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5'3" tall male human, shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes. Phaeton is a Solar Celestial Mage, Master Healer, and Philosopher in Magics, Astronomy, Mathematics. Dabbles in Alchemy and Artistry in his spare time. Rated as a high level adventurer.


Born in the year 773WK, the third, and youngest son of the D'Tama family, one of the two Merchant Prince Families in the town of Tainsfield, in Ranke. The D'Tama's basically ruled Southside and had a finger in nearly every business in the area, some legal, others, not so legal.

Phaeton, or Phil, as he was known then, was always a shy, and bookish individual, who was mainly kept out of the more illicit activities and was charged with looking after the financial records, a task he was most adept at. Numbers fascinated him. When he wasn't looking after those, he would often be found reading whatever he could get hold of.

However, in 788WK he discovered, quite by accident, that his family was involved in slave trading. This horrified the young Phil and he confronted his father about it. A heated argument involved and Phil was ostracised from the Family and disinherited. His future was still being decided when the authorities independently discovered what was going on, and in the resulting confusion, Phil got away.

He ended up being apprenticed to a local Solar Mage, changed his name, and learnt the rudiments of Healing and the Solar Celestial College. In 791WK his master sent him to the Seagate Adventurers Guild.


Is pacted to Diancecht - God of Healing. The major effects of this pact are:

  • Must heal any who are hurt - regardless of race, creed, etc
  • Cannot kill, even in self defence, but has leave to hurt and immobilise
  • Will live for twice as long as a normal human
  • Is immune to non-magical disease and infections
  • If Phaeton is killed and brought back, Diancecht will insist on a mild price being paid.
  • Pacts 10% of income to the Church

Here is the full text of the pact
Revised Pact as of 2010

Personality and beliefs

He may not be a tough character in a fight but, if someone needs healing, he will do everything in his power in order to save them, even risking his own life if he has to. He has non-tactile empathy and is working on increasing his power with the Healing spell so he can heal at range. As well as magical healing, he has also learned the non-magical healing techniques of acupuncture and acupressure and is researching other non-magical means of healing such as anatomy and surgery.

He strongly dislikes undead, believing them to be an abomination to the Gods. Hence, his second priority, after healing, is their destruction.

He is still rather shy and retiring, especially around the ladies. For a short while, several years ago, he had been linked with Liessa Varden and, once, had a soft spot for Jhiselle. Mostly he is dedicated to his work and beliefs, although, after being chastised by his deity, he has attempted to gain some social skills. Occasionally, up to six months ago (mid 806WK), he had been seen in the company of a female master healer, not from Seagate. He has also been learning the skills of commanding other healers in order to forge a team to bring mobile mass healing to the battlefield.

His hobby is drawing and painting, as it helps relax him, and he is getting rather good at it. Mostly he does landscapes but has occasionally done portraits. He has not exhibited any of his work as yet, but that might change.

When not adventuring he can sometimes be found at his clinic located near the docks in New Seagate or at the Guild. Lately however, he has been harder to find as he has been spending a lot of time helping in the cleanup from the Dark Circle or on other errands. Apart from Guild meetings, his usual location is unknown. It is currently thought that he is somewhere in an isolated place, observing and mapping the heavens as he also has a keen interest in astronomy. His latest plan is to construct the largest spyglass possible in order to facilitate this.

During the events of Skin Trade, he had to bend his pact, especially the non-association part, in order to facilitate the removal of a plague. He believed that it was for the greater good but, unfortunately, Diancecht didn't see it that way, and as a consequence Phaeton has to atone by doing three great acts of healing. Two have already been completed, the first being the healing of the City of Setagen, and the second was the removal of a lycanthrope curse in Caledonia. One more needs to be done and, currently he is contemplating the possibility of restoring the entire plane of Frigidia.

He is also looking for an opportunity to become Life Aspected.

In late 810, following the events of Aryan's coronation in Del Toro, Phaeton has been named Physiker-Royal Del Toro and Chirurgeon General of Ebola. There, he has the title of Grand-Layer-On of Hands (commonly abbreviated as GLOH). As part of this, he is overseeing the construction of a 'House of Healing' incorporating a temple (and potential Cathedral) to Diancecht. Several of the local healers are being trained in the Ways and Teachings of Diancecht. The title comes with a decent sized house which is used for accomodating visiting healers (and Phaeton himself when he is there). Is probably one of the few people who can tell the King and Queen to 'shut up and take your medicine'.

Currently occupied in mapping the heavens above Alusia as well as refining the maps for the planes of Sol, Iska, Rue, Omega and Frigidia. Has been seen in the company of Rowan

Healing and Magical Services

He doesn't usually charge for basic healing (Preserve Dead and below) as he feels it is his duty to help. Even 'miracle' level healing isn't charged for if the circumstances warrant it. Donations for the upkeep of the clinic and the church of Diancecht are gratefully received though. If he does charge, it will be the same as what the Guild Healers do.

His base chance for Resurrections is currently 100 (Rank + Greater). He is not life aspected.

+ EN patient's normal full endurance.
+5 if patient is life aspected.
- 5 if the patient is death aspected.
- 1 for each year of prolonged life.
- 1 for each day of regeneration required.
- 10 for damage equal or greater than 2 x EN.
- 10 per resurrection attempt.

The minimum for a Rank 10 healer is 10% and the maximum is 100%.

A resurrection will take 10 minutes. Five if it is done in a chamber consecrated to Diencecht.

Base chances for Regenerations is 120% and will take 20 hours. Again, the time is halved if the regeneration is conducted in an area dedicated to Diencecht.

Heal Endurance heals D + 5 Endurance.

He is also an alchemist and can manufacture healing potions, medicines and antidotes. The prices are:

  • Cure Disease 300sp
  • Cure Fever 300sp
  • Skin Salve 400sp
  • Neutralise Poison 400sp
  • Cure Endurance Points (D10+5) - 1200sp
  • Medicines - 100sp
  • Antidotes - 200sp

The following Celestial Solar abilities are also avaliable

  • Detect Aura (Rank 20) - 1000sp
  • Blending (Rank 6) - 1000sp
  • Shadowform (Rank 9) - 3000sp
  • Witchsight (Rank 8) - 3000sp
  • Resistance to Light (Rank 8) - 4000sp
  • Various General Knowledge Counterspells (Celestial at 6, rest at 0) - 2000sp
  • Various Special Knowledge Counterspells (Celestial at 6, rest at 0) - 4000sp

Other spells, if provided can also be potioned.


Phaeton's Adjusted Spells

Has also gained some unique spells while on adventuring.

He also has a license to practise magic in Volari thanks to performing a series of resurrections as an act of charity.

He is also fascinated by magic and has the ambition of formulating the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of Magic. To this end he has collected several Counterspells and is questing for the same tools and abilities that Namers use to analyse magic and to break it down to it's fundamental particles. Currently the Counters he has are:

Is currently under a permanent Rank 19 Greater (until death).


Usual Magical Items

Item Collection - Phaeton

  • Amulet of Aquilegius (-10 from rolls on fright table)
  • Amulet of Betony (-15 from infection chances)
  • Amulet of Jade (keeps Undead more than 50ft away)
  • Amulet of Luck (+3 MR +2 DEF)
  • Amulet of Natural Armour (+1 AP (FT & EN but not spec grev EN) (Doesn't stack with the armoured tunic of Natural Armour)
  • Animator Paintbrush
  • Armoured Tunic of Natural Armour
  • Belt of Buoyancy
  • Chimera hide armour (Prot 8)
  • Crystal of Vision
  • Diamond Ring (adds 2 to Cast Chances)
  • Drow Mage Robes (destroyed)
  • Improved Drow Mage Robes (destroyed)
  • Giant Eye Lens (12" diameter (30.48cm))
  • Handy Homemaker's Needle
  • Mage's Armour Robes
  • Magical Artist's Palette
  • Medal of Valour
  • Moonstone Circlet - -5 on awe table rolls, +5 on awe rolls from the wearer.
  • Pad of Many Sketches
  • Pearl of Waterbreathing
  • Personal Planetarium - allows Reading the Night Sky rituals when the stars can't normally be seen.
  • Potion of Fatigue Restoration
  • Potion of Quick casting - allows caster to quick cast a counterspell without preparing it first
  • Ring of Defending - +10% DEF, +10 MR (effect only applies if no other similar effect is more than +10). Each effect is separate. ((Redundant))
  • Ring of Ice Traversal
  • Ring of Quickness
  • Ring of Resist Cold
  • Ring of Scry Shielding
  • Robes of Winter (Prot 7 Ice Armour) (destroyed)
  • Scroll of Armour of Earth (x2)
  • Sorcerous Wand (+20 DEF, not stackable with magical defense spells such as Coruscade))
  • Scroll of Preservation
  • Scroll of Protection from Cold - protects from all non-magical cold effects
  • Scroll of Vapour Breathing
  • Utility Pouch
  • Wing Pin
  • Wyvern skin armour (Prot 6)

Major Magics

  • Detect Aura - 20
  • Light - 20
  • Darkness - 20
  • Coruscade - 12
  • Wall of Starlight - 10
  • Wall of Darkness - 10
  • Witchsight - 12
  • Walking Unseen - 6
  • Resistance to Light - 20
  • Reading the Night Sky - 6
  • Purification - 10
  • Remove Curse - 7
  • Healing - 9 (range section suppressed)
  • Starfire - 14
  • Star Wings - 12
  • Increase Gravity - 6
  • Guest of Anwaan - 0
  • Friendly Light - 7
  • Sunray - 7
  • Meteorite Shower - 11
  • Ritual of Consecration - 6
  • Ritual of Creating Holy Water - 6
  • Greater Heart Rune - 6
  • Rune of Willow Healing - 6

Major Skills

  • Horsemanship - 5
  • Flying - 8
  • Common (Lit) - 8
  • Elven (Lit) - 9
  • Dwarven (Lit) - 6
  • Eladrin (Lit) - 5
  • Drow (Lit) - 2
  • Speak/Write Shoji - 5/7
  • Healer (Non-tactile) - 11
  • Philosopher (Magic/Astronomy/Mathematics/Anatomy) - 8
  • Alchemist - 7
  • Artisan(Artist) - 6
  • Artisan(Glassworker) - 4
  • Military Scientist (Tactics/Logistics) - 3
  • Astrologer - 4
  • Mechanician (Optics/Clockwork) - 3
  • Warrior - 3


  • Do the Third Great Act of Healing
  • To obtain his own Aether Flyer
  • To obtain a rather large spyglass for astronomical observations
  • An iconograph for rapidly taking pictures
  • To be able to gain the ability to Rank Counterspells
  • To be able to gain Namer abilities such as Banishment, Divination, and Dispel
  • Curious to find out more about the Celestial Mariner College to see if any of it's spells are useful for astronomers and travellers to the stars.
  • Caster's Grace (c.f. Network of Sin - Treasure)

Awards and Other Notes

  • Was awarded "Bravest Adventurer" at the Spring 814 Guild meeting for "Going into close with wolves armed only with a dagger and with the strength of a mung-bean"

Background references

Played by Keith Smith