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Clementine is a bear and a big bear too. She is a shape-shifter Hobbit-bear, and can also change into an owl. She is played by Kelsie. She is a previous holder of the Star of Alusia. Clementine has a home in Amber Village which is in the west of Carzala.

Royal appointment

Summer 818 WK - Baroness Clementine was appointed leader of the Kings Rapiers (Western Kingdom) by His Royal Highness King Ulric Schwarzrotgold of the Western Kingdom.

Royal Awards

Clementine has been enobled by King Ulric as the Lady Sceptre of Scurestaff of the Western Kingdom. This is a title created by King Ulric in Spring 810 in recognition of the faithful stewardship of the sceptre by Lady Clementine of Seagate when she returned it to the keeping of King Ulric. Clementine was awarded the manor of Scurestaff in Southern Bolar on the border with Aladar which is 4 sq miles in size. She has been presented a broach with a depiction of the Sceptre upon in and she has a court rank of Baroness (when court rank is important) and the deed to her manor titles her as 'Lady Scurestaff'. She may bear the sceptre to the King at the coronation or nominate another to undertake the role. This is a hereditary right to be passed down through the family with precedence being to the female line and then male until the end of her issue.