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Scribe Notes


Adventure: A Friend in need ...
GM: Chris
Season: Autumn 816 wk
Night: Tuesday - at Chez Ellis
Level: Low-Med

  • Everan - Human, Necromancer, Elderly - played by Dean
  • Cassandra - Human(f), Celestial Shadow - played by Michelle
  • Zardoz Graves - Halfling Celestial Shadow - played by Martin
  • Jerome - Human, Necromancer - played by Andrew
  • Heddi - Giant(f), Rune, Warrior - played by Julia
  • Rahne of Blackshore - Human(f), E&E, Warrior - played by Stephen
Klara la Forgette
Cassandra had received a dream message from her friend from her time at the Southhaven_Academy_for_Girls who has asked for her help at an upcoming family gathering of the La Forgette family at their familial estate.
  • 5000 sp each
  • Treasure Map
  • book learning

Scribe Notes

Day 30

We meet in a guild meeting room 30 days into the season. Cassandra is looking for people to go to a party , which has bad omens.

We have an appointment at 'la Grenoille' Manor (its something Uncle Sebastian remembers from his youth) at 6pm , heading to Arns ferry an old lady gives us directions to the manor. There is a portal due to open at 6pm

Stepping through the portal we arrive in a room with an uncovered mirror, with runes . There is a mad (long term creeping senility) uncle in the room playing chess with a revanant. Introductions are made he is Sebastian and one of his uncles is an Amir. He tells us he is 58, he is a long lived sentient. He takes clarity pills that Klara knwos about and has given him to stay 'sane'.

Day 1 - Harvest

Dawns stormy but the food is good. Sebastian has two female servants Alicia and Vermelda who help him with day to day tasks. Today we expect to travel with a caravan however the weather may have other plans and the weather causes the caravan to be delayed. We pass the day spending money at the bazaar

Day 2 - Harvest

The day downs with better weather and 8am sees us all at the Sukhoty Caravanserai and starting the journey to Castle Montfychet. We start to get to know our fellow travellers. There are Six carriages, the first three have family. Cassandra rides in the first carriage with Briana. Good time is made and we arrive at an Inn/town of Alauran's Rest 30 miles out of Sukhoty. We are heading to Petrya. Briana let's it slip that the Habsburgs fortunes have dipped.

EARTHQUAKE we are frightened. Turns out the are happening once a month. Centred on the mountains to the north. I see screaming spirits and an oily sheen spreading from the ground. After the shaking stops it takes two Ales and two divining to read the magic. There is a very old cap stone holding death below. Jerome checks for undead. 12 zombies and skeleton's plus lots of extra little bits of undead straight down.

Grandad had a wasting disease and stepped down three years ago. Novarina got very sick and had to be bled, she nearly died it turned out she was pregnant.

The Urgen family was here 160 odd years ago, they were wiped out undead were involved.

Day 3 - Harvest

Cassandra has midnight drunken guests.

Next morning we set out early and arrive at Petra late afternoon. Petra is set into caves at the base if an escarpment. Searching deep in the the caves we find some Giant Spiders and discover greater undead much further back. Chatting to the cave spirits, they tell us that there are new spirits around lead by vampires.

Day 4 - Harvest

We travel 10 miles up the winding road built on the side of the cliff, until we reach Tykal. Tykal is built on one large piece of stone.

Day 5 - Harvest

A foggy day , spent in Casmir which has coffee and glass

Day 6 - Harvest

Travellers to Dhome

Day 7 - Harvest

Today we save a family from Strix. There is a rune spirit there. There is a great Sharman (Swani) living in a cave on top of Mount Grice. He seeks to preserve the balance . Mages from across the sea have been using lots of magic

We offer to take a message to their cousin Charles in the next town Albari and then return to the caravan. In thanks for our help they gift us two necklaces and a jar of honey. A couple of hours later we arrive in town. Under cover of yet more shopping we visit Charles the Cobbler, deliver the news and suggest they arrange wagons to collect the dead cattle before they spoil.

Day 8

Closer to the mountainous regions, fog, sulphurous fog. Reach Mercham in the afternoon, a town known for good quality slate. Everan talks to an ancestor spirit (Sinoa) who talks of the Empire of the Dead being disturbed, gates of hell opened, many more spirits walking the land - some which should never have been freed. Great Shaman is working to fix things (including creating a big storm), other ancestor spirits trying to agitate their descendents into fixing things.

Day 9 - 9th of Harvest

Snow fall overnight. Get to Castle Montfychet and are given quarters in the southern wing of castle. Lunch, guided tour, baths.

Clara gets back from looking at wool with the ladies in the late afternoon and pops in to visit and brief us. Our employment is to protect her and her family for another two weeks, we sort out some details of what level on intra-family violence is outside of our employment and arrange a meeting with the house-guard captain. Payment: 30,000sp, a treasure map (Dwarven tomb in mountains), and access to the library.

Day 10

Plans to visit Great Shaman, Dwarven Tomb. At dinner We meet an Emir and some barons and Aquilin nobles. AnyA and corsica have soft skin. But the other 3 are invisible to healer empathy. There are 27 spirits in the room. Occasionally one dissapears. wolves are rumored to be in the area.

4 am there is a foot of snow on the ground. . RAHNE THREATENS TO MAKE US FLY. How come this doesn't count as a breach of the guild contract. It takes 30 minutes to travel to the tomb.

We enter the tomb of chief Morden, Oz shadow has horns. There is a mummy in the center after defeating the Mu my, a fine lunch is had and we head off to visit the Shaman. He is on the top of a flat mountain.


We break bread with the shaman and discuss the spirits. The gates of hell have been destroyed and damned spirits escaped. These were vampires and other evil which blighted the land in the times of the Elves. These have returned and can possess people, they behave like a pack.

There is a pool of blood which has coalesced under the castle. The Wolf spirits have been attracted to it.the Sharman gives us the bones of a small child to put in the pool.

The stars are aligned but we can't tell if for good or ill, there is much potential

The Shaman is creating the storm to cool the heated spirits from hell

Day 11

We return to the castle. Felann's tower has a red coating visible on the outside. It seems to be spreading down from the drains. The castle is surrounded by a calm, the weather starts to pack up as we get closer.

On investigation it turns out that the Aquiilans are Nascent and bathe in blood to retain their youth.we interrupt our neighbors at their bath.

AnyA Orsica and Katelyn Pointed discussions are held and two of the ladies have to leave permanently.

Returning to our rooms Klara comes for a chat. 6 of the suitors have felt the need to leave. Klara arranges for father Alverez to come talk to us. A retired priest from the western kingdoms

There is an ancient priest who lives in the western tower. The west war citadel is the oldest building ( next to the western tower)

After talking to father Rainier the old priest we head to the catacombs under the library. Eventually Oz opens a hidden door and we descend into the bowels of the earth. The 3 ft wide corridor circles downward opening into a 250ft wide chamber with a 100 ft wide pool of blood in the center. The blood is dripping off stalagmites suspended from the cavern ceiling. We put the skeletal remains of the shaman's grandchild into the pool. The child is given form by the pool, his name is Dago.

Dago cleanses the castle, after an hour it is safe to leave the cave. The Shaman tells us that Dago will be available on table top mountain from now on.

Miss Liselle and her children have been turned to dust via solar absolution. On investigation there are 16 dead. We take them to the shaman for resurrecting. We leave them with the shaman for four days.

Day 12

Day 13 - Day of the Grand Party

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Research and Reference


clara Siblings

7 siblings one is adopted and took over the family business. 6 girls and one boy Montegue Mellory Gisele Clara Kera Sophie Dorothy Serverin

Aunt Jacqueline and Uncles Jaques with Jaques Junior

Aquilla Nobility

One celestial, one Witch. Fought to a stand still, 2 witches gone one remains.

La Forgette Family

Some of the La Forgette family left the Western Kingdom with the La-Rayfiles family around 500 wk when Vampires were a big problem.

La Forgette
  • 'Uncle' Sebastian - senility controlled by drugs. Long lived sentient but appears to have/had the life span or a normal human. Has Rune mirror used to open portal from Arn's Ferry and a good library.
  • Fawlk - Sebastian's ghostly manservant.
  • Alicia - a brunette slave of Sebastian's
  • Vermelda - a red headed slave of Sebastian's

La Forgette (Met as fellow travellers travelling by Caravan to Castle Montfychet)
  • Elise de Soisson (f) (b735, d) - widowed wife of Olivier la Forgette (b732, d797) 'ex Baron of Sardrock until 800wk'. Married 752wk
    • Louis la Forgette (b753, d) 'ex Baron of Sardrock, 800wk - 814wk' = M-771 = Fleur de la Roche (f) (b755, d)
      • Valere la Forgette (b772, d) 'Baron of Sardrock 814wk +'. Remained behind in Sardrock
      • Talon la Forgette (a) (b773, d) 6'.5"
        • Briana la Forgette (f) (b792, d) 6'.3" daughter of maidservant
      • Isabelle la Forgette (f) (b775, d) = M-795 = Lyall Alagaad (b776, d)
        • Novarina Alagaad (f) (b796, d)
    • Goslin la Forgette (b754, d808) DEAD
    • Robert la Forgette (b755, d) = M-775 = Nycole de Contades (f) (b757, d)
      • Urson la Forgette (b775, d) = M-795 = Briana de Guesclin (b777, d)
        • Hostilian la Forgette (b796, d)
      • Audra la Forgette (f) (b780, d796) DEAD
      • Nouean la Forgette (f) (b775, d) = M-797= Herman von Habsburg (b773, d)
        • Louis von Habsburg (b797, d)
        • Corrin von Habsburg (f) (b798, d)
        • Aleksei von Habsburg (b799, d)
        • Sophie von Habsburg (f) (b800, d)


Tomas de Seymour of Norwmarch, Lord of Koneglitten

  • Servant – Bensurdato of Tuscana

Robert Dudleux of Southern Barrety, Lord of Barretskyne

  • Servant – Manuel de Barcelon of Mordeaux

Roberto Devereux of Baltheim, Baronet of Montyrethurn,

  • Sergei from Ruska, a bodyguard
  • Servant – Hans Trotha of Aquiila

Philipe de Sparne of Jurgenmark, Baronet of Drendfeld

  • Ramirez Sanchez of Destiny, a bodyguard
  • Servant – Igor Falkenstein of Jurgenmark

Erich Alagaad of Fesenheim, Baronet of Augenstatt

  • Serge from Kinloch in Eltrandor, a bodyguard
  • Servant – Kato Lee

Charles Horschwitz of Graunzeger, Lord of Blaumberg

  • Servant – Luca de Brasi of Destiny

Adolphus von Holstyn of Innsluber, Baronet of Templehausen. He has two 'staff' from Kinlu as his family have recently established a concern with them.

  • Servant – Asaji Ventrisi of Kinlu
  • Dian Wei of Kinlu. A Ronin guard.

Three main religions: Karmic and reincarnation, Ancestor Worship, Spirits and Shamans.
Most priests are bald and wear bright robes, orange, saffron.
Temples vary. Statuary, animals given offerings to influence next incarnation.
The temple spirits report
  • people are misusing magic, it has weakened the barriers between worlds. Things have got out of hell
  • spirits are in pain further into the mountains
  • maybe we should talk to the spirits in the mountains. Although they are more likely to lash out.
  • Abdul El Rachim - Caravan master. Caravansary Market at north end of town. About 30 miles per day, 4 days to castle.


(and expenses)

Herbs Glaive Spear Book Honey Necronomicon Battle Axe Monkey

  • Dwarven Tomb

Crown, scarf, battle Axe, Shield, Amulet, rod, rod

  • pit trap

Jet, Diamond, Carbuncle, ring of feldspar, necklace of Beryl Carnelian Carbuncle, Pearl, Jasinth ring,

4 daggers one with shock, spear A + B, 20 pt heal, 2 battle axe

Item Qty Effects Ev Cs Za Je He Ra
Black Myrrh 4 3,800sp / 5 days -
Healing Potions 10 Heal 10 dmg
Restoratives 10 Rk 8 -10+20
Herbs Gypsum for Amulets +5 vs E&E and Wicca.
Henbane - Distilling essences, love potions.
Hellebore - cures madness
Rue - FT tea and Impotence.
Rune Bones 50sp to be carved for casting runes. Incl Satyr knuckles. 1
Books 85sp include Giantish book w/ DTJ variant 1
Pair of Battle Axes 100sp 1 Rk 8 smithing, silvered, can be joined together. 1
Giant Glaive 200sp 1 Rk 6 smithing, silvered... 1
Giant Spear 52sp 1 Rk 6 smithing, silvered. 1
Shadow Bee Honey 50sp 3 1
Necro Book (read) Life Prolonging, Wraithcloak, Life Drain. 1 1
Rune Book (read) Rune Portals
... ...

Buffs & Mil Sci

Lucky Numbers
Rahne Everan Cassandra Zardoz Jerome Heddi
42 22 83 67 15 27

Heddi 12 Cassie Jerome Zardoz Everan Rahne

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ev Cs Za Je He Ra
Greater Ench. (R) 19 +20% to 3 of Res, Mag, Com, S&S. 5 days RMS RMS RMS RMS RMS
Ench Armour (R) 12 +26% Def +1 AP 2 DR vs Phantasm/Nightmare. 6 1/2 hrs  ✓
Dark Vision (Je) 6 cast at night 12 ½ hr (enh)  ✓  ✓  ✓
spell (pc) 0
Self Only  
Mind Shield 6 13 hrs 6
Sense Danger 0 36%

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ev Cs Za Je He Ra
Ench Weapon (Rahne) 10 +11% SC +5 Dmg 15 mins
Smite (He) ?

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Heddi Everan Jerome Heddi
Cassie Zardoz Rahne

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Heddi Rahne
Everan Cassandra
Jerome Zardoz

Double File

Heddi Rahne
Everan Cassandra
Jerome Zardoz

Single File



"We have to breathe this in for an hour to get lucky" "Hold on I have noxious vapors that shood cover up the smell of the mrryh""So not comforting Brimstone then" "No thank you, you are too small for me"


Autumn: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 Arn's Ferry, Sebastian. 1 Shopping 2 Caravan.. 3 4
Autumn: Harvest (5)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
19 Harvest Moon 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn: Vintage (6)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest


Klara's message to Cassandra

Ah Cassandra, You're looking well and I hope you don't mind me communicating with you like this but I may need some help and I don't know what do to. I'd heard that you had gone onto much more exciting things than marriage etc and that you're an adventuress.

It sounds so exciting and we girls are so proud and jealous of you to have made a life of adventure and excitement. You must attend the reunions we have and tell us all about things. Anyway as I was saying, I have a bad feeling about the upcoming annual family gathering being held at Castle Montfychet on account of I asked a fortune teller to tell me the future around the family gathering (they're generally the dullest thing next to needlepoint with blunt needles) and she said "Death would visit the castle with light and darkness doing battle before the blood flows down the walls". I asked her what she meant and she had no recollection of saying anything (but she still took my money) to me.

Now you know I'm not all that squeamish or easily frightened so I decided to try another and I got this "The protector comes once more and death shall stalk the land seeking to subjugate that which stands between the light and darkness".

Now I thought this didn't sound good but hardly conclusive so I tried another and got this reading from him "The land of heat and stone shall be covered with winters blanket and the wolves shall gather at the doors while the sheep and bears die within until the hidden light emerges to drive everything away".

I was a bit dismayed that all of these were similarly veined and heading down a dark path so I tried once more and got "The clear path to greatness shall emerge and bodies pile up like stairs to enable the rise until none shall dare question and the final door shall be breached to enable the dreams of the ancients to come to pass".

Now this can't all be a coincidence and I tried once more and got "The dark of the moon will reveal its sides and the voices of the past shall rise once more to drive away the light and day to reveal the lessons unlearned from the past ever return to haunt those who run can run no more".

It was at this point that I told my Grandfather Matiss. He told me to seek peace and listen to my heart. I remembered you and your wicked new life and thought you could finally come visit me as you said you would and spend some of the season with me to help assuage my fears.

Now I hear that you often have friends with you when you adventure so if you want they could be your guards and travelling companions if you like but not an adventuring party which may be taken badly by various people who may attend the family gathering. Perhaps they could be servants or your beau. Just like the old days when we had to infiltrate various locations around south-haven and pretend to be allsorts to people. Do you remember that time we had to infiltrate that bordello ;-) Such wicked fun!!! Feel free to bring a hunky single men as your personal 'guard' and perhaps one for me like the old days – hehe!

Oh I'm sure we can find some way to compensate you and your companions but I don't know the rates you charge (well not the rates you charge these days hehe) so perhaps we'll talk about it when you get here.