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Email me at: Email Jono . . . .Games Jono Bean has run

Sometime I GM. I can be phoned on 021 917 173.

I have played DQ since around 1988. I have played and enjoyed a wide range of other Role-Playing systems, and I did not play a lot between 2000 and 2005 but did play some online Games including Everquest. Information from players for Jono I like to get before the game starts.

Jonathan Bean

I have the following characters:

Skills 2020

Random/Crazy stuff I have worked on

Stuff I am currently working on

A new cool multi-layered PDF map of Alusia

  • Jotunheim - Lands of the Giant. This source book is for the GMs running a 4 year multi-GM event.
  • I hope to get back to working on To protect a merchant at some point.

On hold for the moment *Quickstone - High - Thursday - GM: Jono Bean

Links to Loot I have given out as GM.

Below is a map I am currently working on.

Dec 2007 work

Carzala Maps

Below are a range of maps as Jpeg files which cover the area of Carzala. The have names and have been changed to fit with the population figure of 60k to 80k.

All are in full colour and A4 sized of Carzala area;

  • 0.5 MB - here for a 80 DPI - aimed at computer screen use overview and little real readable detail.
  • 1.5 MB - here for a 150 DPI - aimed at only just readable on a good printed A4 copy with good eye-sight.
    • 1.3 MB - here for a 150 DPI - with no village names &, blue dots, trails on a good printed A4 copy with normal eye-sight.
    • 1.4 MB - here for a 150 DPI - with Ghostly 25% villages & dots, very light trails and streams & rivers aimed at A4 printing.
  • 4.5 MB - here for a 300 DPI - aimed at being read with ease on a printed A4 page.

Brastor Maps:

Published Booklets

Completed for the moment.