Champion River

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The Champion River runs south out of the Northern tip of the West Bounders. From there the first 20 miles comprise narrow gorges, fast flowing river and plenty of white water, before it heads into the flatter lands of southern Brastor.

While vessels start to ply the river from Hugler's Ferry, Brastor Landing is where the bulk of the river trade is conducted.

Winding north through to the Western Edge of The Greenwood the river becomes treacherous shortly after it leaves the woods as there are a series of rapids that try the heart of the staunchest bargemen as the river carves it's way through Ildrisholm before meeting up with the Sweetwater.

Through this area, a path has been carved into the canyon to allow Oxen teams to pull barges up stream. In the spring, this service is suspended as the spring floods can flood this pathway without warning.

In the Ildrisholm section the river is known to be home to a number of water Fae including Nixies.