Superstition Mountains

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Formed of huge slabs of limestone, the Superstitions are almost impassable except by boat through the gorges of the Rumble, Snake, Thunder, and Loflar Rivers. A single path does run through the southern reaches of the mountains near the Barren Hills.

Superstition Mountains Dwarves
Beneath the mountains festers a major Dwarven stronghold, famed for its steam empowered mining equipment, its steam cannon defences, and the wily cunning of its merchants.

Clan Chief Dunbait Hammerstrong III is the chieftain of the largest clan (Hammerstrong) within the Mountains' and wise and good the leader of the realm. They are an active member of the Axe Alliance.

Outsiders think that as many as 2,400 Dwarfs live in the Superstition Mountains. There are closer to 5,640 as of 805AP. The Dwarves re-opening the old fortress levels to make room for more Dwarves. Some 4,000 warriors from the Granit Peaks arrived in late 805 WK taking the population over 12,000 Dwarves.

In late 811WK the Royal family came to an agreement and understanding with Lord Silverfoam of Borovia & the Seagate Adventurers Guild. The Superstition Mountains have become host to around 10,000 people from Borovia. Silverfoam of the Seagate Adventurers Guild, is actively working hard to help pay for the stay of the Borovians'.

Seagate to Superstition Mountains Map

817 WK
At the lowest point of the rapids is the main fortified entrance to the Dwarven Stronghold of the Superstition Mountains. Running 30 miles north from the entrance is new stone road which runs alongside the river cutting through tunnels at times to connect north to the new stone port of New Borovia Port, and again north to Borovia Hold.

816 WK

Tunnels added to the road.

814 WK
Upgrade from a dirt path to full Dwarven road started.

807 WK
Superstition Mountains Dwarves help Carzala with Dark Circle war.

~300 WK
Stories say that in approximately the year 400 the Superstition Mountains Dwarves gained an understanding with Camdindel

~217 WK
Some sketchy records say 'A fortified entrance to the Dwarven Stronghold of the Superstition Mountains seen at a distance by Kestrel'.

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