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A place for all the Scribe notes relating to the Islands. A number of these are yet to be displayed on the Scribe notes page as they are planned adventures and will be added to that page closer to their date as details will change due to events on previous games.

Any adventures set for the future are open for players to sign up. I review each list of players a few weeks before the game is due to start.


Return of the King - Autumn 806
The party rescued the Riverman from the clutches of the Cockroach Shaman Shareal. As well as completing their primary mission to recover the leader of a Mercenary company and return him to his home-world.
Rio - Spring 806
The party lifted the curse on the northern lands and freed the sister of the Termite Shaman Isreana while attracting the attentions of all five Dragons.
Crystal Ship - Autumn 807
A party is employed to negotiate delivery of 2 large crystals, in the process helping a secretive clan of of dwarves and getting involved with Calamar.
Save A Prayer and Flute Interlude - Winter 807
Two parties are employed by the Dwarves of Insel der Freiheit; One is sent to recover a priest believed to be of pure enough heart to play a flute designed to destroy the source of Kyonite Crystal, the other to recover the flute itself.
Skin Trade - Autumn 808
A Party is hired to track down the source of another plague that has sprung up in Setagen.
Reach Up for the Sunrise - Spring 808
A party is asked to resolve the issue of a Stone Elf Army that has landed on the shores of Insel der Freiheit
Red Carpet Massacre - Winter 813

A party is asked to investigate a ship loaded with corpses.


A number of characters have previous experience with the Isles.

1 Visit 2 Visits 3 Visits
Anooke Logan Kern Silvercrest
Brundar Mortimer Kit
Haann Uberreich Silverfoam Thaeuss
Kin Tari
Kirgoth Everan
Lucius Menolly
Morgan the Orc Victoria
Father Broc

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