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Lath or Lathe, is a female Human adept of the college of Air magics of some skill who sometimes has large feathered wings. Lath is played by Jono who also GMs from time to time.


Lath has over many years become an influential Merchant Princess of great worth. She has many shares in many syndicates and cargos at any given time with many backers. Some influence came with supporting the Western Kingdom Crown during the recent troubles & invasion. She has continued to support the King, the Court, and the Western Kingdom. The Styx Guild Merchant has over a dozen modern ships and many older ones. When recognised, Lath would be welcomed in most trading halls. Lath is one of the principle partners in the trading concerns of Walontaun. Lath is principally involved in dealing with factors and agents, who represent her trading aims and goals within the Western Kingdom and the Five Sisters from the merchants guild of Adjepbar within the Five Sisters (close to her Island).

Styx Merchant Guild

Lath is a highly competent adept of air & weather and is probably the oldest current serving guild Air Mage despite her youthful looks. She has a great understanding of weather, the elements, and air elementals and is a master in this arena.

Although she is normally attired in a well-tailored red cotton dress, it is made of an excellent quality cloth. Living in a simple settlement of lagoon & beachside bungalow on a tropical island an hour flight south of Adjepbar City (one of the Five Sisters) she has spent years practicing her crafts and arcane skills. With her courtly training and shrewd merchant abilities, she is able to navigate the merchant's halls of most large cities or Courts of the Realm with ease.

With over thirty adventures she is a Master of many skills, among them, being; Astrologer, Assassin, Alchemist, Courtier and Philosopher in Portal magic

Adventure History

This is a list of some of the adventures Lath has been on.

  1. Spring 820 Monsters Inc
  2. Spring 818 More Enquiring Minds
  3. Summer 818 Enquiring Minds
  4. Summer 817 The Fox vs The Marquessa
  5. Autumn 816 Pongo Gutbag and the Legion of Doom!
  6. Recovery & training. Creating portals, potions, invested scrolls, invested rings and enchanted traps. Arranging merchant deals and opportunities.
  7. Spring 814 Reclaiming Walontaun
  8. Autumn 814 A Plan may be forthcoming
  9. Autumn 813 Moving Statues
  10. Summer 813 Following the Fumes III
  11. Autumn 812 Invasion Route One ends in a Swamp, please explain.
  12. Winter 812 And the Gates of Hell Shall not Prevail Against Thee
  13. Summer 812 All of our Children are Missing
  14. Spring 811 Following the Fumes II
  15. Autumn 811 Sumthin's A-Matter With Our Monster
  16. Spring 810 Following the Fumes
  17. Autumn 810 Missing, presumptions on hold
  18. Winter 808 Blood and Sand
  19. Autumn 808 Please may we have our Prince back
  20. Summer 808 A Minor Investigation
  21. Winter 807 Safely Underfoot
  22. Autumn 807 Jail Break
  23. Summer 807 First Branch of the Elements
  24. Spring 807 Don't go breaking my heart
  25. Autumn 806 Into the Valley
  26. Autumn 806 The dreams of the Seven
  27. Summer 806 Lath's Island
  28. Summer 806 To Hell And Back
  29. Summer 806 Nauvare Stash
  30. Spring 806 Gathering of the Fumes
  31. Winter 805 Small Mistakes
  32. Summer 799 Quest For Waters of Healing
  33. Spring 797 Rescue of Scratch from the Lands of the Dead
  34. Autumn 796 The Alternate Adventure
  35. Spring 795 The Rites of Spring
  36. Winter 795 Rescue at Hob's Dell
  37. Autumn 795 Tears of the Gods Tears of the Gods
  38. Summer 795 Shadows over Granton
  39. Summer 795 Shadows over Calder
  40. Spring 794 Insect World
  41. Autumn 794 In Search of the Sorceress in Silver's Kit