Silus von Merkel

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Silus is the 4th son of the Constable of Novalar Castle and a man used to the savagery of combat.

After his fathers death in the Middle Duchies War (796) he took service leading supply caravans across the Western Kingdom and there earned a reputation for cool headedness, tactical maneuvers and logistics. He continued leading caravans for 4 years before forming a mercenary company (The Vyldarian Maulers) specialising in protecting wagon trains and caravans which provided sterling service since 800. Silus left the company in 803 and sold his shares in order that he settle down with his new family in Deiterburg (Aladar).

Silus is 6'6", of solid build and remarkable features (PB 20) including for a series of 3 scars on the right side of his face and neck from a battle in 798 where he held off 6 bandits single handedly until help arrived while he was protecting a merchants goods. He is known to be a military Scientist of some note, a more than decent fighter and a man of honour. He favours fighting with multiple Scimitars, Tulwars or the like and is an example in combat of "the best form of defence is offence".

He is married to Clare von Merkel and they have 5 children - Johann (b799), Franz (b800), Giselle and Virae (twins born 802) and Samantha (b804) and they reside in Deiterburg

He leads the Draymax Death Squad, a mercenary adventurer group from Westmarch.