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I have been playing DQ since arriving in Auckland in 1990ish. My characters are:

I'm also the Seagate Adventurer's Guild Secretary and Librarian, maintaining the Guild Library Website of scribe notes and Seagate Times as well as the three mailing lists: dq-announce, dq and dq-pub.

I also GM on occasions, usually off-plane or in Pasifika

I'm married to Jacqui Smith who also plays and GM's DQ. Email me if I can of assistance, especially to new players.

House Rules

House rules that I use in my games to cover ambiguities (please let me know if these contradict official rules)

  • Armour, including Natural Armour, does not stop Endurance damage unless the writeup specifically says so
  • Walls of Light are translucent and can be seen through (and shot through). The brightness (or darkness) of the wall is rank dependant (cf Light)

Notes for Players

  • Rule One - Always have fun.
  • Extra EP for making the GM laugh.
  • Please try and keep the 'F-Bombs' to a minimum. I'm not keen on them and if I hear one, I may have to ask you to repeat what you said, especially if I'm feeling moody that night, as the 'F-Bomb' just destroyed what you said.
  • Anyone back-chats the GM or causes major disruption to the game will be docked a lot of EP. If there is a rules issue could it please be left until after the session unless it is vital that it be solved immediately. At the end, the GM's decision is final.
  • Try and get your character sheets and items to me preferably before the first game so that we don't have to waste time on the first session checking stuff.

Adventures GMed

Standard loot

Miscellaneous Loot - Keith

Stuff being worked on

  • Star maps of the Alusian Sky (and other astronomical phenomina of note) - The Sky at Night

Wiki Image Credits

(List of photos I have taken that have been used in this wiki)

  • Image:Aqualina1.jpg
  • Image:Birds.jpg