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The Lady, The Devourer

Liessa appears much as she did in her mortal life, a tall human woman with a pale complexion and a stern demeanor. Attractive is the wrong word. Striking, stern and implacable are better. Naked is another. Material objects are mere distractions and annoyances to this young goddess. If being polite, she will clothe herself in a simple blue dress. Four long tentacles grow from her back, from much the same place as an angel's wings. These are often insubstantial, but are clearly visible by moonlight.

She appears to have no 'brief','sphere of influence' or 'office' at the moment, apparently content to explore the higher realms as a somewhat free agent. While reactions with the other Gods and Elohim are mixed, encounters with the Deamons have been universally hostile. Most disturbing for the deamons is that Liessa seemingly consumes her enemies. She seems to take a odd pleasure in hunting down the followers of Foras as if she had a personal vendetta against that being.

Liessa possesses no superlative skills, although she is an accomplished Troubadour, Military Scientist, Courtier and Healer. She will counsel defeating enemies by guile and trickery, on placing the foe in a vulnerable position before striking. In combat she becomes an elemental storm of rage, magic and lashing tentacles. Foes are consumed and absorbed, rather than defeated or dispelled. Liessa angered in battle causes fear, not awe.

Her position among the Elohim is contentious. While Michael admires her for her 'direct action' against the powers of darkness, Gabriel and Raphael are more guarded, Uriel is downright suspicious and Sammael is openly against her. The church is not taking theophany and offers of help from a naked devourer of souls well. Except for the Michaelines, and they're just being more grateful than scared.

She can often be found in the Elven Ways. It is not known why she prefers that strange space between worlds, but it is where she can be expected to be more human than usual.

Known minions include Darkness Elementals and small goblin like beings.

Liessa is served by / receives gentle reminders that she used to be human from the Reformed Spiteful Sisters of Perpetual Dissonance