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Viscounty of Westmarch
Location Aladar
Government Viscount Daviich Falkenhayn
Religion Western Church: 30%

Other Religions: 0%
Demon Worship: 0%

Area 15,000 SqM, plus some 8,000 SqM of disputed 'Badlands' or 'Wilds' to the west (the Pagan Mountains and Forest there).
Population ~300,000
Languages Common 99%

Folksprach 20%
Reichspeil 20%
Dwarvish 5%
Elvish 5%
Literacy 6%



This Viscounty is in the SW corner of Aladar and borders Brandenburg and Cauldersfield as well as encompassing the free town of Freetaun.

It has Coastal exposure, a significant proportion of mountains and hills as well as large tracts of forest.

This is a foothills/mountain holding of some 15,000 sq Miles

  • % of the area is Hills/Mountains
  • % is Plains
  • % are Woods
  • % are Arable Highlands
  • % are Highland Pasture

Regional Map

The map shows the Viscounty and bits of neighbouring realms. The map scale is 1 small square is 1 mile so the map depicts an area 100 miles West to East and 150 miles North to South.



It is a Viscounty held by a Viscount on behalf of the Duke of Aladar and in turn on behalf of the King of the Western Kingdom.

Capital of the Viscounty




Since the Baronies war the area has been less lawful than the history of the area would suggest. Many bands of bandits have been seen and active in the area, often basing themselves in the Pagan mountains and raiding into the Viscounty when they desire. The additional strain on soldiery due to the Dark Circle incursion has meant even fewer soldiers to patrol or Church knights and the like to help secure less travelled areas.


The Viscounty was largely untroubled by the Baronies war in terms of Battle sites and the like, so much of the land has remained as nature intended. The Population however suffered with conscription and so is down to an average of around 35 people per Sq Mile (Ed Note: This is less than the 14th Century British Isles which had 42/Sq M) which is concentrated mainly in the mountains for the mining work there.

The Viscounty is large enough to support much more population but the western part of the Viscounty is bordering on the wild and lawless areas in the Pagan Mountain foothills and extensive woods there, so much of the population huddles in the 'safer' central and eastern parts of the Viscounty.

A lot of the population lives not in Urban areas but in small isolated homes or in small cluster areas off the main trade routes. Some 10% of the people live in the towns and villages but these are mainly people engaged in service industries.



Quality of Goods & Services

Large merchant groups in Westmarch]] and north-eastern Brandenburg







Realm Notes







Locations of Interest

  • Baryd Vale
  • Craglyn Range
  • Cyldrons Wood
  • Darston Forest
  • Edlin River. The Wyldryg River and Darst River merge at the Town of Darston in the North of the Viscounty, south of there it is known as Edlin River. It is a fast flowing river for about 45 miles to Wesmarch, fed by [[Voodlynd River at Olmert. South of Wesmarch it fills several lakes as the river loses its speed and gains width & depth as it flows down to Hardock Bay.
  • Freihyn Fields
  • Gibbs Field
  • Goulter Fields
  • Grelyn Hills
  • Halgryn Hills
  • Karing Fields
  • Lake Meldrum
  • Pronk Fields
  • Radzeb Fields
  • Surjan Fields
  • Synstern Field
  • Taldryn Wood - an old alter to Berith was found here and destroyed by Adventurers
  • Voodlynd River, From Lake Meldrum the river flows south through Darston Forest, past Voodlynd village, then flows into Edlin River at Olmert. Length: ~35 miles
  • Werburgh Woods
  • Weserm Fields
  • Zebrin Woods - Pixies are known to live in these wood. They have been taughtsome bawdy songs by talented troubadours, which they love singing, and are keen to learn more. They have been known to use their abilities to rob people for their own amusement, they are not really interested in material goods.
  • Zouche Vale
  • Shok Mountains, these mountains rise quickly as cliffs from the coast of The Great Western Sea to the south and extend inland some 7 leagues and rising to a height of 5200ft with Mt Shok. These mountains stretch some 30miles West-East and 20miles North-South. These mountains are bounded on the north by The Gurn Forest and on the west by Shok River as it flows south to the sea.
  • Gurn Forest
  • Myst Woods
  • Farult Forest
  • Renynolt Hills
  • The Mysty Lakes
  • Ranulphs Pass, this pass is where the foothills of the Craglyn Range have fallen away and there is a space before the Gurn Forest starts as over the generations the 'pass' has been kept clear of any new regrowth from the Forest. The pass has the towns of Tschakawa in the North and Nuendel in the South.
  • Shok River
  • Mysty Brook


The initial information here was from pre 810wk. To be updated.

  • Hurrell, Capital City, Popn: 5000, Industry: Fishing, Animals (Cattle, Horses). Hurrell was developed into the main, capital city in 820wk. One of the inns in the city Dancing Violin
  • Goulburne, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Woods, Herbs, Furs
  • Wesmarch, Large Town, Popn: 5000, Industry: Animals, Food (Nuts, Olives and Flax), Musical Instruments.
  • Vienenheim, Small Town, Popn: 1400, Industry: Ore (Gold, Silver, Iron and Lead), Herbs, Gems/Jewels, Fish, Sculpture.
  • Schontouse, Town, Popn: 900, Industry: Ore, Animals, Food (Wheat, Oats, Barley). The Tunneling Troll Inn, a 3 storey building set into the hillside, run by Sean the Innkeeper, his red-head daughter Aliese, and blonde 'niece' Inga.
  • Bregenkirch, Large Town, Popn: 1500, Industry: Animals (Cattle)
  • Hardock, Large Village, Popn: 900, Industry: Fishing, Salt, Ivory
  • Pentyce, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Fishing, Food (Cotton, Vegetables, Nuts). Misha the Alchemist (Apothecary, Herbalist, etc) of Codryn Lane is suspected of being a smuggler, thief, and bandit fence. The Deer & Dragon Inn (barkeep Akron), The Cat & Scythe Tavern, The Devil's Door Tavern
  • Zebrin, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Animals, Food, Fruit, Furs. There are three inn in the town The Singing Shark (a heavily themed dwarven bar), The Jester (low class with gambling tables) and The Regular Panther (run by Steflan, and Elf who has a passion for wine). The captain of the guard, Pevor, is a retired soldier
  • Edlinburg, Small Town, Popn: 1000, Industry: Fishing, Animals (Cattle), Fruit
  • Werburgh, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Wood, Animals (Cattle)
  • Darston, Medium Town, Popn: 2500, Industry: Food (Hops, Malt and Coffee), Animals (Cattle)
  • Claudin, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore (Silver), Quarry (Sandstone and Slate)
  • Montfort, Small Town, Popn: 1000, Industry: Ore (Lead, Iron), Pottery
  • Syfeld, Hamlet, Popn: 400, Industry: Ore (Tin), Quarry (Clay, Slate & Granite)
  • Gaunton, Village, Popn: 900, Industry: Ore (Iron), Glass. The Sirs Respite (a good quality Inn), The Queens Head (a flea-ridden, beloused place), The Lazy Lizard (a low dive Tavern and Hang-out of the Red Hand gang), The Jolly Poacher (has good Ostlers), The Red Dog (a merchant's Inn).
  • Melenci, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Ore (Iron & Silver), Gem/Jewels, and Food.
  • Pesak, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Ore (Tin and Zinc)
  • Royston is a Small Town, Popn: 2000, Industry: Ore (Copper and Zinc), Animals (Goats, Pigs, Boar). The town is quite military and orderly. White Wolf Inn, a favourite of caravans due to its wide yards out back, Fighting Fowl Tavern (a lot of mercenaries and soldier types), Cocks and Hounds Tavern (a scummy dive) which has Karris as the Bartender (he's known to be shifty himself). A token tax is levied here and the main purpose of this town / castle is the regulation of travel between the lands, the assessment of goods being bought in and possible weeding out of undesirables.
    • Royston Castle, Royal Castle, held by the Constable of Royston on behalf of the Duke of Aladar who pays for the maintenance of this citadel that controls the majority of land trade between Aladar and points South. The Constable of Royston Castle is Lucas von Schek.
  • Partos Village, Medium Village, Popn: 800, Industry: Fishing
  • Laserfeld, Small Village, Popn: 600, Industry: Ore (Copper), Animals (Sheep, Cows and Deer), Wine. Gareth the Guide, cousin of Karris (see Royston)'s sister's brother-in-law is known to be found at the Stony Hound tavern (He's thought to be a thief, bandit and general low-life).
  • Cyldron, Hamlet, Popn: 400, Industry: Woods
  • Padureni, Small Village, Popn: 600, Industry: Woods, Herbs
  • Xarl, Small Town, Popn: 2000 , Industry: Herbs, Woods
    • Castle Xarl, This castle was constructed in 700 but suffered significant damage during the Baronies war, when it was besieged by a Bandit army until aid arrived. During the siege some 30% of the Castle was destroyed and 30% of the rest suffered major damage. Once the siege was broken the Count didn't have enough money to pay for repairs and so the castle was left as is until 802 when Viscount Davicch started his policy of improvements and reconstruction once he had the funds available to do so. The siege taught the viscount the value of a 'defence in depth' approach and as such he has also commissioned the building of 2 ditches and a large wall across the end of Xarl's Jaws to regulate passage and provide increased protection for the Viscounty.
  • Radne, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Animals (Pigs, Deer), Woods
  • Surjan, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Animal, Food (Wheat, Oats)
  • Mokrin, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Fishing, Animals and Food. * The Dead Dog Inn (Innkeeper is Cedric).
  • Hedoni, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Food (Cattle, Horses) and Animals
  • Freihyn, Village, Popn: 800, Industry: Food and Animals (Horses, Cattle). described as Where the women are free and easy, and the summer meadows are tranquil and undisturbed. Beside the village is the tranquil Lake Serven (4 acres) well stocked with fish. The Scything Blade Inn - Innkeep Tyrone, The Golden Apple Inn, The Fulsome Flounder Tavern (good trout) - beside Lake Serven, The Searing Salmon (ok trout) - beside the F.Flounder. The Teahouse of Contemplation (for weird people who take tea, like, seriously) that looks out over Lake Severn.
  • Felnoc,Hamlet, Popn: 400, Industry: Woods, Fish
  • Aradoc, Hamlet, Popn: 400, Industry: Woods, ore and Gem/Jewels. The single inn in the town is The Charging Pony. The unofficial town sheriff is "Old Imilmar", a respected and trusted elderly miner who is 7ft tall and has arms are as thick as tree trunks.
  • Nevzina, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Quarry (Granite, Marble) and Animals
  • Nuendel, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Food, Fruit and Animals, Pottery
  • Tschakawa, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Animals (Deer, Goats and Pigs) and Herbs
  • Rosenburg, Small Town, Popn: 2000, Industry: Woods and Herbs
    • Castle Rosenburg, The Fortified Tower and walls were built in times of raiders passing through the forested lands (now the Werburgh and Taldryn woods) to raid the richer river and farmlands of central Westmarch. Logging of the forest in the area opened up the Rosenburg Passage through to the Gouleter & Gibbs Fields along the Edlin River across from the town of Edlinburg. This area is a well-travelled area for the passage of livestock and foodstuffs from the Western lands across to the river and onto boats for shipment to far places.
  • Aurich, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Woods and Rare Herbs
  • Baryd, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Animals (Sheep, Horses, Goats) and Ore (Gold)
  • Grelyn, Medium Town, Popn: 2000, Industry: Ore (Iron)
    • Castle Grelyn, This castle is strategically situated in the Grelyn Gap that provides ready access from the NW into Westmarch.
  • Hofheim, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Animals, Wine
  • Lutzen, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Animals (Cattle and Deer)
  • Sternberg, Large Village, Popn: 500, Industry: Animals (Horses) and Food (Wheat, Oats)
  • Voodlynd, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Wood, Animals (Pigs, Boar, Deer) and Herbs, Fine wooden carvings
  • Acker, Hamlet, Popn: 400, Industry: Quarry, Animals (Goats)
  • Altria, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Animals (Mtn Ponies), Pottery
  • Taldryn, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Woods
  • Pronk, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Pottery and Furs
  • Zouche, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Musical Instruments
  • Chirag, Hamlet, Popn: 400, Industry: Quarry and Rare Herbs
  • Brylt, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Ore, Quarry
  • Olmert, Small Village, Popn: 300, Industry: Woods

Mines and Quarries

Missions Involved