Bring Summer to Bryshande

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GM: Chris
Season: Summer 822 WK
Night: Thursday
Location: Dean & Michelle's
Level: High

  • Tari Elven(f), Earth
  • Everan Human(m), Scholar, Necro Mil Sci
  • Pennlucien Elven(f), Namer, Healer, Herbalist, Ranger
  • Rahne Human(f), E&E & Stars, Warrior, Astrologer Scribe
  • Raseri Human(m), Celestial Dark
  • Motlie Human(m), Earth
Winston (Junior Guild Security), representing the Beltan Elves
The Elven mission to end the winter-bound north (Bryshande) is almost done but needs some feet on the ground to do the last bit. The Elves need a party to carry a cutting of the summer tree into the heart of the frozen north and plant it without it leaving the ground. It must be planted before summer solstice for it to take effect this year.
40,000sp ea, cash or equivalent value knowledge/training
5,000sp ea for expenses (investeds)

Scribe Notes

No Rest Yet

Moonday 14th Meadow

Winston of guild security interrupts our post mission supper at the guild.

The Beltan need a ground based team to discretely deliver a cutting of the Summer tree to the caldera of a dormant volcano in the midst of frozen Bryshande.

The sprig is currently at Kanstyn, south of Bryshande. It needs to be delivered and a 3-hour ritual performed before midsummer. It's journey to the mountain (approx 70 miles) must be ground based and not cross any large bodies of water.

The ritual will need at least 3 people, preferably Elves, Herbalists, Healers.

The queen (dark aspect of Freya) is known to have called in some allies:

  • An Ancient Dragon - Ice Bringer
  • 13 of her offspring

The Elves will allow us to use a Slow portal to Augenstatt about 70 miles from Kanstyn.

We plan needed supplies:

  • 3 message crystals to let the Beltan know we're ready for their attack.
  • Warm Furs, tarps, rope, ice spikes & hammer.
  • Bones for Sled, 10 Dead Wolves
  • 6 x Elven Rings of Cold Protection (+2 gauges - stacking)
  • 60 x Scrolls Invested Cold Protection rk 20 (500 sp ea)
  • 6 x Snow Shovel Potions rk 14 (2,500 sp ea)
  • 10 x Scrolls Invested Ice Traversal rk 20 (308 sp ea)
  • 6 x Scrolls Invested Increase Temperature rk 16 (400 sp ea)
  • 6 x Invested Air Flying rk 10 (1,250 sp ea)
Duesday 15th Meadow

Pre-dawn flight to Slippery Rock, bind at Kilroy's plate, rest. Post sunset flight back to guild, pick up our ordered supplies, go through the slow portal, star flight to Kanstyn.

To Kanst Saddle

We land about 3am in a discrete courtyard in Kanstyn then make our way to the Inn, Wanton Gypsy, where we're supposed to meet our contact Vaeri Inimere.

4 Elven warrior priests are in the common room waiting for us, their 2 companions are with Vaeri.

  • Flagellation ...
  • Revenge ...
  • Lechery is an abomination
  • Beauty is in my eye
  • Death to all cowards
  • Pain ...

Late supper, then next door to a shrine to meet the others and then get some sleep.

W'nsday 16th Meadow

Add some bags of coal to our supplies.

In case there are spies the sisters have missed, we conceal ourselves in furs and head out in two smaller groups: Everan, Motlie, and Tari as a large dog/wolf. Then half an hour later, Raseri, Rahne and Penni as a horse. The sisters will stay and guard the shrine as they have been doing for a few days, hopefully any watchers will continue to watch them.

Meeting up a few miles north of town, stop and make our sled and 'dogs' then head out.

Tower at the base of the pass now has an ice wall & solid gate guarded by Ice Trolls, Ice Goblins, Humans. We bluff our way through and decide we need to agree on aliases and story details before the next bluff.

T'mada's Marauders:

  • T'Mada (Everan)
  • Lady White (Rahne)
  • Lady Brown (Tari)
  • Lady Green (Penni)
  • Mr Black (Raseri)
  • Lord Red (Motlie)

Our specialist services have been engaged, we are to travel to the mountain asap to receive further instruction.

Reaching Kanst Saddle Tower at the top of the pass, we bluff our way into the courtyard where an Ice Hag (Noreg) who seems to be in charge comes to check us over. We try to bluff, she insists on us being marked with their mark, says their Queen's Lt. Alaunarra (Lightning) can mark us in a few hours, we refuse, they look like they're about to get aggressive, we strike.

Agony (twice after Penni accidentally absorbed the first one) gets most of them, Dragon Flames, Opening on the gates in front of us, Sleep, Stone Walls, melee damage, then they trigger their courtyard-clearing telekinetic-ice-shard-death - after we've all got to cover and our sled is out the gates. About 30 of them die. We have the hag with us damaged and restrained.

Clearing the Tower

Getting the sled clear of the tower, we leave Diego looking after it and charge the tower. Everan's undead slay the agonied minions, we break into the tower, slowed battle against the Hag and 4 Ice Elementals. The Hag calls for help through a magic mirror, talking to 3 ice dragons and their riders who promise to come to her aid. We break the mirror during the fight, shards show as formerly living GTN: Mirror Golem. Penni banishes the Elementals, we capture and sleep the Hag.

Quick search & loot of the tower and bodies. Earth Elemental to collapse the tower. Undead take the dead and mundane loot south down the pass leaving a clear trail and then off the 500' cliff.

We head north out of the pass, bluff past the guards then (within their sight) turn east. A couple of miles later, once out of sight we turn back north towards the mountain.

Indirectly North

Finding a north-south valley, we use a Snow Shovelling to dig down, north, then make an igloo to camp.

A horse wanders into our tunnel and asks to share our camp. Haymar - Taltos Horse, Long Lived Sentient, Life Aspected, Teleportation ability. 18 hands.

He is looking for a mate who is purported to be in the area. I locate his true love to the north east. He will travel with us for a while since we're heading that way.

Th'rsday 17th Meadow

Head out NNW, get to hills and pass them to the west. We hear a Dragon overhead and hunker down until it moves off.

Continue on aiming to pass the escarpment to the east, come to a road where people have been frozen solid where they stood - about 6 months ago.

Head north another 8 miles, come to a 100' deep 20' wide east-west crevasse. We think there is a crossing not too far west but we decide to bridge it with walls of stone.

Another 8 miles and we come to a forest, Synwood. Head well in and make camp.

Penni & Haymar scout around and find a nearly dead Dryad - Carmel of Synwood. We heal and restore her as much as we can, she comes around after a few hours. Saturated earth around her tree. Enhanced duration Strength of Stone on her.

Frysday 18th Meadow

Carmel gives us a shamrock each (extra luck for 10 minutes).

Head NNE, pass to the east of the Three Fangs Mountains.

West around the large depression.

12 miles north of Synwood is Trigwood, we pass through it and see no sign of Dryads.

Further north towards the lake edge, about 4pm we see the town of Astok.

Another couple of hours north between the lake and mountain until we're north-west of the mountain where Haymar said the patrols were light.

There we head SE into the mountains, tunnelling through the snow for 4 hours (about 2 miles) to near the base of the mountain.

The Summer Tree

Reapsday 19th Meadow

8am start

The peak is about 5,900' (13,000 above sea level), the lowest point of the caldera rim is just over 5,000'.

Ascend 3,000' in the first 3 hours, heading up a favourable snow filled ravine using Ice Traversal and Snow Shovel. We hear about 30 wolves have found our snow tunnel and are following. We leave some walls and traps for them.

Climb 500' in 30 mins up over a saddle.

Penni finds a favourable chimney leading into a gully, we set some more traps. A little further on at another choke point we set up to ambush the rest of the ice wolves (about 9) at about 4,200'. We slaughter most, Motlie keeps the one he controlled.

A quick lunch then climb another 500' for an hour through difficult terrain. 20 mins crossing a 30' ravine.

Final climb along a ridge to the outer edge of the caldera rim at about 5,000'. We find a shallow cave, tunnel 80' through the rim wall then snow shovel down to the centre of the cone.

There we create a bone bunker, protect it from scrying and prepare to start the tree ritual. Each hour the tree grows brighter, melting the snow around it, we conceal that for an hour and watch carefully during the last hour.

At the end of the 3 hours, there is an explosion of light clearing snow and restoring summer that spreads out from us. About 1800 feet away the portal to their Ice plane winks out. Tall beautiful Elven man kneeling before the portal is shattered. Several ice devils are destroyed.

An hour later a Beltane ship comes over the rim, we greet them, 7 priests and an earth cultist disembark and we discuss the situation. They had a good hour of battle with the ice forces before we banished them all.

We loot a tower the ice forces had been using.

The Elves fly us to the field where I sensed Haymar's true love, there we find Mira amongst a herd of horses she has been protecting. We summon Haymar and when he arrives, bless their true love (a veil is drawn).

Note: In Summer 823, Mira & Haymar are expected at Penni's farm for the birth of their 3 foals.
Sunday 20th - Frysday 25th Meadow

We travel around the Bryshande with the Beltan helping find and heal survivors.

Then back to the guild through the slow portal.

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Ev Pe Rn Rs Ta Mo
Greater Ench. (Rn) 20 +21% to Res, Mag, Com, and S&S. 6 days Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Rn) 22 See Invis 12.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Ench Armour (Rn) 17 +36% Def +1 AP 14 DR vs Phnt/Nmare. 9 hrs Y
Earth Armour (Ta) 20 +42% Def +1 DR 10.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Str of Stone (Ta) 20 +20 EN 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Self Only  
Mind Shield +10+2/rk% vs M.Att. 1+2/rk hrs 12
Sense Danger 70% 10%
Navigation Extra Navigator ranks as listed and safer travel 1+rk Hrs 3

Enhance Enchantment (Ra) rank 11-13: 70-80 seconds

Rahne Ranger ring
+6% Def, +6 IV in Melee and Engaged
Raseri Battle Axe of Awe
+5% +1 Dmg to any allies who speak Elven (any rank)
Everan Holy Vestment
10ft radius, +20 MR, +4 Spell Armour vs evil magics
Everan Silver Crown
10ft radius, +4 WP, +10 MR, +2 FT Armour vs evil, undead, demonics, etc

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ev Pe Rn Rs Ta Mo
Enchant Weapon (Ra) 14 +15 BC%, +5 Dam. +7 vs Phn/Nm 20 min
Strength of Darkness (Rs) 11 +7 PS 120 min
Spectral Weapon (Ev) 10 +11 BC%, +4 Dam, hit incorporeal 15 min

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Penni Raseri Everan Penni
Tari Motlie -

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Rahne Raseri
Motlie Penni
Tari Everan

Double File

Rahne Raseri
Motlie Penni
Tari Everan

Single File



Lucky Numbers (Rahne)
Everan Pennlucien Rahne Raseri Tari Motlie
90 46 & 90 25 22 27


Summer: Meadow 822WK
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14 Return from Oz 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 Full Moon 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer: Heat 822WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Planting Deadline 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer: Breeze 822WK
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
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