'recovered' from the gingerbread cottage.

Before we leave Rahne has an idea and summons Nereus, The Caster of Bones who turns up along with his boat on the nearby river. We arrange to have the souls released as well as divinating the potion stash. We also free the fire elemental who benefits from the dragons heart being burned within it, thus gaining 3 more ranks to rank 23. We also burn the remains of the witch within the elemental who takes great delight in it as well as releasing 30 womb points.

We find some of the potions missing once Nereus has divinated them and are un-surprised to find that they are healing potions of great rank. Nereus does leave us with invested Divinations in our Blank Phylacteries (those of Tsayoi, Rahne, Alandis and Prue) which will be useful in the future.

We travel towards where the dragon horde is likely to be as we think to perhaps find the dragon eggs we suspect to be there and maybe some of the horde itself.

After some 15m eastwards travel we come across some broken ground and a tarn which has a giant unpleasant frog in its depths which we avoid.

We enter the cavern and avoid a room of iron web chains which we discern to have been created by an Iron web weaver.
We move up the corridor further in towards the horde cavern and we are attacked by a huge metallic spider who threatens us dearly as we can damage it almost not at all. We discern that it is an Iron Chain golem spider and there is a malevolent spirit trapped in a glowing lantern deep within the protective metal shell. We fight and are only able to survive when Prue uses her word of water to extinguish the lantern and thus free the spirit (we find this to have been a released horror named 'Hate') into the world.

We loot the horde and put the 6 dragon egg's that we find upon the wagon inside the cauldron.

We travel for 3 days (inc a stop at the witches cottage where we discover that the children we'd left there have been uplifted - probably by Nereus as new crew. We load up with good including lots of gingerbread slices etc) and late afternoon on the 22nd of Seedtime we get to the town in this realm. Rahne goes to get her robes which she has had made for her and in the store she meets Miggea, the Lady of Law who rules this realm we are in. The woman says she is offended that she was not visited upon but Rahne soothes her with a bauble and she goes on her way. Rahne quickly exits the shop, buys up some crystals and rejoins the party. We immediately take leave of the realm.

It takes 2 weeks to leave the realm and get back to Kalvos. We then travel another week to get to the city of Arkyn, the Law Lord.

13th Blossom

We arrive at Arkyn's city - Dunsany.
We hide the wagon and spider in a lake outside of the city while we start walking into the huge megacity.

Session 11 - We explore a new city and meet the god Arkyn, oh yes and create a lich

14th Blossom

We enter the city and get to the center after some 20miles of travel, where we find a core area surrounded by a large moat at least 100yards across. We espy large trade vessels (even ocean going ones) docking around this central core delivering people and trade goods. We come across a guard dog/snake and we gain some snake tears from the animal when we leave as he misses Rahne so much.

We explore the central city and espy multiple pocket dimensions which store lore, ala Libraries. We also note a number of entities from other planes such as Tanuel, Treann etc.

We decide that we could do much harm to ourselves here and decide to ask a mage type for assistance. The ladies approach a male mage and petition for assistance which he grants and he takes us all to see Arkyn.

Arkyn appears benevolent and helps us by providing knowledge and a navigator for the pyramid to hopefully get us home. once we have successfully availed ourselves of his hospitality we head back towards the pyramid with our navigator.

The desire for some 'strange' is high and so we return to the strange mill of lady miggea's to loot some strange. We identify a tank we suspect of being interesting and a zombie is deployed to open it - the result being that the chaos in the tank comes out and turns it into a lich. We pause until Boris indicates that the lich can feast on the locals nearby and then we swing into suppression action. Combat starts.

Session 12 - We destroy the Lich and the depart before we can do more good / damage

We engage the Lich and destroy it in short order and then gather the 18 Chaos Points into vials. We then travel 10 days to the Pyramid with our Navigator and navigate back to Reich.

We discover that there has been only an instant since we left here which is a relief.

There we depart the Pyramid, establish a house in the Pyramid (which we 6 can access), decant the charm points into crystals, take the casket of winter and then enter the Astral from there. We maker our way back to Feralie where we report to Entity Prime and wrap up the mission. EP can make the Orichelcum into a sectional staff. Spider valued at 1000TSG and casket to EP 100TSG. 14 days travel back to the guild.

Session 13

Places/Planes visited

People Encountered

  • Serifan - The Lord of Patterns
  • Entity Prime - The Lord of the Machine
  • King under the Mountain - Human, powers over Stone, Fire, Mountains, Lake of Cranes; Klang - Fire Giant, Smith; Grant - Stone Giant, Sculptor.
  • Window Click (Noldorin Elf) & Anushka - Reich agents of The Lord of Tinkers
  • Lórien - Vala of Dreams, one of the Fëanturi
  • Hecatoncheires
  • Eaglewolves
  • Nereus - The Caster of Bones

Buffs & Mil Sci

Lucky Numbers
Alandis Mario Prudence Rahne Tsayoi Boris
52 72 27 & 07 66 19 25
Astrology (Rahne)
Svalbard Page of Cups (R), 7 of Cups, Page of Wands
Alandis 9 & King of Pentacles
Mario 9 & 8 of Wands
Prue Queen of Swords (rev) & Sun
Tsayoi Strength & Wheel of Fortune

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Ma Pr Ra Ts Bo
Greater Ench. (R) 19 +20% to 3 of Res, Mag, Com, S&S. 5 days RMCS RMCS RMCS RMCS RMCS RMCS
Ench Armour (R) 12 +26% Def +1 AP 4 DR vs Phnt/Nmare. 6 1/2 hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Waterproofing (P) 6 21 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (P) 6 7 Hrs Y
Cold Resistance (P) 8 -16° -3 Cold Dmg 9 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fire Armour (Ts) 10 44pts of Fire Protection (ablative) 11 Hours Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fireproofing (Ts) 6 7 Hrs Y
Strength of Stone (Ts) 10 +10 PS or EN 11 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Spell (Cstr) 0 hrs
- ( - )
Self Only  
Mind Shield 6 +22% vs M.Att. 13 hrs 6 6
Sense Danger 9 40%
Black Fire Archer (Al) 2 Modified weapon of flames 15 48%
Armour (Bo) prot (ablative) Y
Heroic Aura (M) 11 Mario:+12SC,+2Dmg,+12vsFear; Allies:+3SC,+1Dmg,+6vsFear; Both+3Def,+1DR 330 mins Y

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Al Ma Pr Ra Ts Bo
Waters of Strength (P) 10 [D-2]+10 PS 55 Mins
Waters of MD (P) 10 [D-2]+10 MD 55 Mins
Bouyancy (P) 6 3.5 Hrs
Weapon of Flame (Ts) 10 +11% SC and +5Dm (+10 vs Undead) 15 Mins
Ench Weapon (Rahne) 10 +11% SC +4 Dmg (+2) 15 mins
Spell (Cstr) 0 hrs

Enhance Enchantment (R) rank 9: 60 seconds Waters of Strength (P) rank 9: heals [D-4]+9

  • Mario and Tsayoi have both bought a Rank 20 seasonal greater enchantment covering all 4 areas

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Mario Alandis Boris Mario
Rahne Tsayoi Prue

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Mario Tsayoi Boris
Prue Rahne Alandis

Double File

Mario Boris
Tsayoi Rahne
Prue Alandis

Single File



  • Loot to be detailed;
    • Bound fire elemental from Witches house - released and given option of coming when called but at eff rank +1 (to max of 23) due to burning the heart & witch.
    • Dragons Hoard - Length of Orachelcum chain from the corridor trap in the Dragons Lair, 6 Black Dragon eggs, Great Emerald, Lots of Rune Sticks - 18inx2inx10mm, Lots of Potions (inc Healing), Gems of Various Types, Greater Ring of Protection,Iron Golem Spider. Something that gave +1 rk to Opening.
    • Witches house - Medeanite Witches Cauldron - traded for 1 Restorative potion per season, 6000sp from Witch horde and 5000sp in gems, Hand of Glory, Dead Man's Candle, Of the 80 potions in the witches home - All rank 20 3 SK C/S wicca, 1 SK C/S water, 2 more increase worst stat potion - 6 used, 1 flatness potion, 12 healing - lost to Nereus, 1 heart blood phantasm bottle, 3 potions of slap, 8 scarlet fluid potions containing tears of innocents (great value), lots more to come from Jim, Glass walking staff with tassles, Book of shadows (wicca), Book of water magic, Notes on experiments to create creatures, Ren shen root 200yrs old, 2 more wicca general counterspell potion, 35 sizes of black dragon skin, dragon teeth, dragons eyes, misc dragon body parts, dragons blood, dragon scales which for every 3 sizes will take an invested rune spell via ritual prep, Blue/green dress. 20 skin changes
    • Arkyn's land - Crimson wall of Lictium, Incantation of darkness, book of practical firemagery, pyramid book about things beyond the pale
    • Thuringwithal's body
    • 1000TSG for the spider, 100TSG for the Orichelcum chain

Alandis' Award
Boris' Award
Mario's Award
Prudence's Award
Rahne's Award
Tsayoi's Award

Treasure Master List

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Toxic Cigarettes 20 Poison smoke 3 4 3 3 4 3 W. Click
Dead Man's Candle 1 1
Witch Skin 20 Rank 20 Skin Change spell 3 4 3 3 4 3
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#x
Faberge Eggs 1 TBA 2 2 2 2 2 2 W. Click
Black Iron Grenadoes 1000sp Purchases from WC by Party 3 2 W. Click
Cobalt Grenadoes 2000sp Purchases from WC by Party 3 W. Click
Red Iron Grendadoes 3000sp Purchases from WC by Party 3 2 3 3 W. Click
Amorphous Water Balloons 4 1 1 2 Trans-Uranics

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Herbs & Draughts
Golden Century Seeds 10 2 2 2 2 2 Seed Vault
The White Rose of Gerantia 12 2 2 2 2 2 2 Seed Vault
The Marist Rose 7 1 1 1 1 1 2 Seed Vault
Whitethorn 6 1 1 1 1 1 1 Seed Vault
Flamecap 10 5 5 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Psionic Orchid 1 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Blue Rose 1 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Black Lilly 1 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mallorn 1 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Simbelmyne (Evermind) 1 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Angelica 1 Seed Vault
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Sloe Plums 2 1 1 M.W. Forest
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Silver Blade Lily 2 white lily with blue stamen 1 1 M.W. Forest
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Red Shen Root 1

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Pentecost Potion 9 Babel 1 1 1 6 W. Click
Love Philtre 20 Rank 20 3 3 4 4 3 3 M. Witch
Fertility Potion 20 Rank 20 3 3 4 4 3 3 M. Witch
Waters of Strength 18 Rank 20 3 3 3 3 3 3 M. Witch
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Waters of Healing 20 Rank 20 4 3 3 3 4 3 M. Witch
Restoratives 20 Rank 20 3 4 3 3 3 4 M. Witch
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#various unidentified potions 80.. unknown M. Witch
Consummation of Fire and Water 11 Consume in fire 2 1 2 2 2 1 M. Witch
Sublimation of Fire into Water 5 Explode into smoke 1 1 1 1 1 M. Witch
Potion of Ophan Blood 4 1 min favourable dice rolls 1 1 1 1 M. Witch
Elixir of Invulnerability 3 +1/2 AP as DR 1 1 1 M. Witch
Potion of Leviathan Strength 3 65 PS for 1 hour 1 1 1 M. Witch
Water Curse 3 1 1 1 M. Witch
Light Oil 4 4 M. Witch
Potion of Flatness 2 1 1 M. Witch
Elixir of Tryst 1 1 M. Witch
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#x 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#x x

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Invested Itemry
Consumable Amulets

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Enhanced Orange Chalcedony 1 1 M. Witch
Enhanced Gem Murex 1 1 M. Witch
Enhanced Dusty Rose Quartz 1 1 M. Witch
Enhanced White Pearl 1 1 M. Witch
Enhanced Bloodstone 1 1 M. Witch
Enhanced Toadstone 1 1 M. Witch
Enhanced Ametrine 1 Cast on E.IV 1 M. Witch
Enhanced Scarlet Carnelian 1 1 M. Witch
Great Emerald 1 1 Dragon Hoard
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#x 1

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Miscellaneous (Bits & Pieces & Weird Shit)
Baleful Eye Gem 1 1 M. Witch
Cyprian Mirror of Seeming 1 Illusions M. Witch
Pool of Hχώ 1 Witcheries 1 M. Witch
Ice Tome of Uranus 1 Sorceries 1 Transuranics
Phylactery of 3-Body Solution 1 1
Phylactery of Divining Enchantment 4 1 1 1 1
The Apuleian Kalyptra 1 1 City in the Pyramid
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#x 1

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Rocket Ammunition for a Browning ACP 100 Y Y E. Prime
Straight Edge 1 1 Hecatoncheires
Black Tulwar 1 y Hecatoncheires
Throwing Daggers 9 6 3 River Ambush
Imp Dagger 1 y Imp at River Ambush
Clockwork Crossbow 1 1 River Ambush
Giant Lacrosse Stick 1 Frost Giants
Giant Hockey Stick 1 Frost Giants
Giant Mallet 1 Frost Giants
Whip of the Braided Eog 1 1 Thuringwethil
A Sea Green Walking Stick of Fashion 1 1
Rod of Counterspells 1
The_Coils_of_Spring_-_Treasure#Crimson 1 aka Vadaugh Axe 1 Vadagh corpse
Mirror Silver Byrnie 1 Y Vadagh corpse
Crimson Robes 1 Y Vadagh corpse
Cy-Anne 1 Silk robes 6 lbs 5 AP 7 SP 3 DR... 1 M. Witch
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Black Dragon Hide 35 35 sizes AP 10 DR 4 SP 6 5 sizes 4 sizes 6 sizes 5.5 sizes 5.5 sizes 9 sizes B Dragon

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Crown of Mentacles 1 Y Trans-Uranics
Force Gauntlet of the Right Hand 1 Y Trans-Uranics
Fettle 1 1 River Ambush
Greater Ring of Protection 1 -10dm MR 12 ablative phys dmg/pulse 1
Dodging Ring 1 Break 100 + AG + 5 x unused TMR 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Scarab Of Protection 1 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Storage Battery 1 Stores Power Y E. Prime
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Bronze Pliers of Opening 1 +20% to Opening Spells Y E. Prime\
Blank Phylacteries 8 10,000sp reusable invested blanks 1 1 1 1 3 1 W.Click
Plover Stones 9 3 spare 5,000sp reusable invested Invis 1 1 1 1 1 1 W. Click
Ice Tome of Uranus 1 Y Transuranics
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Wolf in a Witch Bottle 1 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Hand of Glory 1 1

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Tryst 1 1

Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Special Abilities
In Defence of the Innocent 1 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Caster's Grace 1 1 Lord Arkyn
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Sloe Plum Tincture 1 Applied to eyes, targets get -20 MR vs Charm 1 1 Arkyn's Library
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Silver Blade Lily: Restore Life 1 Life restoration 1 1 Arkyn's Library
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Darkness Incantation 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Spectral Warrior - Incantation: Bone Circle gateway 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Immolation - Incantation: Named Targets 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Crimson Wall of Levitation 1
Lore: Sorceries of the Mind
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Psychometry 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mental Attack - Incantation: Mind Blast 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Control Person - Incantation: Dominate Will 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Hypnotism - Incantation: Suggestion 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Force Shield - Incantation: Force Pentacles 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Phantasm - Incantation: Chariot of Songbirds 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Hypnotism - Incantation: Forget 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#ESP - Incantation: Mind Sense 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mental Attack - Incantation: Feeblemind 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mental Attack - Incantation: Mass Fear 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mental Attack - Incantation: Multi-Target Mental Attack 1
Lore: Witcheries
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Water Spell - Major Area of Effect 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Water Spell - Multi-Target 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Dehydrate - Drain 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mage Current - Flowing Water 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Rainstorm - Lightning Storm 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Rainstorm - Acid Rain 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Creating Fog - Noxious Vapours 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Rehydration - Banish Elemental 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Mind Cloak / Mind Shield - Phantasmal Shield 1
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Water Creation - Screen of Bubbles 1
Item Qty Effects Al Bo Ma Pr Ra Ts Used Provenance
Alchemical 'Points'
The Coils of Spring - Treasure#Womb Points 30 M. Witch
Cash and equivalent
600 TSG (or equivalent value in services) - payment from E. Prime


Spring: Thaw (10) 816wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting
2 Seagate /
Slippery Rock
3 to Novadom, Pattern to Feralie 4 Feralie: Mountain Path 6 Shatterguard
7 Shatterguard 8 Nightfall Gate to Assyria 9 Assyria, Rocket to E.Prime's Satellite 10 Astral, Abyss
14 Abyss => Damien's 16 Damien's, Abyss to Reich...
21 Abyss, Astral, Bucharest 22 Berchtesgaden 23 North-east by road then north by river...
Spring: Seedtime (11)
28 ... 29 Kiev 1 Chernobyl 2 North...
5 Tallinn 6 ... 7 ... 8 Rites of Thunor
9 ... 10 ... 11 Bear Island
12 Hopen 13 Seed Vault, Observatory 14 Vdagh Pyramid 15 Equinox Kalvos 16 down river to Village 17 Eostre Ambush 18 Dam drained to..
19 .. Duncinea 21 Medeanite Witch, Dragon, Nereus, Miggea 22 Wagon train back to Kalvos...
26 ... 30 continue along river to coast
Spring: Blossom (12)
3 ... 7 around coast ...
10 to Arkyncity 14 Explore city.. Trian Divinator, Lord Arkyn.
17 Study in Arkyn's Library
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht

Instantaneous travel With the time distortion things have changed;

  • 15th Seedtime we depart the pyramid via astral gate
  • 29th Seedtime arrive in Feralie and see Entity Prime
  • 30th Seedtime depart Feralie and Entity Prime
  • 14th Blossum arrive in Seagate.
  • 2 weeks prior to the guild meeting