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Information from characters about Borovia Issues - Information / Spy reports from characters.
Emails to GMs are due by 12 noon on the dates below. In General, the engagement with players by email (twice a week to a timeline) and players are encouraged to share information with each other (posting on this wiki pages) in a general hope to assist each other.

The details below have been editorialized by the Novadomian Muckracker and ideas to be found under Borovia Issues - Proposals.
The consolidated current views on info are found here Borovia Issues - Latest Info.



DQ - Borovia Spy report for Autumn 817 WK.

Elven Isles
Flying entry at high altitude (60,000 feet) fall/glide down about 10 miles out then swim in as a Dolphin.

From your extreme altitude, you are able to see that a larger cloud or fog bank covers a dozen miles out from where the islands should be. It is from the sea level to about 2 miles up. It is cold, clean and crisp.

Enhanced Vision pierces the fog as normal. There is a school/flock of Greater Undead Flying Sharks within the fog, they are dispersed over an area of about 1 mile.

Perimeter scout as a Dolphin

The visibility at sea level is near zero as in under twenty feet. It is cool and extremely still with calm still waters out from the islands for a couple of miles.

Resuming human form and stealth in closer and see what's above the waterline.

When you get in close to the islands (not sure which one) you quickly work out that there is some form of enchanted aquatic song which is calling to you (and others). As you get closer it gets harder and harder to resist. You can feel the song for a few miles out and it gets stronger as you get closer. Given this you push yourself forward and grit your teeth and push thru, getting to a point where you can at only a mile or so out from the main Sea Elf town that there are many hundreds of songs joining in. Curving away from this site which may be too strong to resist. Normal fish seem to be unaffected by this (they can not seem to hear it). Playing it safe you make it to shore. Spending many days in the fog you scout the area without leaving a trace.

NB The siren call is from an ancient Elvish item known as "The Sea Kraken Hearthstone" which is resistable at range but not up close. Works on sentient creatures in the water. Water College Counterspells help with the resistance.

By mixing in as one of the local human and Sea Elf slaves you learn that over a dozen ships are at anchored in the shelter of the bay off the western end of Dolphin Island, not that they can be seen. Some ships are said to be from Eltrandor and Destiny and are working on the ancient ships.

Closer Investigation: The ships in the harbour have painted out or removed names - but you get close and can see that they are Lord Azzur's ships from the Black Fleet, and an old Cog troop transport ship, under the same false flag of Destiny. The sailors on the transport ship are mostly moving by small craft into a cave (set into the shoreline) and you can see from some distance that people are working on huge ships in a large underground cave. Which matches the rumours of the old Elvish navy base.

On the headlands close to the shore is a large camp which is well dug in, with underground tunnels and the fog near that area seems to be slowly draining your health, leaving you with a cold chill. Clearly, the camp is well built and is home to 500+ Drow troops.

NB Divination shows any form of Necromantic protection (including jade Amulets) are sufficient to avoid the current level of Drain.

You make it back to Seagate without incident.

Borovia - Borderlay looking in at Borovia

Over the last two years four major forts have been in Northern Borderlay across the valley where the Ruv River joins the Montrachet River. There are four major forts and numerous smaller earthwork fortifications. The forts from west to east are Vurdun, Liège, Loncin & Embourg. The first and last are build on ridgelines in the surrounding while the others overlook the west and eastern banks of the Montrachet to the south of delta.

Merchants report considerable business stocking these forts.

Considerable levels of silt and pollution are continuing to flow down the Ruv.


The remaining towns, keeps and other majors are abandoned but occasional patrols do visit them. You did not enter these places, but they seem deadly quiet. The weather environment for the area centred on Borovia Town and radiating out for nearly 15 to 20 miles is appalling. The area, including the air above up to several thousand feet, is in perpetual gloom, with thick cloud almost down to the ground level. The air is constantly filled with sleet whipped up by fierce and chaotic winds, making flying within the area dangerous to suicidal. The ground under this environment is near freezing slushy mud and almost all plants and animal are weak or dead. Pools of icy cold water and sheets of frozen icy ground prevail, making travel hard and hazardous.

Nearer Borovia Town the forges and fires have polluted the environment to the extent there is ash on much of the ground and the air is sulphurous and poisoned. What remains of the town of Borovia is now home to the Golden Desert Wolves led by ?? Lady Dunmer Moriquendi.

Talking to human slaves (from the Elvish Isles) you find out - the castle (Castle Ravenloft) overlooking Borovia town is held by a group named MoMoLa.

The Dinossz city regular troops (a Terranova city state) are housed in the Borovia open mines, which is also said to be home to the Infected Prince Smith and servants. Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn works for the Infected Prince.

Dozar City Regional Guard, lead by Sub Commander Wayfair Prev
1,100 troops of average & poor quality, rumoured to be looked down on by the Drow. They are currently holding the village of Vallaki in the upper area of Borovia on the southern side of Lake Zarovich.
The Caleen Walkers
Sighted in Borovia, they are a capable human mercenary group led by Sub Commander Dan Mich (Human commander) and is a total force of around 1,800 A grade troops.

A message from an unknown friend written is Elvish script -

Infected Prince Smith
The Infected Prince Smith is a were-creature of unknown type, but has been reported to turn into a giant wolf/elf form and a giant mana/magma form. It is a skilled arcane Smith with many shaped items.
It is rumoured - Infected Prince Smith has over the last few years organised large scale excavation and digging for the sacred crypts. He is able to curse people when he looks upon them.
He has imported over two dozen giants who are ruthlessly running many hundreds of slaves. They work in a huge forge and foundry with many large mystical machines used for some odd refinery.
Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn
The Infected Prince works with Dilxae Baenath - The Fae Fallen Fawn, who is a Greater Summoner & Necromancer from an unknown Fae or Seelie realm.
It is known that they work with what is known as the Careful Dark Water Servants of the Dark Terror which are thought to be located in Shriven Hills.
Is a skilled Portal mage & leader of the Skilzek Drog (a group of serpent mages).
Dilxae Baenath is visited by four old friends from Terranova who visit and bring supplies from the old world for the first half of the month.

After doing a bit of digging with traders and contacts - Destiny came to an understanding in 812 WK. The Dons were approached by agents (Master Bluevane) of Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer. The agreement was for Destiny to -

  • Not work against any Drow ships or fleet for the next five years.
  • Not support or work for the Western Kingdom or merchants of the Western Kingdom.

Destiny got paid a large sum in coin for this service in early 813 WK.

Destiny was again approached by agents (Master Bluevane) again in late 813 WK with an offer for both the Drow and Destiny to get rich. The plan was for Destiny to purchase the islands from the Drow and then on-sell them to Alfheim. More digging would be needed for more information. It looks as if Don Paulo De Marona will be tasked (soon) with cleaning up the Destiny name. He is the Destinian Ambassador to the Carzalan Court. It is clear that he likes gambling & woman. He has a protected aura and his staff & bodyguards work to clean up unwanted issues. He is working out of Seagate. Friends of yours says that many people are keeping an eye on him.


Rumour has it that extra food and supplies heading to Grace Wind Estate are for a large party and Ball at Grace Wind Estate, maybe to celebrate the Duke Leto's wife's birthday.

A group of 20 or so Hobbits in Western Kingdom style dress who turn out to be Kings Rapiers are seen in New Seagate. They have spent the first week dining at Alphonses.


A report from a scout of yours says that their was more fighting in Sanctuary than normal and someone said it was a shipment or cargo of goods at the core of the troubles.


Information received from allies and friend in Autumn 817

Master Bluevane
Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer has an invisible male companion known as Master Bluevane who is only seen dressed in rich high court dandy fashion who is fixated with luck magic and is always seen with playing cards used in the Drow card game of Prava.
Reports from spys & courtiers in the City of Dylath say he may be a Mind mage, Spy & Assassin.
Reeve Stephen Willowtown
Is a worshipper of Kukulak (Khulian God of Storms), who somehow has a combination of mage along the line of Wicca & Air Mage, with Ice magics, has started the wheels turning for finding out more information about 'Missy Ratajkowski' who is a campainion of Lord Azzur. Rumour has it that he is concerned.

Capt Blood

I have had reports from many sources, some of which are;

Autumn Vintage 817 WK
Regarding one of the Alfhiem captains -
Captain Willowhelm is a skilled, strong, woman who uses secret alchemical substances to understand fleet & individual flying combat tactics. She has a dangerous reputation as a duelist. She is skilled in a wide range of weapons but prefers rapier when dueling. She has six large flying ships which she commands from the bridge of her flagship - Bluesky Fire Plague. She has a capable staff who work for her and she is trusted by her captains. She apparently reports to Sir Celladoor Bladekind. It is said that all of the officers, as an aspect of their Silver & Blue embossed plate mail armour can become invisible to cast magic. She has fitted her ships with archaic obilistc throwers for turning areas to magma.

Autumn Frost 817 WK
Lieutenant Duncan Sil - He is a ship's' captain and a mage of great skill (a skilled Blood Binder), which has allowed him to create and animate his two dozen Steel Guard.

The Steel Guard -
These Steel Guard are animated and enchanted warriors (with magical weapons) which are immune to magic spells, fast and agile and twice as strong as a person and they can fly.

Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan -
Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan is known to be in exile from the Empire of Azuria.

  1. In 812 WK on her way to take up safe residence in the Court of Duke Brandenburg she stopped off in Calder and 'fell in love with the place' (aka captured and held against her will).
  2. In 814 WK her family was cursed never to enjoy the sun by the current Emperor of Azuria

Spring Thaw 817wk
Aryan and I go to deal with some issues. I detail my notes here.

Aryan the paragon of manly virtue and I fly out from Tycho invisible as flying creatures and we spend 2 days moving NorthWest, arriving at a meeting site. We you don't think your approach to the city has been observed you can see that the farm land for miles around is patchy and some of it deserted some of it not.
If memory serves you right Khatovar gets most of it food brought in from across the inland sea in trade.
Looking for Mura vantage point three miles across the planar graphs where you can see some goat herders in some sheep grazing before the open fields rise and the huge walls that stand and got 120 feet tall around Khatovar can see the Tales of the city Beyond The Seagulls and other creatures flying above the city.
Off to the west you can see another low set of Hills overlooking the plane and cleared killing ground around the city some of it which is black and stained and nothing growing there it looks out of place compared to the verdant countryside surrounding the city.
Turning back visible both of you approach the city on foot in the disguise as a merchant and bodyguard.
You get to the gate and a guard looks you both over to explains the local rules to you no flying in the city no scrying magics of any type in the city, no portaling in and out of the city, no Battlefield weapons or armour or harmful magics cost in the street - other than that welcome to the city.
You quickly make it to the dancing dolphin book a room for a few days and said about to try and recover the books you sent a couple of runners off to the Allied Traders to book in to see them the next day. One of them returns to you with a message for an appointment to see Duncan at 2 p.m. you had to the Allied trade is the next day or pushing your way through a street festival where everyone is out and has a vast amount of tomatoes in the strict everyone is covered in red stuff.
You get to the LA Traders into the building sign yourself in go down 2 flights of stairs along a couple of corridors around some into clockwise staircases up a flight of stairs you quickly realised this is to throw off attackers memorising the layout of the place and you make it to a small discreet emoji meeting room where a well Dressed Man is sitting behind a table with 4 drinks he has Swann himself in kids get them blood text the negotiation and hand has you stand guard and they are going to make some discreet enquiries as to who is selling for some books of power while in the city on your behalf and arrange an appointment for you to see them to view the books.
You might pretend to get in later that evening at about 6 o'clock Duncan comes by the majordomo shows them to your room and he tells you that he has made contact with the Traders and they are interested in selling the books for 750,000 silver pennies in cash and his cut for facilitating the trade would be 3% as already agreed.
Duncan tells you that he will find out as much information and be back in the morning. 9 p.m. there's a discrete knock at the door. A young man using sign language tells you that he is deaf and would you please follow him to meet his boss outside the Inn in the courtyard. You ready yourself and both head outside.
A man says that he is one of the people in the city those things and may be of help to you in your troubles Intel Hughes that some people in the artifice is others in the Enchanted had a few people in the paper girls have been all making discreet enquiries about you today and that for a mere 5000 silver pennies retainer all of these troubles could go away for half a weak.
After paying him handsome retainer and mucking around for a good fortnight you work out that there are multiple other people wishing to buy the books you work out the real you seen one group assassinate another or at least heard stories of it and it is took all over the town.
At one point Aryan and Captain Blood boat gets jumped by a group of thugs who Aryan kills in less than 2 minutes only to find that they have been slowing you down well a group of more professional combatants get ready the first you know of this is Yuen your attacked by multiple spectral Warriors and Aryan destroys them a huge black shimmering Golem numbers up to you leaving it's way through one of your opponents leaving him Clifton in half with a massive destructive black axe and you fight for a good 5 minutes before one of them yells just grab the water mage and let's go Ryan and Captain Blood fight a vicious battle backing down the streets in into an alley fighting off 6 opponents at any one time only to be caught up by the large black Golem again who Cliffs through his own allies to get at you making contact with iron and savagely cleaving into his right side at one point spell impacts on Captain Blood and he slumps to the ground unconscious Aryan pick them up and Leanne frozen over his shoulder while continuing to fight 3 appointments and this large Golem you mentally withdrawal to another place by leaping quickly over buildings in landing some 120 foot away retreating back into your get into your Inn.
You sent for your contacts in the Allied Traders who send for civil members of the healers guild who come and he'll you saying if suffered a Savage blow from a powerful dark elemental they look nervous around you.
We manged in the second week to secure the books from the merchants for a princely sum of 800,000 silver pennies which Captain Blood paid in cash in large bars of true silver, from out of his cloak.
You're discreet contacts in the Allied Traders guild hope you leave town to the docks where are Ryan and Captain Blood turn into creatures and fly away the doctor outside the city walls on the port side. You make it back to Seagate after 2 weeks.

You spend a bit of time putting yourself back together at the guild and then quickly leave on your Aeir Ship to Destiny as Aryan, Count of Ebola, King of Del Toro and ally of Destiny After a very short wait several of the members of the private council come and eyeball you before showing you into a meeting with many of its members you have a Franke and direct conversation about the terrible things at the black Fleet have been doing and after a short period time gain the support May pin you a letter to take to the ambassador in Seagate.
You watched them in the letter and it is instructing the ambassador to Wendy you a in Seagate to give you aid as he sees fit, in the endeavour to recover ships under our flag in the new Destiny Isles (formally known as the Elvish Isles). You return to Seagate and the Destiny Ambassador is pleased and happy to see a keen ally of Destiny as you Aryan are known.
You find Sooty waiting for your return.
After waiting three weeks Sooty and Aryan - head out of the guild and brought his Aer ship. He quickly takes off and the cold steel of the airship shop Metals and Ross is it quickly Ascend into the upper atmosphere chilling you to the bone making you feel woozy and sea sick after your hard nights partying for candlemass in Seagate.
Around 3 hours later you quickly to send through a hail of atmosphere roaring against the whole zooming through the upper atmosphere and descending down shaking rattling and rolling as Aryan fights to control his airship.
You and Arona step out on the ground in the run in an ounce is another safe arrival in another happy customer is you lose your lunch and breakfast all at once on the ground is your complexion is green from the tumultuous journey.
As you and Ron and cast your eye round ruined city of Alexandria the white crisp clean marble promenades only marked by the Ruined buildings and fallen columns.
The city has an eerie quiet to it. Aryan puts his airship Away in his pocket.
You can tell that you're being discreetly watched by somebody from a distance but her hard to spot where you set up camp have a late lunch work out a site that you can easily defend and then begin to Scout the city. You both stay together and quietly movements the mini buildings the city must have been something splendid and it's Heyday heaven knows why such a magnificent city is this has been left empty for so long. After half an hour or so maybe as much as an hour you come across three women who are standing on the opposite side of a canal and wish to talk to you from the safety of some distance.

In a thick accent you don't recognise the language that that fluent in but quickly revert to dwarvish Elvish common in encephalon common to talk to you both things middle-aged woman.
They ask you what brings you to the city. Since you like in your guide or local information or indeed any way of finding out about or contacting the god Hermes away Avatar of Hermes you decide that perhaps talking to the locals and being Frank with them is perhaps the best approach Aryan text the lead since he is a Paragon of Manly virtue.
You can see that these three women hanging off Holmes every word listening to the patter of his conversation would rule of his conversation as he leaves words hand in the air just long enough to be tantalizing you can see why he's a man or Paragon.
After after a brief time they invite you to cross the Janelle Witcher Ryan does Weisz we're piano underneath your shoulders and picking you up at leaping across the 34th and landing on the other side which the three women look particularly dazzled with.
They lead you to the temple and introduce you to the high priestess who after discussing your plight agrees to summon the Avatar for you.
They tell you that they site at the ship city that you are in is infested with Gulgong and is not safe. After a virtual that night would last many hours a mighty man or Avatar perhaps into the room at fast speed he's dressed in a classic toga that both of you recognising the lunar Empire and both of you feel as if you are in the presence of something great he sits down and introduces himself is Hermes messenger of the gods at disposal how can I help you explain the situation everyone is aghast at the outrageousness that the drought and gone to Hermes looks unfazed.
You thanks for your help says if you need his assistants later please call on him now that he knows did rawa up to terrible things he will instructors priestess has to take care. All in all the four of you sitting quietly round a fire pit in the middle of this fast and mostly deserted but well maintained Temple has a dairy quality to it Aryan and Hermes get on well and talk about mini stories that both of them have been on.
In the morning when you both awake at the pre sisters make you breakfast which a simple flatbread I was some cheeses are gherkins or some sort of pickled pork dried fish the end and you quickly leave heading back to see kit.
Aryan text you up on his airship wants more this time do minion through the atmosphere fast speed leaving allowed shockwaves behind you Breitling and roaring a small section of the side of the ship seems to fall off at the part when Point City points out the huge vapour trail this thing is leaving behind you is you Rowe hi into the sky only to come down less than 8 hours later above Seagate blooming back through the atmosphere once more shaking rattling at roaring all the way to the ground it is quiet in deserted part Seagate with nothing much goes on...
Both of us after no time at all make it back into Seagate proper.

Winter Ice 817wk I rest and recover in Seagate. No news is good news.

Autumn Snow 817wk Another joruney and i detail my notes here.
You quickly take action You get an astrology reading done at the Guild.
Following the advice from the astrologers - you know you are looking for a lake in the shape of a dogs paw with a bone to its East. Reviewing the old maps and charts of Delph at the guild you spot a likely location that the terrain could match the astrology reading .
You round up your team of volunteers and fellow guild members, being Sooty, Aryan, Turf, Callas and Kilroy. Fully equipped with arms and armour you head off to island of Delph. Under the protection of a range of scry guarding magics you head out knowing you are not seen by the night sky. Travel -
You all travel on this strange shiny metal Aeir ship which flys high into the sky and the cold and wind is fierce and strong but you arrive safely in the area of Delph around 12-14 hours later. You land on the hot tropical jungle floor where the Aryan take a minute to put his ship in my bag and Callus quickly moves you from the area, by way of falling into a earthen hole down, down and out of a door in some far off location. It is very unsettling on the stomach.
When descending Aryan quickly recognises the area as that of the astrology readings you see a a camp discreetly hidden on the Shoreline.
Looking around you have arrived high in the mountains that make up the main range in the centre of Delph you can see the signs of a large city state in the south. Realising that this must be Misra the Drow city that Sooty has spoken of you head north for a few days. Sooty points out the area and guides your group. Moving high above the island you see no signs in the distance of the legendary city of Athens by the Sea.
The area is dominated by tropical jungle which is hot and harsh with a dry heat that pains the eyes after only a few hours. In the east of Delph is a large white desert with something in the central area.
Again by falling through the earth with the use of Callus earth doors which king to open and slammed last great the head of you allowing you to tumble Head Over Heels through the Earth you come out close to camp. Sooty, Captain Blood and Kilroy quickly spot four guards and two elementals and a couple of imps or small devils guarding the camp of tents.
You quickly to descend on the camp, killing and destroying all of the guards buy assassination without even alerting the main camp. After a bloody and ferocious fight for 4 minutes all of the Drow are killed. Once the dust settles with all of the drive-in did you manage to spot that the drow have regrouped and spirit form and have cast magics would result in a total of 12 Falling Stars, and the area is extreme.
The undead Spirits of the recently fallen Drow, seem to be as powerful as when they were alive and the combat lasts another 15 minute of fight before you destroy them once again. All of the spirits do not seem to be undead and they clearly ignore area of effect magics spells and Aryan and Turf kill most of them only to be saved by Serendipity who manages to kill four succubi in a pulse in melee combat. You manage to collect up a small sack of Drow parts after the combat.
Serendipity quickly leaves in a flash, manages to hunt down and kill all four of the mages that managed to flee through a portal back the way they have come. Serendipity also manages to spot that the Drow group is being pursued by a large six legged reptile which is the size of for elephants.
You find that Captain Blood looking backwards thru time, and the Drow have taken care to hide an item (a scroll case) not in this world. Once this is known you are able to find it in the spirit realm. It's a message which is cursed.
You return to the Guild. The curse is removed. The message is for the God Hermes, and has a power work to get him to do something for you. The rest of the instructions or orders are in a code.


Pertinent rumours from local Seagate contacts.

Rumours indicate a group of off-worlders came through a portal somewhere in the Sea of Grass and have gone into hiding.

It's possible that this is something that could impact on the Drow situation, or may be utterly unrelated.

Perhaps something for someone with Sea of Grass contacts to follow up though I'll DA the portal I know of that can connect off plane for information.

A few other rumours were gathered but seem either standard WK politics or too fantastical to be true. To avoid overlap with others future plans are to start establishing a network in Pasifika aimed at getting onto the trade ships and get some information out of the Empire of the Sun that way, and possibly also investigate if there is any connection from the Drow city of Misra on Delph to the Drow on the Elven Isles. Other interested guild members in working from this side of things are also invited to contribute.


From the markets of Seagate, Tycho and the Five Sisters large purchases in both food and supplies have been made.
Rumour has it the Drow Commander in the Borovia area is Lady Dunmer Moriquendi (Terranova). She is an excellent Military Scientist & Mage. She has complete local clan (Moriquendi Clan) support and he has two elite bodyguards.


Rumour has it that the King of the Western Kingdom is sending The King's Rapiers to remove the Drow from Borovia at his sister's request. These were previously known as The Tricorne Hobbits of the King's Rapiers.

This elite band of 200 Halfling Fighters (and occasional Mage) has great stature in the Western Kingdom as the loyal protectors of the King. All are well dressed and have red tri-corn hats.

Sir Celladoor Bladekind is now appointed by the Alfheim Court to lead the expedition int the human lands to free it of Drow. He is a fast mover and it is expected that he will act within the year. He mostly has the support of the Beltan Elves, who are led by Captain Willowhelm.


Agents have seen a large army (maybe 1,200) of tall Kinlu people arrive in the Sweet Riding and head south-east skirting Brastor Holdings and at night moving towards Novadom.


Point 001 Confidential overview of Superstition Mountains forces

Note from GM - this page is and content is automatically Confidential for game play reasons. --Jono (talk) 15:42, 16 April 2018 (MDT)

(a) led by Clan Chief Dunbait Hammerstrong III — ~390 years old. He is a strong supporter of the Axe Alliance.
He is loyal to his friends and is popular among his clansmen. He is a friendly and good natured Dwarf.
His Father died in the Dark Circle Wars. His mother is now retired to outsider ways of life and is said to be an accomplished shaper & magician.
Has two Captains: Clan Leader Norgram & Chieftain Kragview Lomhead.

(b) Population: General population are mostly made up of Dwarves [12,000 ish] & a few hundred Hobbits.

(c) When needed, The Borovia and Superstition Mountains levy of three commands of 1,200 regular totaling 3,600 Dwarves, Humans and Hobbits.
This is independent of the Axe Alliance forces


Coordinating infiltration of the Elven Isles with the Elven Court. This is lead by Mistress Quillian Warthold, who leads a team of Elvendar Scouts and water mages. A limited number of enchanted cords are available to people who will spend time on the Isles. Quillian Warthold is expected to be leading the 1,200 Elven Scouts and Rangers. 200 Sea Elf scouts & water mages. At this stage the Elves are expected in Seagate sometime in 818 WK at Grace Wind Estate in Carzala, and they will arrive by flying Beltan ship.


Is planning to establish a merchant and crafting houses in Borovia. Will be available to any spies/infiltrators as a resource; smuggling, infiltration opportunities, bolt holes, healing, fatigue recovery etc. Can setup runes portals. Has 50 artisan skills and create whatever is required - needs a guards uniform? a document with heraldry? a dagger smithed with a drow houses heraldry? etc.

Some of the Rangers within Brastor have reports that traders in the east of Brastor say that when in the Gatar Depression, they noticed 'strange lights & sounds' coming from the evil Dark Watch town in the area. They avoided it.

They did say that they had trouble crossing a large disturbance in the ground which was 50 foot across and cut into the ground left and right for as far as the eye could see. It was as if some giant stand monster had ripped up the ground.

Scouts have seen a large army (over 500) of tall Kinlu people arrive in the Sweet Riding and then lost them heading south-east. We noticed a small band of 10 people heading towards the Superstition Mountains.


Is planning to setup a spy network in Borovia. Is recruiting experienced spies from the Borovia refugees, this will take some weeks.

Its reported that some people seem to be undertaking scouting training on the edge of in Borovia Hold. From agents in the Western Kingdom is the rumour has it that Lady Katerina of Borovia has gained the support of the King and he is said to be about to deploy The Kings Rapiers to sort out the issue with Borovia.

Autumn 817 WK


April 17th 2018 player time


Trade from Pasifika going west is pretty much non existent at present, so Pasifika appears a dead end for following leads on the Drow lands or the Empire of the Sun.

However there are already reports from the Drow city of Misra on Delph indicating that their Sea trade appears to be suffering due to some kind of anomaly, possibly some kind of magical pool which is presumably in their harbour.

Reports of large groups in the Sweet Riding also appears confirmed as I spotted tracks of a group of about 500 while on my way to Beth Salem, hopefully these are just part of the group from Kinlu reported by Jedburgh rather than another group.

--Bernard (talk) 02:26, 17 April 2018 (MDT)


Report from Dylath and Terranova

The talk on the street is that the War Party amoung the cities is said to have gained more power with some form of magical pool in a far off land across the sea - maybe the Elven Isles as we know they are involved supporting the Infected Prince Smith to be granted permission to come to Borovia by Lady Dunmer Moriquendi who is said to work for Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer Moriquendi.

Talk on the street is that Dinossz City regular troops who are being lead by Sub Commander Gredia Dinossz are working with the Infected Prince Smith in the Borovia mines. It is said that the Dinossz City will gain much standing and honour if they open the sacred crypt in Borovia.

They have been trying to raise the money to get from one of the allies, Count Kree Taijin to return to Borovia to help with the mid winter ritual.

I will send for information in regards of the "Black Fleet" of Lord Azzur involvement in this plan. Lord Azzur and Dylath had trading agreements in the past and may be still involved in troops.

I will also make my way to Borovia, help Kel in setting up the spy network and infiltrate the mines as a Drow and find out more information.


The trip [by Ishamael] to Tycho City was boring and normal. Merchants want to sell you everything and everything is for sale. Taking a ship to the Five Sisters you spot a couple of others onboard and they appeared elven by aura but looked like humans. They introduce themselves as the Elemental Brothers. For the most part they kept to themselves but when you do get a chance to talk to them you find out they are from Asan but you notice they make a few mistakes in what they are saying about Asan. You leave them alone. Your ship arrives safely in Adjepbar and discretely following them you find out they meet a small cutter bound for Kirkul.

In Adjepbar the city is a hive of activity with many ships, cargos and crews all coming and going each day. You made contact with a few old friends that informed you of solid rumours about the local Hobbit rulers & guilds concerns about people from other lands trying to gain influence over the mystical Blue Sands trade.

Contacts in the town guards (Dwarves from Superstition Mountains) point out odd trading ships sailing under the Asan flag. None appear in port while you gather storied over the week. You spot a location on a roof top where someone is engaged in laying out stones in patterns to pass information along to someone watching. Your contacts will try to follow up on it over the next months.

Returning to Novadom City after a couple of days you take note of - Local merchants supplying Dwarven traders in the foothills out of town, with large amounts of imported food which does not seem bound for the Superstition Mountains. Novadom city is still a smelly swamp town - mostly fill of unclear swamp people of low standards. You note with some satisfaction that the new improved trade road to the north is bringing more merchants to Brastor.


  1. Katerina the King's half sister is former Countess of Syborite and is married to Baron Silverfoam of Borovia.
  2. Sir Celladoor based out of the offical Elvish home in Carzala Grace Wind Estate. He is said to be a halk when it comes to dealing with issues.
  3. No sign of The Kings Rapiers near the Borovia border. Some traders have been spotted taking small shipments by wagon and barge into the area.


You [Jedburgh] head to the Sweet Riding and spot the trail of the large group that appeared in the area some weeks ago. Clearly they came by portal. Often this area is a portal to the Pasifika area. After quickly scouting and following them you find you are not alone and that there are other scouts in the area. You see that the group of over 500 people are from Kinlu, given the style of dress, and they are heading to Novadom. You spot that the Kinlu scouts have made contact with Dwarves in some form of well hidden depot in the foothills outside Novadom.


PDF Report

Has a rumour, from Giacomo Casanova, that the waters around the Elven Isles are no longer safe for the wise to swim in.

Obtain information from the Guild Library.
You find out many things in the Guild Library. Of note - a cloud like the one reported allowed for some form of undead to move within them. You also find out the missing recipe for herb cookies, which are made from cloud dust and will charm earth elementals to ignore you when flying.

She will then take a Cloud to the Elven Isles and bail out on her own Air Wings. Upon encountering the cloud that Aryan reported, she will hover inside it to see what she can find out using Detect Fumes, Eyes of the Fae, and Sense Mana talents. Her Amulet of Jasper should protect her against any necromantic effects.
Heading on a cloud to the island you spot others on a cloud also at 10 miles out and they are heading in the direction of the Western Kingdom from the Elvish Isles. It is unclear if they spot you. The flog over the island is thick and cold as already reported. With your excellent vision you see a very unusual sight which is a school or large flying creatures which turn out to be some form of animal growthed sharks. These sharks do not spot you. Your amulet protects you from any negative draining effect. Your research and study of the cloud and fog bank, for two weeks, flying on the edge of it, reveals that the icky air making up the cloud is coming from a hole in the ground many miles away. Putting two and two together - The Guild library says that location is the old site of the Elvish Navel base on the Elvish Isles. As it is many miles away you can not see it with the naked eye.

Giacomo Casanova then brings to Aurora's attention - Rumour has it - Lady Celene of Alfheim, Ambassador to the Western Kingdom is rumoured to be about to give a gift to the new Kings Rapier Captain, once appointed.

Getting an invite proved to be rather easy so, it didn't take long for 'Lady Dawn' to head for Konigburg to attend that ceremony.


April 19th Player Time


Received this letter under King Ulric's seal "Clementine in this time of need His Royal Highness King Ulric Schwarzrotgold has agreed to charge you with orders to come to the aid of the Crown - You are to come to Konigburg at best speed, and take command and lead the Kings Rapiers on an important mission for the crown. You will be given a 50,000 sp to pay for this important mission. You are ordered to take the Kings Rapiers from Konigburg to the border of Borovia, and remove the Drow from Borovia. It is expected that this road trip will take three months to complete. We want you to be in place by the beginning of Autumn 818 WK. If you need greater assistance the King would like you to be aware that 'Lady Katerina' the King's half sister, and former Countess of Syborite is married to Baron Silverfoam of Borovia. The Crown understands that Baron Silverfoam of Borovia has ship transport and additional funds if needed."

I have been informed that the cost of this action would cost ~100,000sp but it is known that the Rapiers only have a war chest of 35,000sp.

Considering that portals are involved it occurred to me that I once had the Sceptre of King Sigusmund which is a portal destroying the device. This is now housed in the Michaeline Fortress? with the rest of the regalia, which I hear has recently been attacked (can't find it on here though, does anyone know about this?). Either the bads want them or to deny them to us. We should take it into safekeeping ASAP.


report from the voices of the streets about:

Missy Ratajkowski

Lord Azzur of Calder is romantically involved and is said to be in love with the capable and alluring Elven courtier - Missy Ratajkowski who is said to have been rescued by Lord Azzur from the Drow in the Elvish Isles.

She is said to be the most one of the beautiful woman in the Western Kingdom, and this is supported by the fact that she turns heads in public and people stop in the street upon seeing her. Even your agent has said that his heart skipped a beat when seeing her.

She is known to speak many languages and is said to be a good and kind person who loves poetry song birds and kittens. She has given arms to the poor and supported many issues within Calder and courtiers have noted that she receives letters from any that have had the good fortune to deal with her. She is said to be on good terms with Reeve Stephen Willowtown and Lieutenant Duncan Sil who are both trusted servants or agents or henchmen for Lord Azzur.

Master Bluevane

Agents in Dylath inform me that that Master Bluevane has become heartbroken over a woman from over the sea and they speculate that this may be Missy Ratajkowski. Others in Dylath do not think Master Bluevane is capable of love and think something else is going on. This is only confused but others thinking that his love is dead, and may have been a sacrifice in the pits of the Dylath temples.

Alandis suspect that if Missy Ratjkowki may be a powerful ally against the drow. It may be worth getting more information about her.


Goblins were found coming through the Beth Salem portal on the Sea of Grass, interrogating them revealed that the Drow somewhere on Alusia have been throwing goblins into a portal in attempts to send them places. According to this group of goblins most of the groups died in the attempts. This suggests that the Drow are using some sort of brute force method to try and subvert portals, which may be how they have done it in Borovia and the Elven Isles. A proper divination may tell us more. For now Sooty will continue his watch and make preparations for more investigations in the Delph region.


For your day job you have found a role in helping to training many of the Borovian levy. You where roped into supporting a small group which although they do not say directly - are clearly in your eyes

  1. training to get ready to be deployed into Borovia and maybe the Elvish Isles
  2. they are getting together with the support of some unnamed merchant prince in Brastor covert equipment for to use.
  3. they have these bombs which when let off on the ground create a hole which vanishes after a short time. Items can be hidden in the hole. It can somehow be opened later on by the person using the bomb.

You find out that - Clan Chief Dunbait Hammerstrong III - is planning on hosting a gathering of those wishing to resolve the Borovia Drow problem. You also learn about Princess & War leader Mordrin is Princess of the Path (walks in the world) and a great war leader and she is able to call the Axe Alliance to arms. Many legends speak of this and her ability to re-open and re-start the Great Forge & Furnace.


Spend a month tracking down and following some very clever scouts in Carzala. After three weeks of tracking and following, as it turns out, three different groups you manage to with the assistance of some of the Duke's men manage to find and confront them which quickly turned out to be a showdown.

After the dust settled three dozen people are dead. The groups that you engaged used Wiccan and Rune magics. Once the Duke's men took the bodies of the Guard back to Seagate to be healed, you continue to track all of these odd locations that they have spent time. At the first location you find that a large family crypt had been opened and hidden behind a secret door is a newly crafted underground cave, which contains a ring of small standing stones which could be used by a rune mage. At the other locations you find hidden boltholes of weapons and food and outfits for fitting in within the general population of Seagate.

The investigation at the guild of the other dead bodies revival that two of the five are Drow and three are Humans.

Both of the Drow are Rune mages of good level of spells, with a wide range of spy skills. One of the Guild Necromancers points out they used some form of blood magic so we are not able to speak to the dead. It is questionable if they can even be resurrected.


A message from one of his contacts in the town guard of Adjepbar informs that the twins (Elemental Brothers) that went to Kirkul in the Five Sisters, are looking for someone, which after doing a few days of checking at the Seagate Adventurers Guild, is probably Janx.

A friend within the entertainment sector wrote from the City of Sanctuary. She has information that she thinks some Drow are in town wanting to recruit a three troupe of entertainers, for the next years service.


Training a small group for infiltration.

Lord Azzur of Calder is romantically involved and is said to be in love with the capable and alluring Elven courtier - Missy Ratajkowski who is said to have been rescued by Lord Azzur from the Drow in the Elven Isles. She is said to be one of the most beautiful woman in the Western Kingdom, and this is supported by the fact that she turns heads in public and people stop in the street upon seeing her. Even your agent has said that his heart skipped a beat when seeing her.

She is known to speak many languages and is said to be a good and kind person who loves poetry song birds and kittens. She has given arms to the poor and supported many issues within Calder and courtiers have noted that she receives letters from any that have had the good fortune to deal with her. She is said to be on good terms with Reeve Stephen Willowtown and Lieutenant Duncan Sil who are both trusted servants or agents or henchmen for Lord Azzur. Your agent in Calder reports that both - Reeve Stephen Willowtown and Lieutenant Duncan Sil who work for Lord Azzur would be worth watching.

You also find out that - Clan Chief Dunbait Hammerstrong III - is planning on hosting a gathering of those wishing to resolve the Borovia Drow problem.


You spend a few days getting out to the Elvish island. When on the Island you find, enhanced vision and/waterproofing will let you see thru the fog over the island. The mystical Sea Elf town is mostly located offshore underwater with minor elements (large village size) on shore. When putting your head underwater briefly near the Sea Elf town - the song coming from it is clear and strong. You spend three days battling the effects on your very soul of the wonderful call - always knowing that it is there and it is the most wonderful thing you have heard in decades. It calls to you - calling you home like something wonderful. You know at some level deep down it is clearly of huge danger to you. It dawns on you days later that all of the above effects are because you resisted the magic. The main elements above the waterline are servicing ships half a dozen ships which eyeballing from some distance either look like they are from - Destiny, Eltrandor, or Brandenburg.

Swimming close you can see one of the ships is an old refitted large Cog. They have their names painted out and over a couple of days, you can up close listen to the tones from people who are clearly from Brandenburg. You overhear a conversation about two locations which you know are in Calder city in Brandenburg. You can see that the people on the ships are servicing smaller craft which heads to shore and vanishes into the terrain on the coastline. Spending a couple of days viewing this they are only able to keep the illusionary terrain up for at best it seems 22 hours a day.

When its down you can see a cave on the edge of the bluff which inside looks like it leads to some man-made structure. Light comes from inside and you can see (from across the bay with your spyglass), many humans and Ogres (given the size) working on some form of an ancient ship. This is clearly the rumored ancient Elvish navel base.


In the south of Brastor at the head of the Champion River the Temple of the Knights an entity was disturbed while doing some form of investigation at the temple. In the resulting combat many guards were killed and other Knights who quickly came to their aid also suffered wounds. After checking the description at the Guild you quickly work out that the reported intruder was one of the Janx.

Merchant news -
Your merchant contacts in Novadom report a huge band of soldiers and warriors who are clearly Drow are working with the Drwarves outside of Novadom. They have moved off down the coast south, from Novadom. Someone in many markets across many citys (Arzdorf to Tycho) has been attempting to purchase St John's-wort. Many tons of St John's-wort has been stolen in Brandenburg which only has increased jitters in the market. The demand is well beyond normal. Prices for this are expected to go up.


PDF Report

As it turned out, I spent the entire month in Konigburg. There were a lot of events and parties to attend and I used what opportunities I could to gather more information about what was happening in Borovia and what the feelings were about the drow situation. Of course, such a rich lifestyle required much expenditure, roughly 25K. Still I rose rapidly through the Court and got the chance to see and meet King Ulric as well as several of the more important members, so I'm learning real stories and rumours. Still, these things take time, and I estimated I'd have to stick at this lifestyle for the rest of the season in order to make headway. Still, it could be worse. The food is really excellent and the accommodation, even in the outer circle, is nothing short of amazing. The bed is like sleeping on a soft fluffy cloud. Plus there's always something interesting going on. I've made a lot of friends who want to spend time with me and I'm enjoying the company. High stakes gambling is also popular but I try to be careful that I bet only what I can afford to lose.

So, with all of that, I'v managed to gain access to the 'salicious underbelly' of the Court which involves a lot of courtiers who engage in more 'seedy' activities while maintaining their proper Courtly face.

One person who I have got on well with is Lady Celine, the elven ambassador to the Western Kingdom from Alfheim. She wants me to become the the advisor to the King's Rapiers and I'm very tempted to take up the offer. I suspect though she has her own reasons for doing this and I'll probably owe her a few favours for her support. Still, that also could be useful for our efforts.

What I have found out, that is relevant, that King Ulric plans to appoint Baroness Clementine of Seagate to lead the mission of the Rapiers to Borovia.


April 24th


Snuck into cave Drow are hiding under illusion, three large ships being assembled. On day 9 fifty extremely well dressed and appointed Elves (Drow) mages arrrive, with Incubi are setting up.
See discord for full message.


Discovers the Kings Regalis stolen from Temple in Brastor by the Janx. Give chase and many die, the Janx wealds a portal with such skill it cuts people in two.
Begin economic actions against the Drow using merchant house.
See discord for full message.


Continues assembling spy team from spies that fled Borovia
Discover the Ruby Scourge is active with a mind controlled Kree.
See discord for full message.


PDF Report

It has been an eventful month. Lady Celine had me investigate a group of courtiers (one man and three women) who were engaged in activities that would cause massive scandal if news of their activities got out. Fortunately I was able to ascertain who they were. It was planned to deal with this quietly and discretely but then two young men from Ormond committed murder/suicide. It seemed unconnected but I got suspicious when all the underground activity ceased. Plus I was being distracted by six young men evidently wanting to gain my attentions. All of them were from Eltrandor and, frankly, some of their suggestions for activities were ..... rather odd. Some of them were even on the level of questionable. Mind you, I do jump off perfectly good clouds for recreation.

Between Lady Celine and myself, these six men were investigated and one of them could actually be useful for our plans. So I allowed him to court me for a while but frankly, after the third week, I broke up with him ... as instructed.

Halfway through the month Clementine was received by the King and was charged with the command of the King's Rapiers. I was also appointed the Queen's first advisor to the Rapiers. This was confirmed at the banquet that evening, at the headquarters, that 1,500 people attended.


Tegan and I arrive an hour before dawn in the far off land of Terranova in the city of Dylath. We spend a few weeks getting up to speed with people, factions and knowledge about the area once again. We deliver the large amount of money to Dylath to be able to fund your spy network.

Reports from agents in Dylath tell us of these interesting things that are of note -

Winter 815 WK Some issues within the cities of Dylath and Bowlaw. Rumours of Master Bluevane behind the killing of some spies. Ritual in Borovia failed because of guild activity - 'A Doomsday Like Any Other'. Some spies go missing. Large scale excavation and digging in Borovia. Lord Azur crew continue to refit ancient ships under the Elvish Isles.

Winter 814 WK Fallen Fawn first ritual in Borovia fails. A report from the records in Dylath come in as follows ....

Winter 803 WK The deputy of the War Party announces that the preparation for returning across the sea has been reviewed and everyone has come to an understanding, given the important legends. Party for 'The Free Wheel', declares their withdraw from the War Party.

802 WK Six members of the War Party die in accidents and are replaced by other prominent family members.

801 WK Two independent & dissenting city states of Dylath and Bowlaw do not support the Supremacy of Commander Lady Dokkalfer Moriquendi.

800 WK The locks to the Golden and Copper doors within the ancient armory at 'Tee Ra-Mil' are opened by Lady Dokkalfer of Moriquendi proving her Supremacy as Commander.


Little of note happened within my area of interest this month.
However I will be carrying on with my plans to enter Misra on Delph next month, so anyone with advice on this matter is welcome to contribute, though I can find no record of the guild ever entering this city.


Unconfirmed 2nd or 3rd hand reports...

Reeve Stephen Willowtown

He is getting on in age and it is rumoured he has amassed a small fortune, in rare items and a large amount of copper. He is a worshippers of Kukulak (Khulian God of Storms), who are a combination of mage along the line of Wicca & Air Mage, with Ice combat magics. He is said to have a town house away from Calder which are protected by the Winds and Storms of the North. He has a small imp called Woo Woo who is trained in the art of thievery. He is collecting ingredients for a love potions. To use on Lord Azzur & Missy Ratajkowski to make sure they are happily in love.

Lieutenant Duncan Sil

He is a ship's' captain and a mage, of great skill. He is a skilled Blood Binder, which has allowed him to create and animate his two dozen steel guard.

The Steel Guard

These Steel Guard are animated and enchanted warriors (with magical weapons) which are immune to magic spells, fast and agile and twice as strong as a person. They can fly.

Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan

Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan is known to be in exile from the Empire of Azuria. In 812 WK on her way to take up safe residence in the Court of Duke Brandenburg she stopped off in Calder and 'fell in love with the place' - read captured. In 814 WK her family was cursed never to enjoy the sun by the current Emperor of Azuria. Her six maids died within the first three years, living in such a damp & cold harsh northern climate, leaving her alone. She does not speak the common tongue. She is said to be close to Lieutenant Duncan Sil one of Lord Azzur's henchmen.

Winter 817 WK


April 26th


One of the six ships ready for departure, the others are months away. [Destruction next action?]
The source of the Sea Kraken call which is a stone in a deep well.
Discover hiding Sea Elves and a bound air tunnel.
See discord for full message.


Chase the Janx but lose the trail, and lots of lives.
The Drow are attempting to get 14 tons of raw sugar cane. Trader offering the 'Books of Carroc'.
See discord for full message.


Complete the training of Spy team.
Rumors received that the Ruby Scourge is going said to be behind the Drow.
See discord for full message.


Initial infiltration into Misra was for the most part a success.

The legal side of the trip was backed by the Engravers guild of Adjepbar & Izmiraldi of the Five sisters. With negotiations being conducted over part of a very large loan to the value of 33 million Silver pennies that the Drow are seeking. No information was gained on what the loan was being sought for.
The Drow as expected have a reasonably competent spy network themselves, which was able to disrupt the work of a number of the agents working for us, with several arrests being made. The arrested were accused of being Destinian spies.

Some information about the magic pool was gained.

  • If you drink from the pool it will kill you. If you then are resurrected you will become death aspected.
  • Many of the group MoMoLa have used this pool, especially the commanders and officers. This is the group believed to hold Castle Ravenloft in Borovia.
  • A lot more of the group are expected to return to use the pool in the near future.
  • A strange ship turns up out of the fog for two days either side of 15th of the month. Further information from the Guild suggests that this is The Black Fleet
  • The pool is powered by sacrifices.

Other information of note.

  • The MoMoLa have promised the Drow of Misra a permanent portal to Terranova for trade & security.
  • The MoMoLa are believed to have some adventurers seeking to infiltrate Alexandria to gain the blood of Hermes, and turn Hermes to work for them.
  • The Drow are using a long term poison that kills by removing the will to live.

The full report will be available on request. (See Discord channel)


PDF Report

I'm worried .... maybe I've been compromised. Twelve days of my life have gone missing and I don't know why. It's very tempting to fly to Seagate and get Cousin Starflower to do her mind thing and see what she can find out, but Lady Celine thinks that someone may be protecting me by making sure I don't know something It may even be Queen Meredith. At least I'm not addicted to 'Dream' any more. Celene says it could have been worse, could have been krrf, and I agree. Vile stuff that is.

The last thing I remember doing before the blank was Lady Bess Hardwick, one of Queen Meredith's ladies in waiting, informing me that one of my 'suitors' had purchased an item that will charm elves. If it turns out to be him, I'm really going to be royally angry and will, most likely, go 'medieval' on him. I don't like people messing with my mind. Anyway Bess offered to protect me with a counter charm ... and that's the last thing I remember. Oh ... so suspicious. I'm also rather concerned about where I was and what I was doing during those twelve days. It could have been something important, Whatever was used on me, it was stronger than the usual Binding Will - some sort of racial thing, Lady Celene said she had her agents tailing me and she's not overly concerned so I guess I shouldn't be as well. Still .......

It doesn't seem to be anything to do with this Brandenburg thing though. Seems that a good friend of the King has seen sending elves, by cloud, there and selling them into slavery. I managed to smuggle two elven volunteers onto the out going cloud with instructions to report back once they find out what's going on. So far I haven't heard back. Maybe it's time to go to Brandenburg myself and do some very discrete enquires personally. I had also sent my best agent, Giacomo Casanova on to this problem, who went undercover there, but I haven't from her either. Hope she's okay. I want to make sure that there's sufficient proof before presenting this to the Royal Court.



Confirming ship count and well info as per Turf's report.

Observed social activity in Borovia. Updated maps showing the Open Cast Mine.


In Dylath Tegan and I go undercover setting up visits for next month and trade trips to other cities for dropping off spys.


May 1st


As we continue in developing contacts in Dylath we get to know from the Drow records is -

Winter 816 WK Ritual in Borovia failed. Request for support from The War Party. A refitted ancient ships from the Elvish Isles sets sail and when changing plan fails & explodes at sea (all hands lost).

Winter 815 WK Some issues within the cities of Dylath and Bowlaw. Rumours of Master Bluevane behind the killing of some spies. Ritual in Borovia failed because of guild activity - 'A Doomsday Like Any Other'. Some spies go missing. Large scale excavation and digging in Borovia. Lord Azur crew continue to refit ancient ships under the Elvish Isles.

Summer 815 WK Issues in the Pagan Mountains with Morgor & Ruby Scourge & Kree.

814 WK Talk between Destiny & Supreme Commander (for the War Party). Secret Alliance with Lord Azur becomes almost public, and is denied.

Winter 814 WK Fallen Fawn first ritual in Borovia fails. Ruby Scourge said to move to The Pagan Mountains. Large scale excavation and digging in Borovia. With the catastrophic loss of Drow life in the Big Push fresh on the minds of the Drow in the Elvish Isles and the continued hit and run attacks on supply lines. A huge attack is mounted against the Sea Elves underwater city and rumour has it everything living within a mile died.

Drow Interception Group

Drow interception.

The group intercepting the Drow on Delph consisted of Sooty, Aryan, Turf, Callas, Captain Blood & Kilroy, The Drow were intercepted in the mountains of central Delph, by a lake shaped like a dogs paw with a bone to the east, with Elementals & Imps/Devils helping them guard the camp. The fight went as well as could be expected though the Drow when killed remained capable combatents in spirit form still, throwing a lot of Celestial magic. The spirits were notably not undead & immune to area of effect magic. A message scroll was recovered, which was intended to be used to curse/bind Hermes as well as some coded messages.

See #aryan channel in discord for full PDF if needed.


The coded messages were easily cracked once Reading Runes & Symbols was applied to them.

 Great Lord God Hermes
 We command you with this power word to do what we can not - at your best speed take this message without showing it to the 'night sky' or 'to any other',
 the following message to Terminius how is located in that place where mortals can not walk and return.
 Great lord Terminius, our arcane ritual has failed for the 4th year. I have killed those that failed me, and eaten their hearts so I now have both the power and skill.
 We no longer think that we can open the crypt and your cell at the same time from the outside. It is not possible.
 Four attempts and four fails.
 I have followed the dreams you have given me, and we have been promised the blood that will open the armoury to give us the Dark Skys.
 Our fifth attempt will not fail. We have new allies and are considering seeking servants of the coin from the city of fate where the waters of sweetness join the sea.  We may charm them to our aims.
 We may have to destroy the Iruloki Borrese as it only seeks power for itself and the skys say it will betray us and it cares not to even hide its true nature well from us. Such arrogance.
 We will now redouble our effort to find the hidden Zarovich family crypt from the outside. This is not a small task since the crypt is hidden from the touch or feel of elementals.
 We have been digging for some time and we are close to finding it. Once found we will open it at next Mid-Winter ritual.
 You agents Strahd von Zarovich will rise again and join us once the - Dark Skys - returns to Borovia and helps your Janx.
 To answer your question - Borovia has no navy or fleet for us to Destroy.
 Look to the east at sunset and the blood in the sky will carry our message in the clouds.
 Your faithfulfriend, lover and ally
 Supreme Commander Lady Dokkalfer


PDF Document

Aurora diplomatically reminds Sir Callus Kelpenwood that she has a manor in Highpoint, and she was staying with her Cousin Starflower for the sake of her mental health, - "but I'm feeling much better now thank you. Just because she runs a brothel is immaterial, I do not choose to question her life choices. Besides, she can be a real dragon when aroused." she replies with a smirk. He does point out though that it would not be in her best interest if people in the Western Kingdom Court knew that such a nice Lady/Girl such as Aurora was at a brothel ... her chances of finding a nice man would be greatly limited. She replies that she is not currently looking.

She also comes to the conclusion that her bloodline must somehow run back to an ancestor in Terranova that set up the ancient armoury in the first place. Could there be a tiny teeny weeny bit of drow in Aurora's bloodline?

She agrees that it may well be a trap but, if Guild members are going in the Pagan Mountains to do something about it, she'd like to help. Or is there something else that she can do. She's quite happy to monitor events in Koningberg if that is of help but she's also concerned about those elves that were being sent into slavery on Brandenburg but Sir Callus reassures her that the matter is in hand. She agrees to leave it in his more than capable hands. She also points out that only Lady Celine knows of her real visit to Seagate. All that anyone else knows that it was a 'family emergency' and she needed to consult with her cousin.

Also, if we can get hold of those 'agents in Brandenburg' and have them interrogated, that could be useful - if this hasn't already been done.

She does however point out that she had already promised to help, "a person of great importance whom I should not name" at the beginning of Spring but can only add it may require a trip to Purple. Maybe dropping off the grid in Spring is a really good idea - just in case they decide they need more blood .... or other body parts.

Little Dove

Elvish Isles Road from port to town allows you to travel quickly without fatigue. Small camp with a wooden palisade. Magic is hiding a well-established town, which has polished stone walls supported by rough is in vines and wood on the outside and from the jungles in some sort of carnivorous plants snapping and moving trying to eat anything that gets close. Smells of a pungent soporific that because of the stillness of the air keeps at away.

Access Supreme Commander entertaining Master Blackbone and Mr Moriquendi from Borovia. Supreme Commander later that night sends word that she wants your male lead sent to her chambers. You catch the eye of Master Blackbone Moriquendi and he clearly is interested in you.

  • Master Blackbone brings a sack of strange small orbs and a necklace for you as a gift. The orbs are watching eyes from a far-off realm. They are creepy and sinister.

Two days later he returns much the worse for wear but with some stories that you managed to corroborate when you politely made enquiries as to where your lead entertainment has gone -

Lady Dunmer of Moriquendi - of Borovia:

Said to have many allies within the Clan and Guard. Mr Moriquendi and Master Blackbone Moriquendi are the two bodyguards of Lady Dunmer of Moriquendi. They are said to be known to be able to become insubstantial by way of being spectral (visible in the spirit realm and seen as a insubstantial in the real world) at will and are excellent melee experts.

Master Blackbone Moriquendi

Is an unmatched melee warrior who is skilled at the art of six arm melee combat. Known to be able to see in all directions. Able to cast some Binder magics and is a skilled master Beastmaster, with a Chimera ally. Said to be a member of the Moriquendi clan.

Mr Moriquendi

Is said to have been Drow many hundreds of years ago but is different now. Is an very skilled Bardic and Binder mage with limited melee skills. He has a range of animated detachable binder body parts which crawl and act like spiders. Said to be a member of the Moriquendi clan.

  • After a two weeks of performing and entertaining in the town taken through a portal one late night to Borovia and shown to Master Blackbone's chambers.

The portal is guarded by some a dozen serpent priests that you do not recognise initially but after putting some thought into it you determine probably closely resembles that of serpent priests fought at the conclusion of the Western Kingdom Civil War.

Have worked out that Master Blackbone wishes to start performing alterations up on me. Have noticed he has started gathering and making two additional arms which match my current arms with uncanny accuracy. Have also noticed that he has started mixing six complex and complicated potions, some of the potions contain hairs from me.

  • At the end of the month you are spending many nights away from your troupe and I understand that my entertaining troupe they have gone to Terra Nova through another portal and entertained there at one of the city states for the War Party.


May 3rd


Counter espionage operations started in Seagate.
Initial indications are the weak link in the area may be the Destinian spy ring, with a lot of people following their activities.
Several people who are potentially misleadable have been identified.
---What sort of rumours do we want to try and feed back to various organisations?
Further mention of Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, in exile, allegedly cursed to have to avoid the sun, and having health issues.
---Given their position in Brandenburg, potentially turned into a vampire?
The Drow in Borovia are wanting to establish an embassy in New Seagate to gain access to hiring at the guild. Rumour says they are offering 2 million silver for this, and that the Duke is considering granting this.
---Potential for faking trouble, or for creating real trouble from a potential rival in order to prevent this embassy being established?


In Terranova we find out where there are portals to Borovia or the Elvish isles.

The portal from The Elvish Isles are being moved between the two cities of Dinossz City and Moriquendi on a odd date it is goes to Moriquendi.

we also check whether there are any black fleet in town, and try to make contact. They are not. we have noticed some late winter riots on the streets of Dylath as drow want to return to the old ways.

Three agents have failed to report in from the Runes of Menzoberranzan and the linking life force stopped working within an hour of each other. From our work with pets - news about a couple of the larger families are rumoured to be gathering more arms and guards and slaves and food than normal within the city of Dylath 'what do they know'.

Also we made contact with the Raphilites outside of the city of Dylath and Dinossz City.


Spent the past month resting and recovering in Seagate. I did take Sir Callus's advice and found accommodation more fitting to a Lady of my status. Kept an ear, via my contacts in the Royal Court, on happenings there (nothing to report on that front) as well as reports of activities on Seagate, which Sooty seems to have well in hand. When I get back from Purple, I'd like to keep an eye on that - may actually be useful to have contacts there as well.

Spring 817 WK


May 8th


From Terranova

Is Master Bluvane Visible is not visible even with infravision. When in town other than going out for drinks my contacts are unsure what it does most of the time. We have seen a pattern that each time he is in town, shortly after the food prices go up as some of the merchants purchase extra food. We are not sure who he frequents other than two merchants. I have managed to get spies into both merchants now. He has multiple companions and apparently goes home with a different one every night and he should be easily seducible

Th portalins in Dinossz City and Moriquendi should be easily accessible by disguised spies, as the Snake-Priests do not need to know the Subject to allow access. No slaves go thru carrying cargo.

The gossips in the High society We have managed to place 3 spies heavily supported by back-stories new identifies as woman into the Dylath records. Using this new identity and some of your new wealth you make a small splash on the social seen as a noble Drow woman of wealth a power come in from the Provinces. You spend three weeks using this new identity to get invites to important events that as a male you would be excluded too. Clearly you will now be able to go much future that before within Dylath social circles.

Other agents report in; they now have a secret rune portal network that can get six people at once to and from Dinossz City from Dylath city in only two days trevel time.


Warning delivered to Hermes. Nothing of significance from my Seagate contacts & actions.


Out on adventure this month off plane - Anticipatory_Revenge


May 10th


Performed duties for his Order in Pasifika.
While there investigated reports of empty villages, which after piecing things together are guessed to be Drow Slavers. Estimates are 800 people taken in the raids as well as all the villages stored fish.
The vessels are likely about half way back to Terra Nova.


Out on adventure this month off plane - Anticipatory_Revenge


I have enrolled in the wr party and I will prob go to Moriquendi where everything is happening The idea is to spy from within the troops.

I have manage to join the local war party in Dylath. It is made up of second rate actors who have been left in Dylath to keep an eye on things. You are invited (under your new female identity) to come to Dinossz City to be their for a tour of the Dark Skies - as it is due to arrive next month for a tour.

My cover is well received in the War Party, and everyone agrees that Ithilmore is useless as a Queen and we are starving. Your new position mean you can purchase a commission in one of the armies, and your new friends are happy to help you do so. Rumour has it an army for the Queen is on its way from the Capital to Dylath.

The merchants in Dylath are scared. In the second week the guard arrives from the capital and quickly enters the city which the city guard seem to put up some resistance to them entering the city. They attempt to seize the merchants and widespread riots and fighting in the streets and offers of food and slaves make the normal allienance flow back and forth withmuch bloodshed and over two thousand slaves and guards killed in the fighting.

Reports come in about food riots in the Capital city. The Temple of Seir declares it is not a sin to steal food, and more food related problems increase.

Some merchants fleet by ship. Riots continue in the third week until it suddenly stops. In the middle of the 3rd week a huge wave of fornication sweeps the land. The temples of Sitri somehow gets everyone to stops fighting for a week and to fornicate widely with everyone else. The site of street orgys are unsetteling. After four days of this everyone seems to wake from a enchanted orgy and slowly return to rioting for food and fighting.

Reports from spies about fornication in the Capital come in. A spy reports that the Dylath merchants association are happy they have received word that they have secured a large amount of food in trade for precious metals from a land over the sea, it will soon be heading to the Elvish Isles and then by portal to Terranova. They expect food within 6 months.

A spy reports that the Morequandi Clan elders have send an offer of food for troops to help in the war effort to Queen Ilthmores. They want 1200 good troops for two years service for 120 ship loads of food. They also want the Queen Ilthmores to kill all those involved in the Kurf trade.

A report comes in that Tegan has gone missing. At the end of the month a merchant returns from trading in far off lands and cities and has a troupe of four entertainers with him who formerly worked for Little Dove. They are now in your care.

A messenger slave from the house and city of Morequandi arrives - A delegation from Morequandi city would like permission to visit next month. The message says to slay the messenger slave if you do not wish to offer your clan protection to the proposed delegation from Morequandi city. The slave looks nervous


May 15th


Out on adventure this month off plane - Anticipatory_Revenge


In the first week I accept the offer of the commission in the War Party army. I report in to the general command in Moriquendi city and given your wide range of language skills, you quickly find a good position to work from within the general staff command which is made up of 130 Drow from many families and powerful clans.

Scuttlebug within the group is that the replacement of MoMoLa deployment in Borovia as they are due soon, and will need to be replaced. I could work my way into this command and be sent to Borovia if we wish.

In the second week I am part of a larger group that head through a portal and find myself in New Moriquendi, in the Elvish Isles. You spend a week here working on a water reclaimer which is due to head to Borovia.

In the third week I are confident of my judgement of the Drow around me and I have a short list of Drow you could recruit or work with to get more information. I use my cover story of - 'I am not investigating on behalf of the Queen and I Believe she she is meddling where she shouldn't'. It works well and I find that the war party are in fact trying to undermine her.

In the fourth week I return home on leave timed to coincide with the visiting delegation form the powerful Moriquendi clan in Dylath in my normal disguise in Dylath not as a member of the War Party.

The Moriquendi clan have sent 1,200 members with warriors and mages and slaves to come and talk to us and other families of note in Dylath. The general message is - 'Mar Sue' the ambassador for the Moriquendi clan, wishes our support for the Moriquendi clan and our position of power in Dylath will be assured under any new leadership. Food will flow once again, and the Kurf problem will be controlled, as they know who is behind it. They assure me it will stop or all those behind it will die.

They politely leave. To go on to the next family they are visiting in Dylath.

I quickly return to your duties in the War Party high command in Moriquendi city. I find that slaves are still being sacrificed and food and general conditions in Moriquendi city is very good compared to Dylath.

I find out that a working group in the War Party was set up two years ago to stamp out the Kurf problem and they have gained funds and manpower and Drow officers for a operation that is due to happen next month, across many cities. I could probably join this group if we wish.


Established early warning watch in Pasifika, about 30 strong. Some fliers, some wave-riders, some fire scrying. Rune portals in the Order lodges to move people around by. Otherwise nothing new to report.


Contacted by Sooty, and ended up helping him with his endeavours. Also offered my services to Aryan in case he needed assistance.

Summer 818 WK


May 17th


Away on a Guild Mission for the month of Meadow.


Training early warning scouts in Pasifika completed.


May 22nd


I manage to get into the general command and as their have been deaths on the Kurf raiding team I have been appointed. With inside information in the second and third week I have tipped of Prudence to the plans and 300 Moriquendi troops and around 200 town guard are killed. Everyone is sad. They commanders have call for more men. No one thinks you are behind it as I have lost my left hand in the fighting and they have to heal me in week four.


Spoke to tribal chiefs in Pasifika to calm things down.
Visited Kings Rapiers, delivered Traps, did some minor healing work.
Helped Aryan out with 'trade' plans.
End of Heat received a message from Pasifika from friends indicating Aurora was in trouble.


May 29th


Two attacks on 'Silverfoams' interrupted in first half of the month. Second half of the month quiet after Kilroy's actions.

Autumn 818 WK


May 31th


REPORT: Fruit Autumn 818.
Val estate defended with ease.
Ishamael recovered.
Troubadour ranking started.


June 5th


REPORT: Harvest Autumn 818
Ranking on horns.
Healing one of the healers who suffered an accident.

Report for Games & SGT

The aim of this is so that Characters and The Seagate Times, can gain a "report" which will be a useful document which will be for Guild members only (as in - there is no chance of the enemy getting ahold of the information).

Winter 818 WK