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A Female Human played by Helen Saggers


Thorn is 5' 6" tall 125lbs Human female in her early 40s with short brown hair and hazel eyes. (PB13)
When not in armour she usually wears shirts, long pants in dark blue and black, made from top quality materials and tailoring, but otherwise simple and plain, black long boots and silvered spurs.
She is almost always armed even when not adventuring. On her weapons belt of leather and black stone she wears the Swords of Arnor; a matched pair of silvery katana like H&1/2 swords, and a truesilver dagger, all in black sheaths with silvered fittings.

While on Adventure she may wear either dark grey Hard Leather, or an expensive suit of Silvered Improved Plate Armour.
Along with the Swords of Arnor; a matched pair of magical Katana like mithril H&1/2 swords, she is usually armed with several daggers as well as a war hammer, battle Axe, a bola and a long bow.
If mounted she will have a shield and lance.


  • Lady Bolton, a lady knight with lands at Bolton Bay in western Cazarla.
  • River Voice, a hero of Zola Fel, a cult in the region of Prax on the plane of Glorantha.
  • Lady of the Court of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, on the plane of Mystra


When not adventuring Thorn can be found either at the guild training to improve her weapons skills or at Bolton Manor her home in Bolton Bay some 150 plus miles west of Seagate across the plains of Desai.


Thorn is a Master Warrior and has studied the use of many weapons. To date she has mastered the use of the Two Handed and Hand and a Half Swords as well as the Dagger, Hand Axe, War Hammer, Lance and the Long Bow. Thorn can use almost any weapon or bow, is quiet good at unarmed combat and the use of improvised weapons.
Thorn is a Master horsewoman, she can use two handed weapons, fire missle weapons or use two one handed weapons at once while mounted or flying. She breeds and trains her own Warhorses.
As the hero of a river deity she also swims quite well.

Thorn is a well practised Military Scientist; a skilled Mechanician in feilds related to construction. And has had some training in Ranger, Courtier, Merchant, Philosopher, and Troubador, including acrobatics.

Thorn is also a Master Healer


After 14 years of adventuring as a non mage Thorn became an Adept of the College of Sorceries of the Mind at the end of winter 808.
However Thorn does not consider herself a Mage, not compared to those who have been using magic for a decade or two.(Besides she is a Sorcerer, not a Mind Mage :-)).
In the last few years Thorn has worked hard, she can now teach all the general knowledge spells, and rituals however most are still at low rank. She has concentrated on ranking Empathy to the extent that she is able to heal those well over 100 ft away.
Of the Special knowlegde spells Thorn has low ranks in Healing, Force Shield to middling ranks, and she has Mind Speech ranked enough to last 100 mins and cover 300 ft.
Thorn is able to cast Force Shield and Mind Shield on others; her Mind Shield lasts for over 24hrs on a single cast.
Some of Thorns spells are multi target.


As the granddaughter of a Merchant Prince, Thorn was born to money and privilege. According to Thorn while her Grandfather considers his Male relatives as potental Agents and Guildmasters, he believes his Female ones can best serve by being married off to help bind alliances, and perserve his trade monopoly.

Refusing to believe her only value was as some "fat guild masters wife", Thorn ran away from home when she realised she was about to be married off. Having never learned a trade and being unwilling to tie herself down to an aprenticeship just as she had gained her freedom, Thorn made her way to Seagate and joined the Adventures Guild in 1994 AP.


  1. April 1994 AP Escorting Ensemble
  2. Jan 1995 AP Magi, Mistresses and Mind Mages
  3. April 1995 AP A Diplomatic Undertaking
  4. (spring session) The river voices (GM S whitaker)
  5. April 1996 AP Albion (GM A Withy)
  6. Autumn 799 wk Jobs for a flesh tender(GM Patch)
  7. Spring 799 wk Return to Sudar
  8. Autumn 800 wk 5 go into the woods (GM Clare West)
  9. Winter 800 wk Pasifika in Peril
  10. Summer 801 wk Fighting the Good Fight - No matter the Cost
  11. Winter 801 wk Genesis 4- and Adam begat Cain & Able (GM A Withy)
  12. Spring 801 wk States of Mind (GM Tom Mason)
  13. Autumn 802 wk Mystery in Mystra
  14. Autumn 803 wk Merfolk. Sahuagin, and the Deep Blue Hole
  15. Spring 803 wk Sheparding the Shorn (GM S White)
  16. Autumn 804 wk Khoras (GM J Smith)
  17. Summer 805 wk The Ghoul Preservation Society
  18. Autumn 805 wk Siren's Prize
  19. Spring 805 wk Defeat the Rashak Wannabe (GM K Smith)
  20. Autumn 806 wk The Mystery of the Missing Mana
  21. Winter 806 wk The Luna Winter Games
  22. Summer 807 wk Kill the Vampires
  23. Autumn 807 wk Jail Break
  24. Winter 807 wk Storm to Port
  25. Summer 808 wk Swamp Exploration
  26. Summer 809 wk Delving Too Deep
  27. Spring 809 wk A Pirate's Lament
  28. Spring 810 wk Lambs with Teeth
  29. Autumn 811 wk Sumthin's A-Matter With Our Monster
  30. Autumn 812 wk Who Let The Undead Out
  31. Spring 812 wk The Middle Way
  32. Winter 813 The Wicked Witch of the Wet
  33. Spring 813 Kill Them All
  34. Summer 815 Gypsy Smugglers Wanted
  35. Summer 816 Vacancies
  36. Summer 817 I need a Hero (or five)

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