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Glissom Royal Arms 806
Her seal
Her seal

Her Majesty Queen Aleksandra of Glissom is a beautiful Human lady who is married to King Doron of Glissom. Known as Sasha in the guild, she is said to be a powerful Wicca by some, an Illusionist by others, and an Enchantress by still more.

She is generally liked at court and has the favour and heart of the common folk, and some say she has helped her king act wisely over the years. The truth of this is unknown.

Her full name is Aleksandra de la Verain, daughter of Claudette and Marden, who was Marquis of the Northern Marches of Eltrandor until his death. She 'disappeared' in 792, joined the guild incognito just before war broke out in 794. She thus has some claim to the Northern Marches of Eltrandor, as the lost Marquise of the Northern Marches, and also title in Northern Aladar through her mother's second marriage.

She has a daughter, the heir to Glissom, Princess Allegra, born in 803, one of triplets, the others being Alexander and Adalwolf, a daughter Verina born 805 and a son Yvon born 807.

She also is a landed knight in Ormond, and a countess on Purple gained during adventuring.
Family life and matters of state have prevented Sasha from adventuring as often as she did in her youth.
One of her ladies in waiting until 807, was Erzsabet who is a member of the Seagate Adventures Guild.
Some other pictures of Sasha are available here.
Sasha is played by Kelsie.

The Children

King Doron and Sasha have 5 children, divinated in Winter 808

  • The triplets born 803
Allegra - Spring Fire - she is a fire mage. She has some weird powers, she is immune to temporal and chaos abilities. Can't be warped or aged. Time always flows for her, ie time affecting abilities used around her, she gets to use too. She can see what is really there, invisibility and illusion do not work against her. These abilities were gained during the first two years of her life.
Allegra has similar powers to Aim but no links to him. Whatever was done in the first two years of her life have made it so Allegra can never be turned into Aim.
She can remember both the past as it now is, and the past that was before her mother visited the fates.
Alexander (Zander) - Spring Water - will be a great military scientist
Adalwolf (Wolf) - Spring Earth - is very Charismatic
  • Verina - girl - Autumn Air born 805 - is going to be a Namer even if never trained, can see the truth of things, she is a bit pre and post cognitive. She can see the threads.
  • Yvon - boy - Life Aspected born Winter 807 - Will be a great healer, can heal with a touch and has a very strong life force.


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