Duke Frederick of Aquila

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Born 736wk. Son of Duke Conrad III of Aquila (b714wk, d756wk) and Agnes von Guldberg (b718wk, d760wk).

  • Frederick was Duke of Aquila from 756wk until his death, Michaelmas 805wk.
  • Frederick has one younger sister who survived into adulthood and this is Lady Catherine who married Blitzkrieg.
  • Frederick died on Michaelmas 805wk at age 69 while protecting his 12 year old son from undead assassins sent by Rashak, the Necromancer of Masada.


First marriage

Second marriage

  • Married to Dulcenia the Marquessa of Bowcourt on 3rd Meadow 791wk, father of Ulric Schwarzrotgold, the New Western King.
    • Ulric was the only child of this union.
    • The royal name Schwarzrotgold is only be used by Ulric and his descendants.