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Kilroy is a male Human Rune Mage played by Dean Ellis

Best known for his inspired battle cry "Kilroooyyyy!", riding his giant raven 'Karreyhun' and his not so inspired acts of stupidity.


"I am a paragon of manly beauty, honest. Well anyway I am 5' 10" tall, slightly tubby, with scraggly red hair and beard, wearing slightly food-stained muddy brown clothing and blackened bare feet, but for seconds you thought I was a paragon."

When not adventuring he is usually as dishevelled as always. He is known to shapeshift, and likes nothing better than wandering around the guild grounds as a mangy ginger tom cat trying to get woman to pat him.

While on adventure he still looks like a scruff, but wears green dragon skin armour, carries a number of nasty looking weapons, and has many rings and amulets.

Karreyhun is a giant raven, summoned familiar that accompanies Kilroy on adventures. He is 6 foot tall with a 20ft wingspan. He has blue/black plumage, a hooked beak, large claws and a sinister aspect. He has his own nasty weapons of bite and claw. He is sentient, and can understand and convey messages to Kilroy. He has a predilection for 'shinies' and eyeballs (yum, tasty :-)

When not engaged in adventuring, Kilroy helps his wife, Sarah, run her apothecary based out of their manor house at Slippery Rock. Sarah is also a member of the Slippery Rock witches coven, which means Kilroy is a VERY devoted husband :-)

Kilroy is a kind soul, whose heart is usually in the right place, even if he sometimes acts without prior thought.


  • Kilroyyyy!!!!, the cry that instills fear in enemies, honest. Must be accompanied by much chest or shield beating.
  • R'avenheart, my not so secret heroic alter ego.
  • Ace, the wonder dog, an Irish wolfhound who is far more intelligent than his master.
  • Baron of Rivenheart


Kilroy can be found either at the guild training or at his residence in Slippery Rock. This is a very well fortified manor house and tower, with large park like grounds containing some fantastical plants and trees.
He is also now the Baron of Rivenheart so as of Spring 819 he is working on establishing this area.


Kilroy is a Master Rune Mage, with many spells and rituals at max rank, and at least skilled in the remaining college. He is also a Journeyman Warlock, with middling ranks in some spells and rituals. He also has a number of out of college spells and talents.

Kilroy can wield the weapons he carries with very good effect. He is considered a "toe to heel" fighter and is highly perturbed when they turn around :-)

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Kilroy is a Master Cook. He may not look very appetising, but the food he produces certainly is.

Kilroy is also a Master Horseman, and a practised Beastmaster (specialising in rodents and birds of prey) and Alchemist. He is very proud of his new found ranks in Philosopher, which proves that he is not as stupid as he looks, honest.


Kilroy was born to a large bandit family based in the northern baronies. He is the 11th of 27 children (hence the K in his name). While not completely small, he was considered the runt of the oversized litter, and was picked on for this and his disinterest in the family vocation. He ran away from home at age 16 to join the guild, after hearing local gossip regarding them. He has been a member of the guild for 15 years.

Info for GMs

Visible Value
Kilroy looks and dresses like a scruff normally, so to first glance he does not appear wealthy. On adventure he does wear a suit of red porcelain plate (Guild Value 30,000sp) and carry a couple of nasty looking Maces (GV 20,000 each) but an untrained eye would struggle to value them very highly. He does sport some amulets and wands (GV 40,000sp), but they are shamanistic in nature, being made of wood, animal products etc, so again hard to value on sight.

Kilroy never throws money around, and is reasonably frugal. Out of sight in a backpack or puch will be his travel money of around 5,000sp

Party Roles
Offence: Very High. Hits very hard, reasonable strike chances, brutal familiar, no blast magics.
Defence: Very High. Good armour, avoids toe to toe, Rk 20 Runeshield, Wall, Light and Dark, other tricks
Utility: Very High. Very good Rune Mage, restorative, remove curse, gaseous form, shapeshift, other tricks
Kilroys initial goals were to be goalless, at which he has succeeded admirably. He lives for the moment, and eating.
While the above is true, Kilroy has learned that there is more to life, and is looking to improve himself. He has also come to understand that there are some bad people around, and he does not like them nor want to become one of them. Without really thinking about it, his moral compass has moved to the point where he is very anti evil or its shades of grey.
Friends and Allies
Carzalan & Allied Militia - Hero of Carlstons Watch
Navzra, Catherine, Clementine, Feldo and Gross, Martin Candlestone, and a few others in and around the Fastness of Girwyllan.
Others to be advised...
Necromancers of the Fastness of Girwyllan
Others to be advised...
Gods and Powers
To be advised...
8 Common, 3 Dwarvish, 3 Elvish.
Main Skills
Mastery (8+)


Journeyman (5-7)


Apprentice (0-4)


Main Spells and Rituals
Runewall (20); Runeweapon (20); Runeshield (20); Smite (20); Light and Dark (20); Rune Warding (20); Rune Portal (17); Bind Elements (20); Remove Curse (8) ...
Non-Standard magic
Karreyhun Call (20): Can summon a large (7ft tall, 21 ft wingspan) raven familiar.
Shapechange (20) - Can use a spell to shapechange into common land animals and birds.
Disguise Mind (9) - Protected against telepathy and ESP. Can choose to pull off a mental 'disguise'.
Gaseous Form (11) - As per the Air College
Locate (20) - As per the E&E College
Other Stuff of Note
Enhanced senses - 73% chance of making 1xPC checks
+50MR vs Mind Magics
Complete control of his Aura - Not illusionary, an actual change, including the option of 'None'.