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Father Broc von Hecklyn

Broc is a elven Rune mage and SAG member for some 500 years now! In his distant past he was a Binder (the non evil kind) but grew out of it along with the names Karys and Fenton. He was married to Kasmira (an ex guild member) with whom he has 12 children (Casmira passed on in 804), the most notorious being Ithilmor and Ithildin who are again SAG members.

The Von Hecklyn family have an estate in Gracht in the deep forest beside a deep highland mere there where they have lived since 297. The area is known as 'The Forest Lakes'.

In appreciation of the work the Von Hecklyns did in settling the area and the staunch defence of the area against bandits, Broc was given the title 'Baronet von Waldheim' in 405.

As of Winter 805 Father Broc has been appointed the Priest to the Court of the Baron of Newcourt where he has moved his more 'stable' family members (excluding the more itinerant Guildmembers of Ithildin and Ithilmor) to an estate near Newcastle. His daughter Casmira von Hecklyn has agreed to live in the Castle with him to provide assistance where necessary and maintain his quarters if he is away for any periods.

He still retains a townhouse in Old Seagate for use by himself and fellow Gabrielites in times of need. Brother Ga'fenton can be found in the Old Seagate townhouse who has the means to reach Broc should he be absent.

Father Broc is a church historian of renown, with specialities in King Sigismund (his court history, family and battles), WK Church activities over the past 500 years, the area in and around Newcastle and the Binder College.

Broc is known to dabble in wine making and is currently trying to make a new type of wine he has termed Holberry Wine which has a unique and some say sharp taste to it. He has currently made only a few vintages of this 'wine'

Broc is played by Chris C

What Father Broc has been up to (by session)

Spring 803

In Spring - Broc investigated a strange riddle on another very strange plane.

See Scribe notes: http://dq.sf.org.nz/library/snsp0302.pdf

Winter 804

In Winter - Broc investigated the disappearance of would be suitors from a castle in Newcourt.

See Scribe notes: http://dq.sf.org.nz/library/snwi0403.pdf

Winter 805

In Winter - Broc investigated the deaths of some Knights in the Area NE of the Guild and discovered some lost people and a great threat to the safety of the Guild in an ancient temple sought after by denzins of the Dark Circle.

See Scribe notes: Where the Wind Blows

Summer 806

In Summer - Broc dealt with some void wolves over in Terranova. (READ: Collected the souls of sentient entities in return for payment).

See Scribe notes: Big Bad Void Wolf

Broc was then part of a party who successfully tracked down a serial murderer in Seagate.

See Scribe notes: Black Watch: The Nightmare Murders

Autumn 806

In Autumn - Broc returned to Newcastle in an effort of ensure the Wedding of Lady Justine went as planned and without yet another postponement which would have had some social repreccussions. The wedding occured in Mid Autumn on the 15th of Harvest as planned.

See Scribe notes: White Wedding

Winter 806

Broc ...

Autumn 811

Strange things were afoot in Newcourt and so I returned with haste at the call from Lady Justine D'Ambervile (the younger) and I was accompanied by Aryan, Cher, Tari, Hagen, Gerald and Amelia where we dealt with complex plots and machination involving huge power, the White Tower and the White Lodge. We stopped a conspiracy but more continue - see Harvest Moon.

Winter 811

Broc is off in the far north developing new contacts and assisting the locals along with Mordrin, Eltan, Mebh and Shem-inah

Spring 812

Broc went on a mission (Things_Fall_Apart) off plane to help aid a few friends. On the adventure his daughter Ithilmor gave birth to her first daughter (a hag named x) and then married Turf just before our doom arrived.

Summer 813

Broc returns to the Guild to find a missive from Lady Justine (snr) and so goes on Within and Without as the fate of many hangs on the outcome.

Autumn 813

Red carpet massacre

Winter 814

Network of Sin

Holly Points

  • Winter 806 - Newcourt to Seagate 400 miles
  • Winter 807 - Newcourt to MMHS 500 miles
  • Winter 808 - Newcourt to Alfheim 600 miles
  • Winter 809 - Newcourt to Konigburg in central Aquila - 700 miles
  • Winter 810 - Newcourt to Drakenburg 800 miles
  • Winter 811 - Newcourt to Algain 900 miles
  • Winter 812 - Newcourt to Adjepbar in the Five Sisters - 1000 miles
  • Winter 813 - Newcourt to Elfenburg - 1100 miles
  • Winter 814 - Newcourt to Destiny - 1200 miles
  • Winter 815 - Newcourt to Chelemby - 1300 miles
  • Winter 816 - Newcourt to Eidolon - 1400 miles
  • Winter 817 - Newcourt to Thought - 1500 miles
  • Winter 818 - Newcourt to Siena - 1500 miles

Wine notes

  • Winter 806 - A 20pt and a 10pt fine Bordeaux
  • Winter 807 - A 30pt fine Syrah
  • Winter 808 - 3 10pt Merlots
  • Winter 809 - Another 30pt Syrah
  • Winter 810 - A 25pt and a 5pt Reisling
  • Winter 811 - 3 10pt Sauvignons
  • Winter 812 -
  • Winter 813 -
  • Winter 814 -
  • Winter 815 -
  • Winter 816 -
  • Winter 817 -

Planes Broc has Access to

(work in progress - as i review notes - CC 05/03/19)

  • Edo and Lucknow on Edwardia