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As per Hamishes level calculator.
Overall: High
Warrior: Medium-High
Mage: Medium-High
Utility: Some
Specials: Medium


A well tanned elf with a rugged but handsome appearance, he has been around the guild a number of years now and is known as a fire mage, though not overly skilled. He is known for having carried a number of old burn scars for many years, though they appear to have now been regenerated. He is usually seen when around the guild in simple grey robes, pottering around assisting in the healers quarters at the guild, seeing to injuries. When on adventure he now wears a silvery suit of armour, as well as an assortment of strange & familiar weapons. His cloaks tend to always be appear tattered and burnt for some reason.

Main play style

In Combat

In Combat Sooty will try to open with a few buff or debuff type spells, such as an Enhance Enchant, Ashen Barrier or Ashen Malevolence. After this he will head onto attack spells, tending towards AoE magic where practical. If there is time before a fight he may drop a wall or two, but doesn't employ much battlefield preparation as people don't like burnt ground.
If need be he can pinch hit as a warrior but doesn't have the fancy protections to survive in the front line for long.

Out of Combat

Sooty operates primarily as a buff mage out of combat, with Elemental protection, Defence spell, & Endurance Armour which along with his enhance enchant can last all or most of the day. He also works as the party healer.
He has several travel magic options for ground, air or portal travel depending on preparation and needs.

Background & History

Joined Guild summer of 802.
Sooty's appearance at the guild was a bad start, turning up half dead at the gates with serious burns covering most of him. Hauled into the healers by some good Samaritan, as Sooty recovered he engaged in work, and eventually training at the guild, finally signing on at the start of the Summer of 802 as a member having completed his training in the Fire College.
A long off plane adventure shortly afterwards saw Sooty set up for what seemed like life with a large haul of treasure from off plane, enabling him to be more open to helping with things he felt like, rather than simply those that paid for him to live from month to month.
In the spring of 804, while helping escort a party of travellers across a series of planes, he discovered his original plane of origin Thar. No signs of life were spotted so he has no idea if he has kin still living on the plane, or where exactly on it he was from, as a mere 75 mile distance is known about, but he has now discovered home.
From there, he has taken an interest in the welfare of the travellers he escorted, as they are somewhat a potential tie to home, and has been involved in several trips around the planes on the route taken and their other linked planes while seeking to discover more about himself, and his origins.
In Winter of 814 he also accepted the invitation from the Order of the Wandering Warriors based in Pasifika to join their ranks, based on his actions during the Sahuagin invasion and the subsequent Zombie plague that followed. Since then he regularly spends most Spring times down in the region assisting as a Healer around the trading post & helping train the new warriors. Much of the rest of his time is spent off plane, where he is working on slowly restoring the central tree of an ancient elven tree city, containing a number of temples to the local gods as well as a vast library.



Sooty's primary motivation stems from his work as a healer, he enjoys fixing things. Though his version of fixing things isn't always the same as other people, and he often see's no need to meddle in affairs, instead to let them play out naturally.
He has no particular bias with regards to the powers of light or dark, seeing them all as part of the same coin, and will work with most of them to achieve what he believes is required, though always with caution due to experience. Those that deal only in death and decay are the only powers he is reluctant to work with, as little comes from them that is useful.


Primary Skills

Healer: Sootys' primary profession when not training or out on adventure, Sooty has achieved his final mastery. He has worked as a lesser healer since he started adventuring, tending to simple wounds at the guild healers when not adventuring or training.
Troubadour: While not a master of the arts, Sooty has learnt the coarser forms of entertainment more suited to country folk and taverns, in order to provide for himself while travelling long distance. He has also learnt some skill in the harp, originally from an enchanted harp he picked up, but has taken the skill beyond that the enchantment gave him, in case he ever has to perform at a court.
Ranger: Acquired in an early adventure, Sooty has learnt the tricks of reading the lay of the land and how to wring sustenance from tortured souls in the hells, though difficult.
Military Scientist: Currently skilled in Skirmish and Naval combat, Sooty intends to primarily specialize in Underwater and Aerial Tactics filling an area most take little interest in, and giving him additional skills he can contribute while at sea, though in ship to ship combat a fire mage can make for a potent addition.


Sooty is able to use a number of weapons to high ranks, and related weapons to them at middling ranks. He is specialized in the old elven weapons, rapier & unarmed.


Sooty has high fluency in a small number of languages mainly focused on the elvish families along with an understanding of some other common tongues, however he is highly adaptable, able to learn new languages related to those he speaks very fast.

Adventuring Skills

Climbing: Pretty practiced, though obviously elves like trees, not cliffs.
Horsemanship: A practised, though not natural rider, Sooty has mastered the art of casting from Horseback, but due to being a fire mage, doesn't overly favour horseriding.
Flying: About as good as you can get naturally even for an elf, Sooty has some chance of surviving the odd reckless thing he does like flying between waterspouts and cliffs inside caves.
Stealth: Moderately trained, Sooty may be able to sneak up on someone unsuspecting these days, though an alert guard is likely to be another story.
Swimming: Perhaps unusually for most Fire Mages, Sooty has practised his swimming, while not an expert swimmer by any means, he is capable enough of swimming as long as conditions don't get too rough.

Artisan Skills

Bricker: Sooty's trade at home prior to the accident which burnt it to the ground and gave Sooty his scars. He had barely completed his apprenticeship and hasn't particularly worked at taking it further, being at the mudbrick and straw level of skill.
Cobbler: Acquired so he could mend his own boots, and resize any stolen pairs he might have to wear for whatever reason, but not intended as a major pursuit at present.
Sailor: Recently learnt, to add to his Aquatic range of skills, Sooty is aiming to become accomplished at ship handling, sail mending and splicing for situations his fire magic and Naval Tactics knowledge isn't applicable.


To be redone at some point soon in a better format and to reflect the changes over the last few years.

Primary Magics

Unusual Stuff

Other Stuff

Major Items

  • Elemental Lance: Formally of Milloo, this has been changed by the Pasifikan gods now. Now contains the spirits of a Fire & Air Shaman of Pascifika. Shape of Elven Spear. Full Air & Fire Upgrades.
  • Amulet of Jasper: Allows resisting of draining. Sooty now makes these, though his supply of components is limited.
  • Sharkskin Bracers, +2 AP, +20 Defence, Non stacking but highest applies.

Major Oddities

  • Elven Talents: The Elven Talents enhance Sootys' ability with Elven Weapons, giving some more tactical options and ignoring some protections.
  • Drains Undead to heal self.