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Callas Verdicini is a life member of the Adventurer's Guild, having joined in the Autumn of 1991 AP. Retired from active adventuring around 813 WK and recently returned to Carzala in Summer 818 WK. She purchased the Val estate in 818 WK and generally resides there in summer and MMHS in winter but is normally present at the Guild around the times of the seasonal meetings.

A notable Earth Mage, Healer and capable sabre combatant, she is known to be somewhat aloof. A paragon of female beauty and undying she has not changed in appearance in the last twenty years. Her eyes have been replaced by saphires with golden irises.

When out and about she normally wears leather armour with a single red serpent wrapped around the brestplate.

Hero of Seagate

She is a character in play where a party, which for no profit, killed the child eating giant troll of Seagate harbour. In this play Claas is portrayed as a beautiful princess, mage and champion of the light who calls upon the very forces of nature itself, summing dozens of thouands foot elementals who do battle with the evil giant troll as tall as the clouds.


Date Adventure
Autumn 1991 AP Trip to Glorantha
Winter 1992 AP Trip to Port Artz
Spring 1992 AP California Smith
Summer 1992 AP The Rescue of Finangle in Oz
Autumn 1992 AP The Search for the Holy Lance of Antioch
Winter 1993 AP Shaper's Castle
Summer 1993 AP Priests and Pregnancy
Autumn 1993 AP Evil Below
Spring 1994 AP Shadows over Calder
Summer 1994 AP Tears of the Gods
Autumn 1994 AP Temple of Death
Winter 1995 AP Giants, Woman and Winter
Spring 1995 AP Bite of the Snakewoman, Meet the Vampire, A trip to Freetown
Summer 1995 AP The Alternate Adventure
Autumn 1995 AP Armless, Eyeless and Nameless in the Abyss
Winter 1996 AP Against Azzur
Spring 19956 AP Saydar's Pub Crawl
Summer 1995 AP Least We Forget, Find the Worts
Winter 797 WK Qui Vigiles Vigilent
Spring 797 WK Killing of the Great Troll Chef
Summer 798 WK Through the Doors of Perception
Autumn 798 WK Defense of Ssqua