Rescuing Cob and Co

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Rescuing Cob and Co
GM: Chris C
Session: Winter 806 wk
Night: Wednesday Night (1 night)
Location: Avondale
Period: 15th - 20th Snow 806
Level: Low


Victoria (GM Info) is a Female Erelheine Warrior played by Struan A nonmage played by Struan Judd

  1. Bodric - A Rune Mage played by Category:Mandos
  2. Rahne - Human E&E, played by Stephen.
  3. Mavric - A Bard played by Lisa Rose
  4. Lyric - An Enchantress played by Category:Michelle Ellis
  5. Thoric - A nonmage played by Category:Greg Graydon

With an appearance from Kilroy.

To use artifacts to recover two missing Guild members from the Temple of the Knights Templar in Southern Brastor.
Guild standard rates of 200sp per week


Scribe Notes

Thoric asked me, Bodric, Henric and Mavric, if we would like to go and help him and Victoria save two other guild members called Cob and Peter. Bod, Mav and I said sure but Hen decided to stay behind at the guild as he is in training, but I think it is because he is afraid and needs to stay behind so he can learn not to make his head explode, hehehe.

We met Thoric at the guild and got introduced to a strange elf called Father Broc. We weren't sure what he was a father of but Mav asked lots of questions but I don't think she got an answer she wanted because Thoric went mad at her for being too nosy and something about asking strangers questions and verbalising thoughts that shouldn't be made and that she was lucky Father Broc was a nice man. He seemed a bit odd to me

We also met our other party member which is Rahne, she seems nice enough but doesn't say much. I think she has been where we are going so if she is quiet all the way, it will at worst be nice to have guide so I think she is ok.

Now Father Broc talked about something about a crystal with essence of somebody but I didn't quite understand what he meant. Also something about a sun shield and that it was fully charged and we should go to some temple and get Cob and Peter from there. He said something about a King and 500 knights which I was confused about because Father Broc mentioned that they were all frozen like and I didn't understand but I hope to find out later.

Father Broc asked that we come back tomorrow and all the stuff will be ready for us. He said something about Rune Portal which I think Bod should have known about it but he looked confused cause nobody at Rune school had showed him a portal.

When we saw Father Broc the next day we got all the stuff and used the portal, how cool, we were in one place and the next we were some place else.

We got to ride horses which was really cool too, except Mavric was a chicken and road with Thoric in a carriage thingy. I could hear Mav talk and talk and sing and sing. I hope Thoric doesn't mind. But we only got to ride horses for a day then we had to walk which wasn't all that fun as it was a little cold and we were in clouds most the time on the side of a ravine thing. Being in clouds a number of people thought they were hearing things and seeing things but it wasn't until later we actually saw anybody, well I didn't but Victoria and Rahne did. They said they saw some people with wagons which seemed to have coffins in them which sounds very strange, but they seemed more wary of a group of 10 other people who were on the other side of the ravine so we made sure we wouldn't run into them.

We passed the time chatting heaps which was cool 'cos Victoria told Mav and I about the fact that you can bring people back from the dead so that when you are dead you may not be dead for good which sounds really interesting to learn. She said that you come back pretty much normal, not as a zombie thing but that could also happen if done by somebody that isn't a healer... I think I need to know more about that.

We climbed and climbed until we got to where the others thought the temple was but I couldn't see it. All we could see was some scary people in black who were walking around the area we needed to get into. Victoria was made quieter and unseen (but I can see you Victoria) so she could sneak in to have a better look.

When she came back she reported that there are 7 people at the end of the lake, 3 guards and 4 not armed. 1 looked to be injured as he had a bandage on his hand. We decided to fall back and make a cold camp for the night and talk and/or attack in the morning.

We walked back but we hid while Victoria went to talk to the guard but he called out "We are under attack". What a wally. Victoria only wanted to talk but he must have made her angry cause she drew her swords and backed away saying "We were only going to talk" but then some other guy which Thoric referred to as a mummy, called out "Kill them all". They didn't seem to be very nice people at all and they came towards us very fast.

We hit them a few times, Bod and Rahne seemed to pass out without being hit which was strange. Mav fell on her bottom which was funny but that meant I had to hit the guy who hurt her. He could take a lot of hits and when Mav got up we starting hitting him together. Thoric kicked Bod and he woke up and cut off one of the guys leg... Lots of blood, but that meant Thoric wasn't trying to fight two on his own as Victoria was sneaking off to get the mages as this is what had caused Bod and Rahne to fall down.... But then this big bird thing turned up and I was really worried he was on their side but it ripped apart a man and then a guy turned up behind us and scared me cause he was tall and looked different and strange but Thoric seemed to recognise him and he said he was Kilroy but he was strange and said we were going well and would just watch and that Bod should shake Rahne to get up as the mage was gone cause his big bird had killed him. Thoric had to go and help Victoria cause there was two mummies and she was getting "drained"? It was very scary but we hit them and hit them and then we ended up winning with Thoric and Victoria getting the two mummies too.

After Victoria made sure we were all OK, and we check all the bodies of the people we had beaten, Kilroy and Thoric seemed interested about one of the men as the body was covered in Runes which could be of interest and we were to take the body back, if not the skin, with us.

Once we were all Ok we went into the temple which meant we had to swim using rope that Victoria dragged along with her. The temple was under the lake or underground or something so it was no wonder the others hadn't been able to find it.

When we got down there we saw a big room that had a crystal plinth and there was 502 statues, 500 knights and the two lost guild members. Peter and Cob are here but how do we release them???

Thoric put the crystal thingy that Father Broc gave him onto the crystal plinth and put the sunshield there too. All of a sudden we heard lots of feet land hit the floor, 1000 to be exact, and two bodies slump on the floor which Victoria checks – Peter and Cob alive but not well. She makes them better though, they look very thirsty and tired and don't wake up. The whole temple shakes like there is an earth quake but when it stops King Sigismund turns up. This is a surprise and Thoric looks very worried, not sure if it is because of the knights or because of the King being there.

We chat for a while, bringing the king up to date as much as we can and the king asks if knights want to stay or not and 20 decide to stay with 480 going back to sleep for him.. They step back and become statues again.

Thoric asks about a crown, sceptre and stuff of the king. The king seems interested and advises Thoric of where he believes things to be and decided to give one of the Knights his crown as requested by Thoric on behalf of Father Broc.

4 guards are going to stay at the temple to defend with the other 16 to come with us and we are to help them get up to date on history. I hope that we get some history knowledge during the walk to as I don't know much as I have only been at the guild for 4 weeks other than living at home so I would like to know more.

The king disappears and we are all alone again, well with the 20 knights and Kilroy and the party.

Crown goes to one of the Knights, Sir George Aldrick, who is going to stay and guard the temple.

We go to leave the way we came, the knights were a bit confused as we needed to go out the way we didn't know was there, the main doors. It appears that the earth quake was actually the temple coming above ground, now that is some magic I want to learn, very cool, hide a big building and bring it up when you want, very good way to hide.

Well the walk back wasn't very exciting, we talked lots and lots about history of what had happened over the last 500 years since the Knights was put to sleep and we learnt stuff too like I hoped and the knights seemed mainly nice and I think they liked me best.

Father Broc seemed happy to see us and the knights and about the crown and stuff and I am glad to be back and see that Hen hasn't blown his head off.