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Gokolan Neumenour is a Elven male & celestial mage warrior of great skill. GoK is a High level PC Played by Hamish Brown

GoK as seen in Sourthern Ranke

GoK is over 450 years old he has fallen from grace and returned from the darkest embrace.

He spent several years as a were-Vampire. He is now aligned to the Elvish powers of good.

He seeks the gateless gate.

GoK is a tall male Elf, average looks, long hair which used to be dark but is now the colour of bleached bone. Red dragon skin armour with black runes, Star-silver hand and 1/2 sheathed over shoulder, Main-Gauche sheathed at side, Long Black cloak.

He is a Celestial mage of all four disciplines. He was until 805AP a Shadow mage and is dark aspected still. You could say GoK is primarily a warrior and that he has specialised in the Celestial support and warrior, magic's.

He is Master Warrior and carries a Holy Sword which has a soul and is pacted to Varda and Yavanna and a Main-Gauche of great power from the lands of the dead. He is also somewhat adept at the unmentionable arts.

He is now and has always been totally devoted to destroying Undead and Daemons.

He is a hero of Carlson's Switch.

He is motivated by the possibility of one day being awarded Smartest adventurer - when I am I know you will be seeing things my way and my work here will be done.

GoK was eaten by a were-vampire wolf, and gained some terrible afflictions which made him easily sunburned, and gave him teeth, and a certain hypnotic attraction (indecently on the same adventure he joined the Michaeline's as a lay follower). Later he was killed by a Vampire and became a fully fledged Wear-Vampire/Elf able to change forms (he was a Gabrealite at the time).

Several years ago GoK pulled his Holy Sword from a stone. Its masters are the great Yavanna and Varda of the light. A great desire and searching for the light awoke in him. It and the evil he was afflicted with did battle. It was a kind of madness to pursue the human gods for they he discovered are empty caricatures. Eventually he came unto the brink, at which he forsook all, plunged the sword back into stone and embraced the darkness of the Vampiric affliction and the long night.

A while later he ventured into the dark circle on behalf of the Titans where he lost all control and turned on the party he had sworn to protect, in shock he went to the Titans and admitted he was a Vampire and needed help, they smote him down (for 108 END). He went back to the sword seeking aid, and pretending he had changed his ways, retrieved it - but it lied to him saying that it had cut his souls cord and that he would die if he did not extinguish the Vampiric blood that ran through his veins within 3 days.

So the party travelled to the Shriven Hills and there the Shrivers shrived him to within inches of his life taking not just the Vampirism but every skill and god given gift he possessed. After accidentally releasing the daemons meant for them upon him-self, he negotiated a deal with the shrivers whereupon he was restored less the Vampiric evil.

The Sword admitted it lied and in penance it summoned Varda and Yavanna to him. He is bound to hunt down and destroy the very evil he knows from first hand experience. Never to lie and to enter the darkness never again, except to destroy it.

Strangely he feels better like some bad dream has ended. He builds his relationship ever more strongly with Varda and yvanna and will one day be blessed by them.

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