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Played by Chris C

Kern is the Lord Warden of the Northern Marches of Artzdorf_and_Flugelheim as of Summer 807. He was the Baron of Steinhugel, which is part of County Grobbety in Aladar until Winter 809 when he was stripped of his lands and titles and then exiled for a diplomatic incident with an Aquilan Baron Freiherr Dietrich von Hochburg.

Kern is an Elven adept of the Earth College and the guild classifies him as High in ability.

A straight forward character is Kern, in terms of his penchant for action and simplistic thought processes at times. He is a well meaning and kind soul making his way in the chaos that is the current age. Kern is known for his solid support of allies in trouble and willingness to interpose himself in front of danger and gain valuable time for more vulnerable allies and friends.

He is not pacted to Kubti.

Kern is practically RETIRED.

Physical details

Kerns is a 6ft 2inch tall, solidly built elf with Blond hair, blue eyes and rugged features. He is dressed in leather armour (made from the skin of an Ice Wurm), a thick Brown hooded cloak, scuffed brown leather boots and black gauntlets with an embroidered picture of a Mace on them. He carries a hand and a half sword in a shoulder/back sheath, a mace on his belt ,daggers in arm sheaths and almost always has a pike nearby.


"I am Kern Silvercrest, husband of Corrina Wansbone, father of Jean & Cyrus and a Fey friend.
I am an Earth Mage of middling skill and I specialise in Conjuring and Controlling Earth Elementals, Strength of Stone and other sundry Special Knowledge spells. I have Armour of Earth but it isn't standard. I am skilled as a Warrior, Military Scientist, Mechanician, Courtier, Beast-master, Ranger and in several other assorted skills. I am a front-line fighter and will stand by you and protect you all till I fall."


Kern has the following skills:

  • Warrior - Rank 10
  • Military Scientist - Rank 10 with many specialties
  • Courtier - Rank 6
  • Beast-master - Rank 5
  • Mechanician - Rank 10 - specialties in Stonework, Earthworks, Fortifications and Siege Weaponry. He has become a Master Mechanician recently with his work in Mines, Complex Mechanics, Hydro Mechanics and Experimental Engineering in the area of Tunnels.
  • Ranger - Rank 7 specialising in Woods
  • Herbalist - Rank 7
  • Cook - Rank 4. He makes a mighty hearty stew to enable him and his comrades to stay focused and able to fight almost all the day.
  • Toymaker - Rank 2

Kern has become proficient at a number of weapons and some to their highest possible rank.
He has:

  • 20 weapons ranked 4+
  • 16 weapons ranked 5+
  • 9 weapons ranked 6+
  • 6 weapons ranked 7+
  • 3 weapons ranked 8+



Birth place



Holdings, Businesses or such

The Silvercrest Family

Important Dates

  1. SUMMER - 12th Meadow 807wk - Kern's Birthday - born 770wk
  2. AUTUMN - 7th Harvest 807wk - Letitia's Birthday - born 792wk
  3. WINTER - 4th Frost 807wk - Jean(f) & Zyrus(m) - the twins Birthdays - born 806wk
  4. WINTER - 10th Frost 807wk - Cordelia's Birthday - born 798wk
  5. WINTER - 30th Ice 807wk - Kern and Corinna's Wedding Day
  6. SPRING - 14th Seed 807wk - Corinna's Birthday - born 778wk
  7. SPRING - 22nd Blossom 807wk - Anniversary of 'New Beginnings day'


Birthdays are well celebrated by the Silvercrest's and the tradition of giving gifts to the person growing older is a firm one. If one is absent during a birthday then they must bring 3 presents to the birthday person to apologise. If one is away from the family for their birthday then a celebration is held over until the day of their return to the family home.


  • General Todesstein This is Kern's alias when he is in 'Hell' acting for Sabrina and directing troops on her behalf as her Lieutenant.

What has Kern been up to (by session)

Spring 794

Kern went to another plane to deal with some problems there.

Scribe Notes:

Summer 797

Kern and others helped find some gold.

Scribe Notes: Miners and Mages

Autumn 800

Kern ventured into the Dark Circle with a number of other very tough 'associates' to deal with some problems there.

Scribe notes: Battles in the Dark

Winter 800

Kern escorted Countess Kirsten and her baggage train through to Aquila from Seagate and helped deal with some small issues that crept up on the way.

Scribe Notes: Escort to Countess Kirsten

Summer 804

Kern returned to Artzdorf and Flugelheim to see what was causing the infernal cold that threatened to take the realm into another dimension.

Scribe notes: Return to the Cold

Spring 805

Kern went off plane to Aleria to aid some women who had lost their brother in a kidnapping. See "How Much for the Little Boy".

This mission was from Candlemansa on the 1st Thaw 805 until 8th Thaw 805 during which time the party accomplished their goal and solved the mystery kidnapping.

Kern was also lucky enough to meet and start courting a young lady of Aleria named Corinna Wansbone whom has accompanied Kern (along with her two younger sisters Cordelia Wansbone and Letitia Wansbone) to his Barony in Aladar.

Kern has fervent hopes of a more permanent relationship with Corinna but is allowing her and her sisters plenty of time to get to known him and familiarize themselves with this new plane of Alusia.

Kern spent the rest of Spring805 with Corinna and her sisters making them at home and continuing his courtship with Corinna. Kern has engaged the services of a number of tutors for the ladies in both Magical theory and Healing. They continue to live on Kerns estate in Steinhugel, west of Alpersbach in the Sandskyne Hills of Southern Aladar.

Corinna is expecting her Blessed child to be born in Winter 806 on the 4th of Frost.

Summer 805

Kern went off into the Dark Circle on a mission to convince the Horse Barbarian tribes that had sided with Rashak to change their allegiance and move away from Rashak's control and the coming battles. This was all covered in the adventure titled The Warriors Big Day Out.

Met with;

  • Ian McDonald at the McDonald Stronghold in Sthn Tuscana
  • Duncan Cameron at the new Cameron Stronghold 24m SSW of Greasington (20m W of the lake)
  • General Kafnic at Castle Chilton where he was directing the local battles in Brastor
  • Foras who helped us with our disguises and language skills in exchange for clearing out one of his towers that had been overrun by followers of Furfur.
  • Nakha (wild goose) is the barbarian we spend time with learning customs and immersing ourselves in languages and tribal backgrounds appropriate for the tribal meet we are to attend
  • Harold and Geoffrey the Horse Traders in Galon, Waterford. These traders had appropriate horses for us

We infiltrated the following tribes: The Tribes of Stone (Razor), Keepers of the Flame (Grendel), Children of the deep waters (Eric), Gazers at the heaven (Kern), Children of the Traveller (Mebh), Hiders in the Shadows (Aryan), Followers of the Sun (Gok).

We succeeded in turning the tribes away from being allies to Rashak and lead them East across the Sea of Grass out of Rashaks reach and control. Myself and several of the party stayed with the tribes an additional season until the end of Winter 805 for protection and to train / learn from the tribes people.

Summer 806

Kern remained on his estate, training and helping around the barony. Kern during this time engaged the services of a number of mages to enhance the security of the Rune Portal through to Aleria and added enhancements to "The Onion closet" in the lower left store room at the guild.

GUILD NOTES: As of late Summer 806 there is now a guard posted outside the Onion closet at all times and wards are in evidence.

Autumn 806

Kern has once again travelled to the Isles of Freedom
Scribe notes: Return of the King

Winter 806

Kern visited Artzdorf and Flugelheim again looking for a hidden temple.
Scribe Notes: Search for the lost Temple

Spring 806

Summer 807

Kern was made the Lord Warden of the Northern Marches of Artzdorf and Flugelheim at teh start of this season and dispatched to develop the lands for the good of the kingdom

Autumn 807

Kern has once again traveled to the Isles of Freedom
Scribe notes: Crystal Ship

Winter 807

Kern has traveled to far Ruska and led victorious Ruskan armies to retake their lands overrun by Calamar forces.

Scribe Notes: See Winter War

Spring 807

Kern returned from the war and actually married Corinna.

He attended other weddings and spent quality time with his family

Summer 808

Kern is doing something with Gold.

See Scribe Notes" S.P.E

Autumn 808

Kern undertook work building a canal & lock system on the Stein River to thus enable a greater volume of river traffic along its length from Lake Stein to the sea. Kern was mentored in this work by Symon McHargness, a Dwarven Mechanician specialising in Hydro-Mechanics / Complex Mechanics.

Winter 808

Kern accompanied Dramus, Mortimer, Teeanna, TDP, Clarissa d'Ornay and Tari to Oz in the adventure - Revolving Doors.

Spring 808

Kern, his family and several retainers travelled south for a sojourn in the southern reaches for Spring 808

Summer 809

The family enjoyed an extended holiday away from the Barony with a few brief visits home for administrative purposes.

Autumn 809

The needs of his Barony sees Kern back for a few weeks helping with aid across the realm and then he is off on official business abroad.

Winter 809

The needs of his Barony sees Kern back for a period.

Spring 809

Kern went off to do some work for his homeland Alfheim that has been having some troubles of late. During the mission Molon Labe he and Aryan, Kilroy, Albion,

Summer 810

Autumn 810

Kern organised a party to do some Work for the Warden and managed to convince Kit, Wordsmith, Mortimer, Pent and Logan to accompany him.

Winter 810

Kern accompanied his friend Aryan on the mission Road to Gory along with Kilroy, Amelia, Glass, Caprice which went off plane to Purple in search of a road building machine he needs to acquire so he can further his megalomania goals.

Spring 810 to mid Summer 811

Kern remained on Purple helping some dwarves, learning the nuances of dwarven language and other useful skills

Late Summer 811

Kern returns to Alusia and by the end of the 2nd month arrives back in his home in the northern marches of A&F.

Autumn and Winter 811

Kern and family spend some time on Aleria with his wife and children.

Spring 811 to Summer 813

Kern spends time with his family off plane and in the Northern Marches. The marches are further developed and sculpted for the area. New settlers arrive and are housed with ease.

Spring 813

The Drow invasion was a sore point and so I volunteered for a mission while my Kernsmen undertook to defend Alfheim. I accompanied Sabrina, Pent, Sven, Isil Eth and Braegon to deal with the Geomancers.

We had to stop what is said to be a group of Geomancers from breaching the Dragonspine Mountains and entering the Queendom from the area known as the Western Kingdom.

To stop the Sands of Time from sweeping over the majestic woods and forests, brooks and streams of Alfheim reducing them to dust.

To stop a Drow ritual that will create a cloud which is feared by some to 'Pervert, Corrupt & Revert' Elves back to their Drow nature.

Autumn 815

The guild meeting is interrupted with "The Darkness is coming" and we must move quickly to Barretskyne to deal with what ever is there. I accompany some good people once again, namely Sabrina, the Bishop, Eric, Grendel and Nicola on a mission code named Unruly_Sonne

Winter 815 - Summer 819wk

Kern undertook a number of activities for short sharp periods to keep his hand in and help the wars, both on Alusia and in Hell. He was a General leading Sabrina's troops down in hell to battle the other demons. A number of short missions were undertaken...

Autumn 819wk

Kern emerges from Hell to see whats been happening on Alusia and as usual chaos reigns, things are happening and his skills are needed. He signs up for The_Harvest_of_the_Planes along with Aryan, Kilroy, Eric, Nereus and Seren who are all fine upstanding and dependable sorts to travel the planes with.

Winter 819wk to now

Kern has been leading armies of Church Knights and other troops in Hell alongside Sabrina in a bid to reduce the power of the Demons. He occasionally comes up to Alusia but he's mainly retired to help fight the good fight against evil.

Titles, Lands and Holdings

  • Baron of Steinhugel Lost this title in Winter 809 over a 'diplomatic incident'
  • Lord Warden of the Northern Marches of Artzdorf_and_Flugelheim as of Summer 807 - now