Father Rowan

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Father Rowan

Father Rowan (now the Rt. Hon. Bishop Rowan Velcanthus) is a priest who practices Wiccan magic with some skill. He is human and often found foaming at the mouth about some other guild member's error in becoming 'pacted' to the dark powers.


Bishop Rowan is a 5' 4" human. He has brown hair and wears spectacles. He is pretty ordinary looking.

He likes to wear clothes in various shades of green, brown and gold. He routinely wears green metallic robes.

He is a bit on the clumsy side, and cannot use weapons yet.


The bishop provides spiritual care to a diocese which owes fealty to Duke Leto in the area of Tobintown. There, he uses his offices to enrich the land, livestock and spiritual environment of his flock.


  • Healer
  • Astrologer
  • Courtier
  • Philosopher
  • Alchemist
  • Military Scientist
  • Ranger (Woods)

Services and Crafted Items

Circle of Protection Potion
Light of Reason Potion
Restorative Potion

Holy Sword

This bastard sword is beautifully crafted by a master Weaponsmith. It is chased in silver and mithril and engraved with beautifully executed scenes of heroism and valiant deeds. The blade is magically shaped, giving it an attunement to death, and an antipathy to undeath. Although it has a minor degree of sentience,it has a very one track mind seeking to end the existence of the Unholy when it's wielder can.
The base Strike Chance has been increased to 65 and the base Damage to D + 7 by the craft of a Weaponsmith.
It inflicts an extra D10 damage on each successful Strike as a result of being blessed by a god of the Sun and Fire.
Chantris has blessed the blade so that the wielder ignores the first 10 points of damage per Pulse, and 5 is added to the die rolls of anyone attacking the wielder.
When used against the Unholy, the base Strike Chance increases to 75 and base Damage becomes +12. In addition, the wielder is considered Death Aspected with respect to the unholy - the destruction of zombies, skeletons, ghouls, half-devils and imps subtracts 5 from the wielder's die roll, the greater undead, devils, succubus and more poweful diabolic and demonic entities subtracting 10.
If an unholy entity should pick the blade up they reduce ALL Base Chances by 5 and they are afflicted with a minor Life Aspect (+/- 1 per event) aspect.

+5 SC, +2 DM from Weaponsmith: 65%, D+7
Additional +10 SC, +5 DM vs the Living
Subtract 5 from any Strike Check
If the wielder is Living:
Reduce all Base Chances by 5

W./olves of Winter, Winter 812, G.M.: Dean Ellis

Played a Weapon Trump from a Deck of Many Things to reverse the enchantments
+5 SC, +2 DM from Weaponsmith: 65%, D+7
Additional +10 SC, +5 DM vs the Undead
Subtract 5 from any Strike Check
Wielder gains a Death Aspect in addition to any other aspect they have
If the wielder is Undead Reduce all Base Chances by 5
Inflict a minor Life Aspect ( +/-1 per event) in addition to any other aspect

Things Fall Apart, Spring 812G.M.: Paul Schmidt

Dipped in mithril in the Elven Library at Alfheim
bane affects Fiends and Undead.

The Battle of Simia Orichalcae, Spring 813, G.M.: William

Chantris' Blessing
ignore the first 10 damage points per Pulse
+5 to attacker's die roll

A Plan May Be Forthcoming, Autumn 814, G.M.: William

Karl's Blessing
+D10 fire damage per successful strike

A Plan May Be Forthcoming, Autumn 814, G.M.: William


Deacon Denier

A renunciate of the College of Greater Summonings, shown the error of devil-worship, an acquaintance of Raphael and the Emperor in Yellow, now an initiate of Chantris. As of the 30th Thaw 810AP, attending the Seagate Adventurer's Guild to learn a new college (having forsworn summoning). He has been assigned to the Grove of Immanence, an Earth place of power sacred to Chantris some 200 miles to the north.

The Community of Rowan


  • Fingers appears to be a small baby orangutan about the size of a large house cat.
  • Speaks Common at Rank 8 but only if completely necessary.
  • Can be communicated with by Far-Sensing Talent as if it were 10 Ranks higher.
  • Because of his cuteness, generally, people will be happy to let into places pets are not usually allowed (eating establishments, homes, etc). Can play extra cute when needed.
  • A magical Pass Action can be stored in Fingers, which can be used at any time. Only one magical Pass Action can be stored at a time, and it takes 10 minutes of meditation to store.
  • Five points of FT may be stored in Fingers, which can later be drawn on to cast spells. If he has no FT left, he will fall asleep for 8 hours after which he will awaken and start to regenerate it at a rate of 1 per dusk or dawn.
  • Fr. Rowan can see through Finger's eyes by taking a Pass Action, Range is 500 ft.
  • Fingers is sentient, very responsible and quite clever. He always has the best interests of Fr. Rowan in mind, looking out for danger and trying to warn him of it.
  • If Fingers is in contact with Fr. Rowan, he cannot be targeted as a separate entity. If Fr. Rowan dies, then Fingers also perishes. In this case, it will not cast an extra point of EN.


Paracelsus is a small elf like creature about 3 ft tall. If his Aura is read or detected, his GTN is Glyph, long-living sentient. He is a familiar.

Paracelsus has the following Skills:
Rank 5 Alchemist
Rank 4 Mechanician
Rank 6 Calligrapher
Rank 3 Papermaker
Rank 0 Cook
Special Abilities
Quill may assume insubstantiality by turning into a written form. He sometimes hangs around street corners as graffiti or writes himself to a letter and mails it on the occasions that he wants to travel long distances.
He learns languages in half the time and Experience cost if that language has a written form.
PS: 12 MD: 20 AG: 18 MA: 15 EN: 21 FT: 21
WP: 20 PC: 21 PB: 16 TMR: 5 NA: 2 DP
Quil wields a staff called the Rod of Agony.

Rod of Agonies (SC 129%, D10+6 damage), Melee, Class C, Rank 8. Victims add 1 to their die rolls every time they are struck. This lasts for a minute or so after combat finishes.

Bell, the night coloured hound

Once a day, Father Rowan may call forth Bell, the night coloured hound from a figurine. This is a small statue in the shape of a dog, about 15 cms high, carved from a fallen star and weighing 1lb.

Bell is a piece of hound shaped darkness in which a field of stars can sometimes be seen.
A night coloured hound is a collection of hound-like spirits held together by the same thing that binds stars. Fiercely loyal if treated well, they are relentless in the hunt once they have acquired a scent.
Never forgets a scent.
Rank 6 Ranger (to a maximum of 7)
See spirits in the mundane world, and may follow them, even off plane: the Astral, etc.
The special forces binding them together reduces all damage by 2.
Movement Rates 
Running: 350
PS: 18 MD: 15 AG: 20 MA: 0 EN: 18 FT: 21
WP: 20 PC: 25 PB: 10 TMR: 7 NA: 3 DP
In Melee, a night coloured hound can attack with a bite. Once a bite has been landed, they automatically inflict damage while they are unstunned and conscious.
Bite: BC 81%, [D + 4], Melee & Melee & Close, Rank 4-10.

The Nautilus

Once a day, Father Rowan can manifest the Nautilus, a watercraft minion, by Casting the Binding Elements Ritual (Rank 12).


The Nautilus is made out of Bound Water. Those inside the Nautilus experience it as a room whose structure is unseeable, being made from water. The internal surfaces have sufficient rigidity to stand on without falling through. Generally speaking, a person of size 6 requires a volume of at least 2 x 1 x 1 metres for comfort (the capacity of the Nautilus is 6 m3).
The craft has a water movement rate of 10 yards per Rank per minute (120 yards per minute), and if given one, is sufficiently sentient to be able to follow a Navigator's course. TMR is generated from Father Rowan's Swimming + 1 Hex per 5 Ranks in the Ritual (3 TMR). It is also a legal target for the Instilling Flight spell, increasing movement up to 5 miles per hour +1 mph/Rank (15 mph).

Special Abilities

  • Vials of Holy Water: D+9 to undead, D+9 to devils, imps, named demons and other denizens of the 7th Plane. These denizens must succeed in a 3 x WP check or roll on the Fright Table. Vials last 9 weeks and take a week to make 4, so use the oldest ones first.
  • Divine as if performing a Ritual of Ancient Divination.
  • Turn the Unholy.
  • WP is considered to be 40 vs magic of the College of Sorceries of the Mind.
  • He can fold his battle throne into his shadow.
  • Can follow the stars in their traces whatever the time of day, so long as he can see the sky
  • Immune to effects which freeze his blood
  • Cannot be read, recorded or predicted by Fae, denizens of the Seventh Plane or the Null Plane
  • Immune to the Special Abilities and non-College talents of the Fae, denizens of the Seventh Plane or the Null Plane.
  • Detect Aura.
  • Can see burdens on the soul
  • May inflict double damage on a roll of 15% of the Cast Chance of Hellfire, triple damage on a roll of 5%.
  • Permanent Rune Portals
  • See into proximate dimensions, across portals and into or out of Maze spells.
  • May "castle" with his Visitation.
  • Ignores the first 20 points of damage per Pulse.
  • May speak to any animal and enchanted creatures.
  • can produce Restore Reason Potions

Special Magic

Turn the Unholy

This ability operates as a Racial Talent
BC: 10 + WP x 2 (+4/Rank)
Range: 30ft + (10ft/Rank.
Duration: Immediate.
Experience Multiple: 300
Resist: None
Target: Unholy entities
Effects:Bishop Rowan may Turn 1 + 1 per 2 full Ranks of the Lesser Undead or half devils. The highest WP of the creatures Turned is subtracted from the Base Chance. If the Turn fails, then he may not Turn again until he has Purified after the next dawn. If the Turn is successful, then a roll is made on the Fear Table, and Father Rowan may adjust this roll by as much as his Rank. The result is always applied regardless of whether or not the target's would normally be affected by them. For instance, a skeleton, who has no heart, suffers all of the penalties of a heart attack if the modified result of the roll on the Fear Table is 116 or higher.
If the target is of the Greater Undead or is as powerful as a devil, succubus/incubus or more, then only one can be Turned at a time and in any case they subtract twice their WP from the chance to Turn.
If the Turn roll falls in the range of a double or triple effect, then up to two or three times the Rank of the Talent may be added to the roll on the Fear Table.

Blessing Spell

Range: 15ft (+15ft/Rank)
Duration: 5 minutes (+5/Rank)
Experience Multiple: 300
Base Chance: 20%
Resist: None
Storage: Investment
Target: Entity, Object
Effects: Bishop Rowan may cast this spell on up to Rank targets (minimum 1) within Range. While under the effects of this spell, they gain +1 per Rank to any Strike Chance and to any roll versus Fear.
In addition, it may be cast on a weapon which will make the weapon count as magical. Even Spectres may be harmed by a Blessed weapon.

Soul Shroud (G-8)(Replaces Mind Cloak)

Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour (+2/Rank)
Experience Multiple: 250
Base Chance: 30%
Resist: None
Storage: Potion
Target: Self
Effects: The Adept creates a shroud around their mind and soul. Aside from preventing their thoughts from being detected or read, the Adept always appears unpacted to those that can determine such things. This spell does not prevent the Adept's presence or emotions from being detected, but their mind will simply not appear to be there when an attempt is made to "read" it.
The Adept's Resistance versus abilities that Charm, Compel, Bind or Control is increased by 10 (+ 2 / Rank) while the spell is in effect.
Soul Shroud does not block ESP or Empathy. The Adept can receive Mind Speech at their choice.

Solar Protection

Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes (+10/Rank)
Experience Multiple: 250
Base Chance: 15%
Resist: None
Storage: Potion
Target: Entity
Effects: While under the effects of this spell, an Adept gains 2%(+2/Rank) to the chance of resisting magical, light-based attacks. This includes Flash of Light, Wall of Starlight, Bolt of Starfire, Web of Light, Solar Flare and Whitefire. The target is fully protected from damage caused by non-magical light (E.g. sunburn, snow-blindness), with the exception that it will not protect Greater Undead from sunlight. In addition, it allows vision in a Rank 20 Light Spell and the Adept takes [Rank/4] less damage from any light or solar based attacks.


Rune Wall - Hex Field

Effects: This incantation of the Rune Wall spell surrounds the Adept in a field that inflicts ill luck on their attacker. While duration remains and for as many as 1 (+1 per 3 or fraction Ranks), the quality of an attack is affected negatively so that misses become backfires or fumbles, hits are misses or failures to cast, EN or Double Effect spell casts inflict normal damage, Possible Specific Grievous injuries or Triple Effect spell casts inflict EN or Double Effects.
Constraints: Unracks the spell, reduces FT value by 2
Experience: 2,000
This incantation cannot be taught.


On game military info

The Bishop always has these personal defences in place
Cannot be scryed, predicted or recorded by the denizens of the 7th Plane
Immune to the non-College magic of the denizens of the 7th Plane
Circle of Protection: absorbs the first 20 DP per Pulse, adds 5 to attacker's die roll
Soul Shroud (Mind Cloak): mind or pact cannot be read, +30 to resist effects that Charm, Compel or Bind.
When dangerous
Either +12 AG or +12 WP (Sacrifice)
Hex Field: avoid up to 5 attacks for 5 ½ hrs
Solar Protection (+14 vs light/solar efect, -1 damage vs light/solar, 70 mins)

Also, various shapes if things look as if they're about to turn to custard.

The Bishop's Spell Rack
Incantation Rk FT Constraints
Hedge Maze 10 2 Unracks
Walking Unseen - Unremarkable Appearance 6 0 Unracks
Hex Field 10 2 Unracks
Morning Routine
Purify if needed: 1 hr
rack Mind Cloak - Minor AoE 1 hr
rack Unremarkable Appearance 1 hr
Bind Air 1/2 hr

The bishop is played by Jim Arona.