The Kingdom of Narviyk

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Vassal of None
Status Kingdom
Location Far NE of Alusia
Area 1,470,000 sq miles (Approx 2100*700)
Geography Coastal, Ragged, Hills and Icy.
Population ~50-200,000





6% (mostly rural)

Amber, Tar, Ambergris, Gems, Oil


This was a winter playland for the elves before the WoT and they built many 'towns' and estates in these lands which drew their power from the very plane itself to provide comfortable lodgings and security until the WoT changed this. Since the WoT the land and its geography returned to its natural state and layers of snow, ice and other geographical events have almost erased any signs of real civilisation here in the north.


The kingdom is based on the icy northern landmass which is also home to the Northern icecap. This is a very hospitable land of snow, ice, twilight, light and darkness and only the truely hardy live in this area. To get to the Kingdom one must pass over the Brynkmann Ocean which is packed with Icebergs of all sizes year round and even more so in winter.

Homunculi Mountains

The Homunculi Mountains are stark and formidable with them rising up to 11,000ft above sea level and area permanently snow and ice covered peaks. They are an area dotted with volcanoes and volcanic activity from deep in the earth.

Mount Savod

Tallest mountain in Narviyk; Summons or generates magical storms; Dangerous place, probably high mana. Mt Savod is in the NE corner of the Homunculi Mountains and it rises to 13,666ft above sea level

Partridge Vale

Bounded by Humunculi Mountains on all sides and the only known access through Boeden. Approximatly 200 x 300 miles in area.

Mtns of Molok

Zerok Range

Mt Stolan

Tars Pass

Glyn Mtns

Ravoc Mtns

Trono Glacier


The King of the Clans, King Hirald V (son of Orlav V) is of the Embergems clan
The Royal Family are;

  • King Hirald V b 755 Married Queen Nessa (of the Far-Sight Clan)
  • (1) Crown Prince Harkon b 773 Married Helena (of the Whiteheart Clan)
  • (2) Princess Ingila b 794
  • (3) Prince Sven Magnus b795
  • (4) Princess Märis b 771 Married Jorgen (of the Wych Oak Clan)
  • (5) Maudaline b 790
  • (6) Leandra b 792
  • (7) Emilee b 792


The leader of each of the other clans hold the title of Jarl. The known Jarls are;

  1. The Jarl of Boeden, Sweyn Vorkbeard (of the IceBears clan)
  2. The Jarl of Oryc
  3. The Jarl of Mysten
  4. The Jarl of Ryshel
  5. The Jarl of Glytnir
  6. The Jarl of Okylnir
  7. The Jarl of Gynnungap

Places or Locations


This is the main town of the kingdom and the seat of the King of Narviyk (aka the King of the Clans).

Boeden Fort

The lord of this area is Jarl Sweyn Vorkbeard (of the IceBears clan). He controls access to Partridge Vale.
Boeden Fort is the name of the settlement surrounding/atop Boeden Pass which is the only way to enter the vale without passing through at least 10 miles of the Homunculi Mountains and very inhospitable territory, full of natural dangers and strange creatures. The Fort is built over the end of the Boeden Pass and consists of a large (80ft tall) stone fort with 4 tall towers (rise up to 160ft) on the corners (which have steep peaked rooves) and a solid gatehouse area. The interior has a double roof with the height only 72ft once inside. The forts interior is also stone and well heated as there is an area of volcanic springs inside the walls which provide the heat and this is diverted along various channels through the fort to provide ready heat. This is a comparatively warm area. Its has the signs of being dwarven made.

Boeden Pass

This pass is more of a tunnel in that it's natural stone and carved or filled in, in places to create a passage between the snow covered plains to the south and Partridge vale to the north. It's likely to be a lava tube which explains its roundish appearance but one which has had some 'work' done on it to make it a passage between the two points. The main tube is around 80ft across and hemispherical as most of the bottom has been filled in with rubble and rocks to provide a relatively smooth path for travel along the 5 miles of passage.

The two ends open up into areas 300ft across where facilities for loading bulk materials have been built in the form of 'cranes' and the like. The southern end has some wagons being repaired while the northern end in the vale has one or two full of produce being readied to pass southwards to the fort.

Wagons at the southern end under Boeden Fort are led by paired Mammoths pulling large sleds of produce. Wagons at the northern end are horse drawn carts loaded with produce from Partridge vale


  • The Jarl of Boeden. He is a hard man named Sweyn Vorkbeard who married Sigrid Eriksdottir. They have the following children; Harald, Cnut, Gytha, Gunnhild, Santslaue, Thyra, Estrid(f) and Tove(f).

Sweyn is a big man at 6ft 4 inches tall, full of muscle and well scented as are most warriors of these far northern lands. He has long flowing hair, piercing light blue eyes and looks to be a true warrior in the twilight of his strength at the age of 50.


They are known to harvest Ambergris. mine Rubies (large ones) and are a source of Amber.

Trade Routes

External trade is done by sea to lands far from the icy shores.

  • The Amber Route is one of the main established trade routes between the kingdom and the realms to the south in warmer climates.

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