Five Sisters

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Overview of the area around the Five Sisters

A group of Five ancient and fabled kingdoms, or city states south of the Gatar Depression which are on the coast of the Venarian Sea and close to the Islands of Adventure. They are normally the natural safe trading ports between the states and Kingdoms in the west and the lands in the east, such as Tycho City, the Lunar Empire and Ellenic States.

Rich and decadent, the Five Sisters have refrained from expanding northward during the last millennium mainly out of a cultural malaise, but also because the vast Gatar Depression forms a barrier against the march of large armies across its vast wastes.

Locale area:
To the South and South East of the Five Sisters are the Islands of Adventure. To the East along the coast line the city of Tycho. Tycho is a major trading partner with all of the cities of the Five Sisters. Outside of the cities are small hamlets and villages and homesteads, which owe their loyalties to no outsiders.

Most are goat herders making cheese and other goods. They do support and depend on their local city as the gateway to the outside world. Very little travel or trade is done with these locals, but it is known that they venture into the Islands of Adventure in small boats from time to time.


Some of the people from the Five Sisters

Many ships of great trading nations can be found in the safe ports of the Adjepbar and the other Sister Cities. They are known to have safe trade routes through the changing waters of the Islands of Adventure. Both war and trading ships can be found from Sanctuary, Destiny, Eltrandor, Palestrina, Tycho, Delph, City of Rokar, Azuria, and the Arabie states.

Diplomatic Relations
The region has had ambassadors from many regions and realms over the centuries. Notables include;