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A Pasifikan human female water mage. Rated as a high level adventurer


Aqualina, or Hinemoana as she was known then, was born on the island of Atiu in the Pasifika region, in 769 WK. Her mother is Aketare, and her father is Hemi Kupe (or John Cooper - an ex sailor who got shipwrecked and liked the place so much, he decided to stay even after he was found). She has two elder brothers: Tuamuri and Kana and a younger sister Inutoto.

She is only 5' 1" tall with long dark hair, green eyes and light brown skin. As she grew up, she learnt the ways of the tribe and became an accomplished dancer, swimmer, and pearl diver. She always had an affinity with the water and would spend as much time in it as possible, playing with the local fish life and dolphins. She also liked paddling her outrigger canoe and exploring the other local islands.

It was one such long trip in early 791 WK, to a distant island with trade goods, when a violent storm suddenly came up, blew her way off course, and sunk her canoe. Hinemoana nearly drowned but a pod of dolphins rescued her and took her to the nearest point of rescue, a passing merchant ship called the Seaspray. The shipwrecked girl was suffering from partial amnesia from a head injury so the elven captain decided to continue on course to Seagate where he knew she could get the best of healing and hopefully a way home.

Seagate was a confusing place for the young Aqualina, as the elven captain had christened her. For instance, she had never seen a horse before. There were so many people crammed into a small area and, the noises and smells were overwhelming. So it was a very nervous Aqualina, who was clinging to her guide, who was taken up to the Seagate Guild of Adventurers. There she was healed. While there the Namers discovered she had an affinity for the Water College so the offer was made for her to stay and learn. After thinking about it for a while, she accepted. So the Guild arranged for a message to be sent back.


Personality wise she is rather fun loving but has got a bit jaded on the idea of 'men'. However she can be serious when she needs to be. Has a love for the sea and all the creatures in it. Spends a lot of time in the water when she can. Her favorite weapon is the trident. Has a fear of heights so can get rather nervous when she has to fly.

She is fond of cats and there are usually some hanging around her place for free handouts, especially when there is seafood involved. A few of them have actually adopted her as their 'pet' and provider.

She also loves music and dance and is well versed in the harp.


She was part owner of the Sea Goddess Haven. However, with the elves deciding to reclaim the ship and reconvert it to a fighting vessel, she eyed up a spot in Dolphin Bay, up the coast from Eastrock, very close to a village named Aqva, for a more permanent residence. She admitted that part of the reason for the choice of location was the name as it tickled her fancy. She also hoped to be able to serve the village residents and help them out to the best of her ability.

A house was constructed, that looked like a typical Pasifikan dwelling but was built with Carzalan materials. A path leads down to the jetty and shed where her outrigger canoe can be kept. Unfortunately, an attempt to grow coconut palms met with failure but the hibiscus plants are doing very well.

Underneath the house is an undersea cave which can be accessed from inside. A metal gate keeps out large creatures such as sharks.

She also helped set up an oyster farm nearby.

However, in Autumn 808, after a lot of prompting from fellow adventurers, she finally decided to move up the coast to Bolton Bay to join the other adventurers, many of whom she knew, adventured with, and considered as friends, that have moved to the area in support of Thorn's efforts there. Here, she has decided to obtain a houseboat and moor it to a dock in a tidal swamp, near the village of Thorns Landing as close to the sea as practical. Her outrigger is kept moored to the houseboat.

Magical services

She can do Waters of Strength and Healing for adventurers but it is advisable to place orders ahead of time as she does not keep much stock on hand, usually 30 Waters of Healing (5 six packs) or 12 Waters of Strength (2 six pack) by the date of the Guild meeting. These are available for immediate sale and, if they run out, a potential customer has to reserve a day to have another pack of six made. Each potion is verified, after creation, by DA to ensure that they are viable. Orders are checked for during the week preceding the Guild meeting and it is advisable to get in early after the meeting. Her current costs are:

  • Waters of Healing - Rank 20 - 400sp per potion
  • Waters of Strength - Rank 13 - 1000sp per potion

She has also learnt Investment so Invested Waterbreathings are currently available. These come in two flavours:

  • Charges of Rank 20 Water Breathing. Price is 2000 * num charges sp. BC = 111%
  • Single shot Rank 1 Water Breathing. Price is 100sp each. BC = 54%

Scrolls and investments of other Water College spells can be made on request.

Summary of major events

  • Spring 791 WK - was turned into a rag and string golem by a major curse on her first outing
  • Summer 792 WK - Visited the Land of Faerie
  • Winter 792 WK - Was zapped by a ward. Had her soul swapped into the body of a male orc.
  • Summer 793 WK - Managed to regain her own form thanks to a draconic wish
  • Spring 793 WK - Married the adventurer Kryan and went back to Pasifika for a Pasifikan wedding and honeymoon. Gained the ability of merform.
  • Spring 795 WK - Nominated for Stupidest Adventurer for misplacing and losing a special artifact and the adventure scribe notes
  • Spring 797 WK - Listed as a 'Hero of Seagate' for her role in defeating a giant troll. Some bards made a play about it which may still be being performed.
  • Winter 798 WK - Gave birth to a daughter, Christina Aroha Raynard, on the 18th of Frost
  • Spring 798 WK - Kryan officially filed for a divorce
  • Summer 799 WK - Kryan disappeared with Christina on the 20th of Blossom
  • Autumn 799 WK - Met the Lord of Lorgos, Lord Shaygin, whom she became romantically involved with for a time
  • Winter 801 WK - Became part owner of the Sea Goddess Haven - a large ship converted into a pleasure palace.
  • Autumn 806 - Lost the Sea Goddess Haven to the elves
  • Spring 806 - Obtained a small piece of land in Dolphin Bay and had a Pasifikan style house put on it
  • Autumn 808 - Upon the urging of other adventurers, moved to Bolton Bay and obtained a houseboat to be moored near the village on a tidal swamp
  • Autumn 813 - Moved down to the undersea merfolk kingdom of Pasifika to keep an eye on the sahuagin situation
  • Spring 815 - Returned from Pasifika to Bolton Bay.
  • Spring 816 - Relocated back to Pasifika to 'reconnect with her ancestors and culture'.


Unique abilities

  • Talent of Clearsight - allows better vision (+talent rank in perception)
  • Talent of Water Form - allows Aqualina to take on the form of water and hence be virtually invisible in water
  • Spell of Water Bolt
  • Modified Resist Cold - When cast on Aqualina, it raises the air or water within 1 inch of her to South Sea temperatures. She must adjust clothing to suit or take fatigue loss for overheating.

Major Items

Item Collection - Aqualina

  • Amulet of Jasper - allows MR check versus undead draining
  • Amulet of Luck (Sharkstooth - +3 MR, +2 DEF)
  • Battle Bikini (8F 6E Protection, +4 TMR, +3 PC, 20 points ablative wile underwater, leaves a trail of wet footprints)
  • Belt of Merform - allows transformation to a mermaid.
  • Belt of Sahuagin Form
  • Bone trident: Non magical, weaponsmithed, +10 SC
  • Boots of the Winterland
  • Brush of Disentanglement
  • Cloth armour (-3EN/strike, +3AP, +5% stealth)
  • Couch of Calling Merfolk
  • Dwarven Shield of Arrow Reflection (+5%DEF/shield rank, -2MD)
  • Dwarven Waraxe (SC70% +6dam, does A & B specs)
  • Enchanted Assassin Leather of the Fallen (3F 3F Protection)
  • Enchanted Adept's Plate Mail Armour (9F 7E Protection)
  • Enchanted Bracer of the Fallen (Doubles duration of weapon spells)
  • Enchanted Dagger of the Drowning Deep
  • Enchanted Seashells - Allows others to share Wave Riding spell with +2 ranks of effect (surfboards optional)
  • Enchanted Ship's Bottle
  • Enchanted Small Belt Bag
  • Full plate Eog Armour - AP 8, AG -2 -10 off fire attacks, +5 to Water Magics(no stack)
  • Giant Carp Bracer
  • Goggles of Night Vision
  • Harp of Tunefulness
  • Haversack of Holding
  • Kraken wetsuit armour - 5 points as long as it is kept wet
  • Kuu-ta - Kuo-toan crafted tulwar made of sharkbone and magically hardened (+5 SC +1 D, +10 when disarming)
  • Memory Crystal
  • Nixie medallion - allows the summoning of 20 pike (if pike are in the area)
  • Ocular of Observation - Detects magical curses, wards or traps.
  • Orb of Power - can maintain a concentration spell for the user.
  • Pixie Pin
  • Plaque of the Sea - gives restful sleep, +10 to Water Magics (no stack), Can release a wave once per month. Natural water creatures think bearer is friendly. Can purify water once per week.
  • Ring of Protection (+1 DR, +5 DEF)
  • Ring of Returning - Allows a return to home plane or, if on plane, a return to birthplace (not to be used within 5 miles of Atiu)
  • Run Like Deer Potion
  • Sash of Protection - Must be worn between skin and air (or water) +2 AP +20% DEF - does not stack
  • Soft Dwarven Armour of Warmth and Comfort (7AP(FT), 2AP(EN), +5% stealth, 0AG mod)
  • Trident of Shocking: +5SC +1D. If stored shock discharged (1 FT cost) and target fails to resist, they take an additional D+2 damage and are stunned.
  • Trident: +1 SC +1 D
  • Truesilver maingauche +6 SC.
  • Underwater crossbow: +5 SC.
  • Weapon Belt of the Black Rocks

Aqualina Puppet Golem

Her life force has been permanently linked to a puppet golem. It is now located at the Guild, in the care of Guild Security, to be only taken with her if she goes off-plane. If she is killed, while on the same plane of the puppet, her life force transfers to the puppet, animating it. The animation will persist until she is resurrected and then for four hours afterwards be psuedo-Aqualina (for further details, see item writeup). Her corpse is still resurrectable but, if the puppet is present, time since death penalties do not apply. If she is irresurrectable, then her spirit can be transferred to a new body if one is available.

Water Sprite

If Aqualina double or triples within a high mana zone, or triples normally when casting Summon Aquatics, a five inch high figure of herself, made entirely of water, will appear (magical creature) and, when summoned, it will make the area wet by casting Storm Calling and Saturated Earth. At the slightest hint it may be needed, it will also cast Flash Flood. It will not allow itself to be within reach of other entities and will be dispelled if it receives more than five points of damage. (see writeup for more details)

Major Spells

  • Buoyancy - 7
  • Cold Resistance - 12
  • Create Fog - 8
  • Mage Current - 7
  • Navigation - 6
  • Saturated Earth - 6
  • Ship Strength - 10
  • Speak to Aquatic Life - 6
  • Summon Aquatic Life - 6
  • Waterbreathing - 20
  • Waterproofing - 8
  • Wave Control - 6
  • General Knowledge Water Counter - 6
  • Special Knowledge Water Counter - 6
  • Binding Water - 6
  • Control Aquatic Life - 6
  • Geyser - 6
  • Liquid Purification - 6
  • Liquid Transformation - 6
  • Rainstorm - 6
  • Walk on Water - 6
  • Water Bolt (unique spell) - 20
  • Waters of Healing - 15
  • Waters of Strength - 10
  • Waters of Vision - 6
  • Waterspout - 6
  • Wave Riding - 6
  • Summon and Bind Water Elemental - 6
  • Purification - 10
  • Remove Curse - 6

Major Skills

  • Swimming - 10
  • Horsemanship - 5
  • Dolphin Riding - 5
  • Stealth - 7
  • Courtesan - 5
  • Troubadour - 7
  • Marine Survival - 4
  • Navigator - 3
  • Thief - 7
  • Spy - 4
  • Healer - 2
  • Beastmaster (Aquatics) - 2


  • Able to be as agile as an elf
  • Being able to rank trident above current max rank
  • Being able to see better in the dark (doesn't every human?), including deep underwater.
  • Have a Ranger specialisation of 'Coral Reefs'.

Played by Keith Smith