Into the Dark Continent

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Adventure: Into the Dark Continent - Nualis
GM: Jim
Session: Summer 817
Night: Monday
Location: New Windsor
Level: Medium

Will not be at guild meeting, weird & extreme abilities preferred
  1. Rahne - Stephen
  2. Bromli - Nick M
  3. Cronose - Ciaran
  4. Boris - Mike H
  5. Dellith - Clare
  6. Lucius - Bridget
Giovanni di Crescenti, a nobleman of Tarquinia
Find and secure the Elephant's Graveyard, recover 200lbs Ivory
Papal indulgences for theft, adultery and murder.
A map to the Black Library of Alexandria.
25 tsg each

Scribe Notes

Abyss to Nualis

Duesday 1st-3rd Meadow

Meet with Giovanni, he would like us to find and secure the Ivory at the Elephant's Graveyard. There are likely to be others wanting the same thing:

  • Holy Mother Church
  • Templars - a small mobile group
  • Poor Clares - The sisters of St Clare, secretive nun assassins
  • Knight Priest of Challah - Necromancer based on the north African coast, possibly a pirate.
  • Ibn Washaid - Islamic Mystic, Sufi.
  • Queen Gudit of Aksum

He offers us 20tsg each, we negotiate up to 25 and loot/salvage rights, including ivory, excluding any Banes of Giovanni or the Eye of Discord, or the Blue Jade Dagger.

We are to deliver the Ivory to his people in Veii. He suggests we could get there via the west African port of Orra (Accra?). Establishing local trade contacts for him while there would be useful.

Frysday 4th-15th Meadow

Astral then flying/climbing down the cliff to the Abysss. A third of the way down we find a cleft, exploring within we find a Mosaic of a Serpent, deeper in we find a trickle of liquid which has enchantment of 'Master Plan' and originates from Victoria. We take samples, Boris gets some spilled on his left hand and cuts his hand off.

The next day we see the Chaos Wind approaching and flee sideways avoiding it but coming perilously close to the face pit. Resuming our trip we pass over chaos tainted Abyss. Boris' hand regenerates paler than before and his severed hand has escaped, Cronose' feet gain an odd pattern from the chaos ground.

Arrive at Kerberoth, makes purchases from the market. Lord Tirwh is away in the Empire of the East, we tell Lady Suneth of the cleft and masterplan beneath Alusia and ask her to pass the news on to The Master of Intrigue, the message will go with the next Caravan.

W'ansday 16th-27th Meadow

Back into the Abyss to Nualis via the Prince of Demons so we can leave a message for him about the masterplan.

Moonday 28th Meadow

We emerge from the rift in Aksum, speaking to locals we find someone who can tell us the rough location of the crater, about 700 miles west.

Deciding to fly with Lucius and Cronose as skin-changed mice, we set off west. Later in the day we sense trouble from the jungle below and divert north, smoke rises and spreads out into the shape of a Cobra. Safely distant most of us turn invisible and resume flying west.

Unable to find a clearing we manage to land at the top of a tall tree and settle in between the first and second canopies.

Insects and Hyenadons Bite

Duesday 29th Meadow

Our sleep is disrupted by swarms of biting insects, concerned about infection we take brandy for the bites which leaves Boris tired. We gather some local herbs for insect repellent then fly on.

Late in the day I spot a large spatial distortion ahead of us, closer to it we find an odd clearing and land. The clearing was made by Scarring Terrain. Further herb gathering, rest in Bromli's shelter, Lucius spends the night brewing insect repellent.

W'ansday 30th Meadow

Packing up and flying on to the distortion we see it is a 20 mile wide crater rising above the forest the inside of which is concealed by clouds. Landing in a tree at the base of the crater we climb up to the lip and start working on a way down the glassy vertical interior rockface. Bromli cuts down the trees, Boris turns them into ladders, I guide them down and Boris locks them into the fractures that Bromli makes.

Below the cloud we can see the extensive valley and clear skies above. At the bottom we search around and find some Elephant tracks which we follow south (which is 90° off where it was outside of the crater - strange and charm in play?).

We camp at dusk which is earlier (sun falling below crater rim) in Bromli's shelter. After midnight something is moving around outside, Bromli senses large undead animals, Cronose picks up several animal level minds and something smarter which is behind the Bromli-rowan tree. The rest of us have been donning armour and preparing spells.

The mage casts a noxious vapour mist, Bromli transforms and ambushes the Necromancer, the rest of us engage the petrified-undead-hyenadons. The necro and his pets are heavily armoured, one of them kills Cronose in one bite. The Necro hides in the mist while we work our way through the undead. Lucius holds off 2 undead in melee, Dellith starts ripping them apart with the strength of 10, Boris finds that Cronose is miraculously only mostly dead and helps him up. Lucius activates his enhanced senses to spot the Necro, we charge and he flees but Lucius gets a locate on him.

Boris recruits the undead to our side and we set off after the Night Priest, soon he moves out of locate range, we track him to where he has used a Spectral Portal to flee.

Th'rsday 1st Heat

Returning to our Elephant tracks, riding the undead, we follow them and find the Elephants a couple of hours later. No elderly and no obvious graveyard but we do spot another large spatial distortion in the distance that aligns with the direction the Spectral Portal was heading. We study the Elephants so we can find them later then head to the distortion which is a large crack in the crater wall. We see tracks of the undead coming in through the crack and decide to follow them back to where the Night Priest came from and presumably has fled to.

The pass leads out to the Dark Continent some distance from where we found the crater, while looking around we spot a Spectral Hound, a tracker like Boris uses. Reacting quickly we chase it, box it in with Necro counterspells and then kill it so it can't report back.

Necros Like Poisons

We resume back tracking the Hyenadons, then Bromli and I find a pit trap with poisoned stakes the hard way, Dellith and Boris steps in to assist. While pulling ourselves out of the pit, the Necro strikes again. An Undead snake gets amongst our mages and Undead monkeys charge towards us through the trees. Things are getting messy until our fighters manage to engage the snake and a Balrog Fire Wall reduces the monkey charge to ashes.

Lucius spots the Necro hiding at the back and gets a locate on him, we follow as he flees and this time we manage to corner him when he attempts to hide in magical darkness.

Bromli, Dellith and Boris engage the Spectral Knight the Necro summons so I can get past it to the Necro and disrupt his casting. After a few painful blows, the Knight is dismissed with a counterspell then the Necro goes down as we all pile in. Then we turn to meet the large dangerous thing that has been stalking Lucius and Cronose through the trees but it moves away, we never see it but get the impression from tree damage that it is huge.

Looting and patching wounds, we continue following the tracks and find ourselves back at one of the Scarring Terrain clearings. With nothing more to find here we return to the crater, looking back we see a Roc descend into the clearing we've left and decide to move faster.

Back in the crater we head to one of the villages and talk to the locals. We share dinner and spend the night in their village, they can't or won't direct us to the Elephant's Graveyard, we warn them of others like the Necro who may be hunting it which spooks them into migrating the village elsewhere.

In the morning is a scream, one of the men died during the night. We investigate and find he is not quite dead, a multi-part ingested poison has turned him into a living Zombie. Asking questions we find this has happened to others, usually young men in their prime. They buried these 'dead' young men, checking the graves we find they are all empty. It seems someone is selectively taking their young men for a super-zombie army. It also implies he was poisoned while we shared a meal with him last night. We try healing the poison but it is well beyond our capabilities.

The Graveyard

Next morning we head towards the centre, discovering that distances in here increase the longer we have been here.

Near the centre is an artificial shallow lake/reservoir with 'gates' to send irrigation towards one part of the crater or another.

Searching out towards the other edge, away from where we came in and the Necromancer's entrance, we have our flyers scouting either side to increase the chance of spotting the graveyard.

We do spot a large clearing in dense forest that could be promising but can't find a land-based way in. Flying in with Bromli carrying Cronose and Dellith carrying Lucius, we land but sustain injuries on discovering the ground is actually a very thin layer of detritus atop the grasses.

Dragging ourselves to the cover of the trees we set up camp to start the drinking session. As I'm uninjured, I start exploring the clearing and find several large Elephant bones and tusks which I haul back for our supine Namers to have a look at. During that time an elderly Elephant wanders into the clearing, lays down and dies. While the divinations are underway we become aware of danger, not preparing fast enough we are hit by TK Rage which leaves Bromli in a bad way in the middle of the clearing. Peering through the trees we catch glimpses of something moving around out there, preparing to cast at us again. Counterspells, levitation, Boris heads to Bromli, Dellith and I move above the underbrush to get to the opponent, Lucius digs under to get line of sight, Cronose heads out and round. As we engage we discover it is a Vampire Elephant Martial Artist. We're hit by disruption, Phantasm, and I'm gored several times. Eventually we concern the Vampire enough that it starts to turn to mist, we continue to hack at it, Cronose gets a Phantasm on it and Boris a Spectral Warrior, both follow the mist and eventually reduce it to a motionless pool. Catching up we then burn it with special Alchemical solutions. As it dies we see a snake spirit emerge and call for its father. Gr Summoner Counterspells and Delliths special Khopesh are deployed...

Elephant Falls

After a few minutes of concern under the Khopesh we gather up the remnants, make our way back to camp and pack up to leave.

Brandy is consumed en-route by those most in need, bush-bashing back the way the Elephant came in (live Elephants can move through this jungle with ease). Then back to pick up our Hyenadons and then heading straight to the nearest crater rim.

We try to think of a way to track the Vampire's local base, to destroy any coffins - just in case, and of course to take any dangerous artefacts into protective custody. The best we can come up with is Astrology, I get strong indications of the sign of the Lion.

As we move toward the rim we spot an oddity in the crater wall, investigating we find a stream leading out through a narrow crevice. Squeezing through the narrow passage we come out on a ledge beside a large waterfall, our stream has become a river as it emerges from the crater wall. We also note our sense of direction has not twisted as much, we guess that the rotation/spin of the crater is centred around the Elephant's Graveyard or that the Graveyard has its own independent spin which interacts with the spin of the crater - potentially enabling the opening of a celestial gateway at the right intersection.

It's late, dark and the rocks are slippery so we camp on the ledge and in the crevice.

During the night Bromli-Tree alerts us to something in the vicinity. We look around but don't see anything, we get ready for combat anyway and Cronose casts empathy. He can sense hunting minds above us, I note that the stars of the Lion are overhead - a sign, we decide to hunt them. Cronose transforms and pops his wolf claws for climbing, I use Telekinesis, Bromli transforms and climbs - dragging Boris behind him. Dellith and Lucius are too injured to join us so wait below. Even knowing they are there, the werepards evade detection until they leap on Cronose (it seems they have a thing for dogs/wolves). Cronose stands up to their attacks and hits back until the rest of us can join in, one 'pard is controlled, the other is stunned and falls to his death - unfortunately landing on Lucius who would have died except that the stars favoured Cronose deflecting the life saving health boost from Boris to Lucius so that Lucius was merely stunned by the blow. A bit of quick drinking to save Cronose before his will gave out and then we carefully descended.

Questioning the living 'pard, we find he and his co-hunter are Pard Lycanthropes, they answer to a Shaman and are working for people we identify as a Templar and his lance (Templar Knight, 8 fighters in chain, 12 in robes, 4 in leather with crossbows). The Pards were sent out as scouts and could get back to the Templar camp within a day.

Th'rsday 8th Heat

It is about 250' down the slippery cliff, dangerous but possible for most of us but not for our undead mounts which we'll need to haul ourselves and our cargo to the coast. Brandy is consumed and plans considered.

Frysday 9th Heat

Being the best plan we can come up with, Boris creates connected Bone construction ramps to the bottom of the cliff then starts sending our mounts down. the construction is shaky, we lose one Hyenadon in the descent and the Elephant takes significant damage. Then the rest of us follow by rope, flight and telekinesis. All fine until Cronose starts turning into a Werepard half way down, we get him down safely then divine to find out he has been cursed with Werepard Lycanthropy.

We rest and drink at the bottom of the cliff.


Reapsday 10th Heaat

We head west but have a feeling we're being watched, it is a possessed snake, we try to pretend we haven't noticed it while Lucius casts sleep on it, we charge as backup but the sleep works. The snake is possessed by someone about 1 mile south of us he should be asleep for the next 10 hours. DA's reveal we are all tagged by a Hunter's Mark. Lucius tries using an item to let him track the last person to cast at him and perceives a horror in a nearby dimension which threatens his sanity.

Debating whether to go for the camp to the south while the Shaman is slept, we consider it might be the camp of the Templar and decide to ride on, Dellith starts divining while riding to learn the appropriate counterspell to dissipate these marks. Before she finishes we sense danger, something is flying above us. We prepare weapons and spells and ride on hoping for a break in the canopy so we can strike this observer from range.

It gets bored of watching before we find a break and drops through the canopy, casually smashing the tops of trees to get to us, swooping it picks up Bromli in its claws. We fire back with ranged attacks then Dellith and I charge into attack as it starts to climb, Bromli squirms and strikes but finds it is enormously strong. We continue to snipe then when it is about to leave my height limit, Dellith passes me a potion of Pure Heart and I close with it. Unfortunately ripping its head off doesn't slow it down much and it rips Bromli in half, letting the bits fall. Next I try ripping its thorax open which reveals a heart of darkness. Dellith strikes at the heart but it takes the blow on an impervious shoulder, I rip one of its wings off and damage the other enough that it starts to fall. Boris has finished summoning his steed to come join us when it plummets past him, Dellith flies down after it, I transform into a stork to glide down but come in too fast and smash my hip. Boris reverses course but is thrown and smashes his hip. Dellith stands between the headless, wingless Biaki (a demonoid of the outer darkness) and Lucius, Lucius protects Dellith with is shield while he and Cronose cast at the Biaki. I pick myself up with telekinesis and charge in to strike its flank, Cronose draws his sword and charges in, we whittle it down until Boris who has painfully dragged himself onto a Hyenadon, charges in to finish it off.

Templar and Serpents

We pick ourselves up, loot the Biaki and limp west. Boris appears to have acquired a curse or affliction that causes him to cry out at dusk, dawn and other stressful times.

After a couple of hours we find a stream which we follow for another hour then turn west on a game trail, covering our tracks with saturated earth. Changing course again we find a spot to camp and use charms to conceal ourselves.

Sunday 11th Heat

We hide and drink through the worst of our wounds. We sense searchers nearby but they move on.

Moonday 12th Heat

Moving west again, we travel most of the morning then come to an enormous clearing created by an enhanced variant of scarring terrain - similar to the Roc landing zone we found before. We cross carefully, doing our best to use carnivores to obfuscate our tracks then change course on the far side, unfortunately the Roc and Serpent-folk passengers come in to land before we have gone far and they spot our tracks not long afterwards as they take to the air again heading our way.

They drop an east-west search line of Serpentfolk from the air, we change to move NW to try to get around the end of them.

We think we're doing ok but have no way to tell, then a storm rolls in fairly suddenly - not good for ease of travel but it cools things and should hide our tracks.

We find a smaller trail heading South-West and take it, the rain gets heavier turning our trail into a slippery stream. The Hyenadons are unstable so most of us walk but we're not much better off. Picking ourselves up after a couple of falls we see signs of combat in clearer ground ahead of us.

Buffing and sneaking forward without our mounts we see the Templar and his lance engaged with Serpent folk. We observe, assess and then start to discretely tweak the combat to keep it even and mutually destructive. Use of counterspells, fear and similar spells work well for us until an invisible grenado is a bit too overt and we reveal our presence. The five remaining active combatants (Templar and 4 Serpentfolk) agree to gang up on us then sort out their differences afterwards. The Templar drops a Light effect concealing them from us, the Serpent Firemage hits us with a Fireball, then our Darkness counters their light and we're in again. Zombie combatants arise on our side, the Serpent folk are engaging us while the Templar retreats, the battle with the Serpentfolk is short and bloody, the Templar gets away on his horse - riding a rainbow northwards.

We loot and hunt down those of the Lance that fled on foot, most of them are not used to being on their own and fall afoul of local fauna and flora.

We get one of their mages alive and have a friendly chat while we make camp, divine and consume Brandy. He is a bit of a boffin, not especially aware of much outside of his area of expertise. They are here after some Ivory for one of the Cardinals to create a gate to access the realm of lies (Dream) for some holy purpose. Their plan was to ambush someone emerging with the ivory rather than risk getting it themselves.

Rafting North

Duesday 13th Heat

We resume travel west, staying close to the jungle for cover but using the more open grasslands to travel faster.

Once we have some distance we stop to rest for the night, consume more 'brandy' and sleep. During the night the rain gets heavy, then we detect some controlled snakes scouting our area. I drop concealment disks and we lay low until they pass. We stay on during the day to let the search get further away and so that Bromli can finish drinking.

Continuing west we need to hide at various times as the Roc/Serpentfolk fly overhead, gradually increasing their search radius. Until we come to a north-south river. We pause and make some estimates, at this pace it could take us 6 months to get to the coast and we're not really equipped for that long in these conditions.

We make a raft and then head north, ostensibly with a sail but actually towed by the Hyenadons walking on the river bottom.

We rest, raft, stop occasionally at villages and fail to acquire soap but set up Bone Circles in case we need them.

As we approach Khartoum, river traffic is increasing, sooner or later someone is going to spot our undead animals and unusual barge.

We ditch our raft and charter passage on a river barge. A Bone Circle is established, our Elephant and headless Hyenadon are buried and the intact Hyenadons packed into crates as cargo.

We portage around the impassable rapids, overnight at Luxor, admire the monuments and tombs, establish a Bone Circle in case we need it.

When we reach the delta we branch west towards Alexandria.

At Alexandria we settle into an Inn near the docks and start looking for a ship to Ostia. It will be over a week before a ship is ready to depart that way so we take an earlier coastal ship west to Tunis.

At Tunis we make contact with local House di Crescenti merchants to have them arrange passage. They will summon a fast ship for us which will be here in a couple of days and take us discretely to Ostia. Unfortunately we have picked up spies who were watching for us outside the merchant's warehouse. Charming the unusual looking man we find out he is working for the Night Priest of Challah and has already sent word of our presence. We come up with a cunning plan to lure the Priest into an ambush, then at Bori's prompting, Dellith checks the spies to discover that the 'man' is a Devil and the camel is a Dark Titan.

Halcyon Seas

While we're keen to take out the Devil and stop the priest from hunting us, we decide the Dark Titan and someone able to control one is too high a risk. Leaving a false trail to the Garden of Tophet we flee to the coast, ship strength some dead wood into a passable ship and mage-current north.

All goes well until we see the shape of a large bird heading our way. We change course to maximise our prep time before it catches us and send a Phantasm to meet it. As it closes we see it is hundred of fish in the shape of a giant Kingfisher swooping over the waves towards us. Most ranged attacks just kill a fish or two having minimal impact on the guiding spirit. When it closes within range we hit it with sleep, mental attack, and confusion. The combined spells stun it long enough to discover it is not sent by Challah or the Serpentfolk but is Halcyon, a great spirit similar to a Phoenix. Apologising for our attack I ask how we can make up for our mistake.

Halcyon would like use of an Abysmal Gate. The Mistress of the Deep has one in her temple near here or the Deep Dwellers have one in the Black Sea, all we need to do is pass one of Halcyon's fish through the gate.

Summoning our courage, the Namers transform into aquatics then we descend to the temple. It is old, beautiful and powerful. We enter cautiously with water counterspells in place. Investigating the interior we trigger a Maelstrom but fortunately resist its pull. The Maelstrom is the Abysmal gate, I release the fish into it then we struggle against the vortex and inrushing water to get out of the temple.

Back on the surface Halcyon thanks us and invites us to dine at its nest. We accept and travel to the secret location and enter the floating nest middlemarch that is its home. We drink invigorating water and share news.

Halcyon tells us that the largest two pieces of ivory to be taken from the graveyard at the appropriate time can be used to open a portal to the Dreamlands. From there it believe the Cardinals plan to summon one of the ancient powers and the Serpent Folk plan to summon Father Yig. Both of these would be bad for the world.

We try to work out how we can complete our agreed job but still prevent them from opening the gate.

We decide on asking the Comte de Vessiac (a known enemy of the church) for assistance. His castle is about 800 miles north-west of here.

We sail on north but instead of turning east to Ostia we turn west and land on the coast of Corsa. There we find a discrete graveyard to establish a bone circle. Then split the party, half flying the 800 miles the other half waiting with our cargo. After the flight, we establish another Bone Circle, Boris uses a Spectral gate to bring the others and the Ivory to us then we proceed up to the castle.

The Comte's castle is grand but appears open and undefended. We enter and call out. Lucius acquires a glow, he has been tagged with a curse that makes him within range for the Comte's spells anywhere on plane, his standard curse for all priests.

Then the Comte dramatically flies down from a tower to meet with us. Over dinner, we carefully explain our situation, trying to enlist his help without getting executed.

White and Nephilim

The plan we settle on is that the Comte de Vessaic who we encountered on our trip home will take two pieces of Ivory (the biggest) in return for our safe passage. Knowing that we would still have the required 200lbs to complete our mission we agreed.

Walking from the castle back to the graveyard, we portal back to Corsa then make our way to a fishing village to get mundane ship transport to Ostia.

A fishing ship takes us over and drops us on the shore north of Ostia.

From there, wishing to avoid Rome we follow the coast road north, acquiring a simple cart for our cargo.

The inland on a small road towards Veii. As we're winding up the side of a valley we sense trouble, on the ridge above us are two oval burn patterns then we 7 spirits circling us malevolently.

Keeping things low key we start buffing for a fight, the site of Boris' sword becoming dangerous to them prompts the spirits to attack except for one who flees. Lucius casts on them attracting their Ire, Boris and I start cutting into them. Counterspells are applied to reduce the number of them that can cast disruption, Lucius takes a lot of damage but we reduce their numbers. Then the fleeing spirit returns with a giant and half a dozen bronze bulls. Boris continues to slay the spirits while the rest of us engage the giant and the bulls. We throw everything we can at them and narrowly prevail.

After the fight we discover the giant was a Nephalim.

chapter 11



Places & Locations

Dark Continent - Nualis

Local Languages are: Berber, Hebrew, Arabic, Egyptian.

North-East: Aksum Queen Gudit.

North-NE: Kemet

North: Nubia

West: Ghana King Suleiman

Elephant's Graveyard - crater 20 miles across, rising out of the jungle. About 700 miles west of Aksum.



Mil Sci

Daily Pattern
Sleep/Camp 11 Hours (4/3/4hr). Travel 10 Hours, Meals 2 Hours, Rituals 1 Hour
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Rahne Bromli Dellith
Cronose Lucius Boris
Marching Order
Skirmish Formations (Front)

Rahne (Scout)
Bromli Boris
Cronose Lucius

Double File

Bromli Boris
Cronose Lucius
Rahne Dellith

Single File



Lucky Numbers
Boris Bromli Cronose Dellith Lucius Rahne
74 73 63 72 86
Astrology (Rahne)
Boris 306: Fire Boar Dark, 557: Wood Snake Sheep, 143: Air Dragon Order
Bromli 494: Water Wolf Chaos, 961 Sun Horse Spirit, 179: Air Sheep Magic
Cronose 592: Wood Wolf Body, 328: Fire Ox Death, 453: Water Snake Order
Dellith 214: Earth Rodent Choas, 802: Star Boar Body, 371: Fire Sheep Spirit
Lucius 202: Earth Boar Body, 021: Mana Ox Spirit, 175: Air Sheep Light
Rahne 692: Metal Wolf Body, 683: Metal Monkey Order, 876: Star Sheep Dark


Long Duration - always on
Magic Rk Effects Dur Bo Br Cr De Lu Ra
Ench Armour (R) 13 +28% Def +1 AP 4 DR vs Phnt/Nmare. 7 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Greater Ench. (R) 20 +21% to Res, Mag, Com, S&S. 5 days Y Y Y Y Y Y
Self Only  
Mind Shield 6 +22% vs M.Att. 13 hrs Y Y
Sense Danger 38 49
Short Term - Cast as required
Magic Rk Effects Dur Bo Br Cr De Lu Ra
Ench Weapon (Rahne/Lucius) 10 +11% SC +4 Dmg (+2) 15 mins Y

Enhance Enchantment (R) rank 10: 65 seconds (L) rank 12: 75 seconds.

Share Talent (Lucius) rk 10
Empowers 1 entity with another's talent up to rk 10. Duration 5.5hrs (10.5 enhanced)
Boris Sense Danger
Bromli Shaman Sight
Cronose Necrogeny
Dellith Witchsight
Lucius Treasure Sense
Rahne Necrogeny


Treasure Page

Loot, Purchases and Expenses
Item Qty Effects Bo Br Cr De Lu Ra X
Blank Phylacteries 5
Plover Stones 9 1 2 2 2 2
Pentecost Potions 2 Y Y
Inc: Wall of Dark - Solid 1 Can take 10+rk dmg per pulse. 3,000sp 1
Inc: Whitefire - Res Half Damage 1 Resist for D+Rk. 6,000sp
Inc: Fire Arc - Translocation 1 8,000sp
Herbs: Lillies
Orange Flowers
Insect Repellent
Grey Robes (Night Priest) 1 4AP 7DR 8SP +10% Stealth 2 Wt 1
Leaf Cloak (Night Priest) 1 Shape shift, Glide on the wind
Spectral Purse|Spectral Purse (Night Priest) 1 Spectral Death Knight, 4RD+7, 2D Drain, 12AP. Air General Caster rk 10. 1
Book of Savannah (Night Priest) 1 Name of a Unicorn 1
Square Head (Night Priest) 1 Can teach Sorcery 1
Fulminate Mace (Night Priest) 1 Light Mace. Absorbs and releases lightning
Bracer (Night Priest) 1 Prepare twice for +1 eff rk, 5% def +1AP +1SA
Blackthorne Hand (Night Priest) 1 Spectral Hand Focus - range for touch spells 1
Turban of ibn Rashid (Night Priest) 1 +3MA
Bronze Heart (Night Priest) 1 Undying
Necklace of Prayer Beads (Night Priest) 1 Blessing, Karma 1
Spell Rack (Night Priest) 1 Necro, 3xFT for Ani.Bod.Parts
Elephant Ivory 500 lbs
Hawk Feather Fetish (Werepard) 1 Speak with Hawks/Falcons
Snake Head Fetish (Werepard) 1 Speak with Venomous Snakes
Apple Fetish (Werepard) 1 Thief: Walk Unseen, Cheat Death
Cobweb Fetish (Werepard) 1 15sec Maze
Werepard Stone Axes
Werepard Leopard Skins 5AP 0AG
Werepard Bronze Daggers 2 Cat Claws
Serpent Folk Vampire Dust 14 Serpent
Biaki Dark Heart 45 Void


Summer: Meadow (1) 817wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Beltane Full Moon 1 Guild Meeting Seagate, Brastor, Blackshore 4 Astral, Abyss...
7 ...
14 .. Kerberoth. Market 16 Abyss to Damien
21 22 Abyss to Nualis
28 Full Moon Aksum => west. Tree Camp 29 West. Clearing camp. 30 West => Crater. Night Priest. 1 Tracking... 2 3 4
Summer: Heat (2) 817wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day) 15 Solstice 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer: Breeze (3) 817wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 Full Moon 25 26 27 28 29 30