Empire of the Sun

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A halfling empire in the mountains on the eastern side of Southern Terranova built on the remnants of the old elvish empire.

GM Overview: An area based on a mythological and pseduo-historical pre-Columbian Incan Empire, blended with the elven history of Alusia, and populated by halflings.


During and after the War of Tears halfling survivors migrated into the high mountains in the east on the southern Terranovan continent. Over time the many villages grew and joined and an Empire was founded.

Not much is known about this time, but visitors to the Empire have collected some of the Empire's legends about the past and times to come.


The Empire of the Sun occupies the eastern mountain range, running some 3000 miles in overall length and covering some ??? square miles, with their cities mostly built on highlands and on the steep slopes of the mountains.

Notable Towns / Areas

Small town / large village at the southern most point of Northern Terranova. Only part of the Empire on the northern continent. Used by the Empire to observe events and the north and disperse Travellers.
Northernmost city in Southern Terranova. This port city guards the sea path north to the town of Ocos, and is ruled by a mayor whose title is Ciryatur (Eldaran: Ship-Ruler trans. Admiral) despite the halflings having no navy. Source of natural sea pearls.
Home to the Dead Lords -- ex rulers of the Empire who live on as mummies. This practice mostly died out some 400 years ago, and by custom the Dead Lords do not interfere in the running of the Empire, although they have been known to break this custom when the Emperor begins to act against the best interests of the Empire as a whole.
The capital of the Empire of the Sun. This city is located high in the mountains near the centre of the Empire. It is built in a circular basin with the royal palace in the centre. The roofs of many of the buildings are covered in gold.
Town in the lowlands on the western side of the mountains. Known for various materials brought out of the jungles, particularly tropical bird feathers which are valued throughout the Empire for decoration.
Town known for the quality of its Alpacas (for riding, meat and pelts).
Southernmost city in the Empire, renowned for its fine jade.



The entire population of the Empire of the Sun are halflings, numbering some 8 million in total.

The Halflings, who use an ancient form of elven as the basis of their language, call themselves The People, or literally translated We Elves -- a linguistic oddity that has caused some amusement in visitors.


The Empire of the Sun is effectively a blend of absolute monarchy and communist society. On the one hand the Emperor theoretically owns everything in the Empire, administering the vast area through a hierarchy of noble relatives, and trained bureaucrats, and at the other end of the scale each small village tends to be largely self sufficient with people working farms and tending animals, making necessary goods, etc and sharing equally and fairly in the wealth of the community.

Visitors have noted that the place can seem rather dull.