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Played by Karen Dransfield Contacted via menolly @



Menolly is a very young female elf, who is very naive, and sometimes says things that are very "blonde". She usually wears greens, and is very inquisitive about new things. Following her are a growing group of pets including a large male dog called Briar, a female dog called Basil and a small dog called Borage.

She once had a small female monkey called Bella who died. She was very sad and has decided to find ways of making her pets tough before getting another wee monkey again.



Menolly tries to be a jack of all trades, with a smattering of skills. She has skills as a Healer, a Beast Master (specialising in canines), an Alchemist, a worker of skins, hides and furs, can ride a horse reasonably well, a Ranger (specialising in woods) and a Cartographer and Navigator and Artisan Animal Husbandry. She recently began learning about how to be a Herbalist, an Artisan - Cook and how to catch fish.


Although her mind is sharp, her puny arms don't hold up much. She has developed techniques in throwing things, such as rocks, and other grenado such devices. And she can wield a dagger and the staff. Recently she has spent some time training in some more weapons so her heroic acts don't get her too much into trouble.

Spells and Talents

Menolly is at one with the earth and so uses her abilities in Earth Magics. She is a pacifist and prefers to negotiate in times of trouble, rather than with combat. She has a range of spells to help others, speaking with things and helping keep safe.


Currently playing: 813 Autumn Walk_a_Crooked_Mile

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