Tanah Melay

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Tanah Melay is a rich realm in the Far SE of Alusia.



  • The Emperor Mua'zzam Shah ibni Mahmud Alam of Tanah Melay.
  • Tengku (Prince) Abdulah Rarhman ibni Mahmud Alam, the Emperors Nephew - ruler of Chingkapur
  • Emir of Dal-Oromo, Alezan la Forgette
  • Stamford La-Rayfiles, a wealthy businessman and aristocrat of Chingkapur


In general, this is a hot steamy area of heavy dense jungle and rugged hills surrounded by stunning beaches, a rough coastline and many little rocks or islands. Specifically6 the tradewinds are from the SE and so the range of mountains that divide the empire in the middle mean that the Western side is much more barren / desert like while the eastern side is lusher with the jungles but also a substantial area of land high above sea level which gives a range of different temperate zones.

Specific Locations



  • Antolle River

Mountains and the like

Valleys and Passes

Plains & Plateaus

Cities & Towns of the region

Guild knowledge

  1. A friend in need ... Autumn 816 wk