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Arms of the Michaeline Sect
Arms of the Michaeline Sect

Michaelines are the militant followers of the Archangel Michael, and have a well founded reputation for being rather blood-thirsty and over zealous in the pursuit of their goals. The Michaelines are intensely concerned with morality.

The Michaeline focus is to actively root out evil and corruption and the most visible aspect of the Sect is their large number of standing troops, well known for their courage and martial Prowess. Although these form the bulk of the Sect, other members are involved in more subtle approaches to destroying the unseen evils and corruptions of the Powers of Darkness, serving as investigators and inquisitors.

Michaelines tend to be extremely suspicious of mages, although they number some among them, and they may often be found investigating rumours of Demonic cults, and the doings of Black Mages. They also root out heresy and corruption in established churches, and are often found acting as the martial arm of the Inquisition.

Michaelines may be found in many areas in Alusia, though they tend to be concentrated in borderlands and trouble spots. In territories where the Unified Western Church is strong, the Michaeline orders construct chapter houses that serve as barracks and training facilities, and are usually fortified strongholds. These chapter houses recruit Knights of Michael, fighting lay members dedicated to the cause of the Powers of Light. Agents of Michael will always be able to get free board and weapons training at these chapter houses.

Michaelines often wear red garments, or white robes edged with red, and their symbol is the sword Ira (trans:Wrath) of their patron, often shown point downwards, though sometimes shown point upwards and aflame. They are seldom seen not wearing armour, and sometimes lacquer or paint their armour red.

The current head of the Michaelines, Tomas Xerxes, Bishop of Mordeaux, is also the head of the Western Church, and usually styled Archbishop Mordeaux, even though technically the Archbishop's See is the city of Novalar.

The holy day of the Michaelines is Reapsday and church services are often accompanied with local tournaments for both Knights and levy troops.

The relationship between Michaelines and the other major sects will depend on the individual orders involved, but as a general guide:

  • Gabrielites are staunch allies in the fight against the Powers of Darkness, (although not as militarily skilled as Michaelines).
  • Raphaelites are dependable and careful, though their preoccupation with the common folk is something of a mystery, and their broad tolerance of mages is seen as something of a flaw.
  • Urielites are competent and useful, although they will tend to insist upon laws being followed and trials given, even when the accused are obviously damned.
  • Sammaelites are the case where the attitude of orders within the sect varies widely, although these days only a very few radical orders are still openly decrying them as heretics. Most will avoid contact where they can, or look for ways to oppose the Sammaelite sect subtly without risking schism.


Light scout of the Knights of the Wing of Michael
Sword of Michael
Wing of Michael
Wrath of Michael
Knights of the Sword of Michael
A large and active order who are particularly involved in investigating Demonic activities. Although the Order has a strong prohibition against magic use by its members it has co-operated in past with the Seagate Guild, and some members exhibit quasi-magical detection and and witch-smelling abilities. The Swords as they are commonly known are more subtle that the stereotypical Michaeline, and may be found performing undercover investigations into cult activities. They are known to be active in the Sanctuary area of Ranke, concerned by the number of cults operating in that city.
Knights of the Wing of Michael
A large main-stream Michaeline order, the Wing (as they are commonly known) are active in both Aquila and Bowcourt where they serve as a heavy cavalry division within the army of the Western Kingdom. The Order is entirely organized as an army (led by its Bishop-General), and is involved in few activities other than purely military ones. They are highly recognizable on the field as they have large feathered wings attached to the back of their saddles giving them the appearance on an angelic host as they thunder into battle.
Knights of the Wrath of Michael
A small order considered extremists even by other Michaelines, the Knights of Wrath were severely diminished after the Brastor Breakout in the war against the Dark Circle, when in a final rearguard action their Grandmaster, Sir Gaius de Malvallet, charged to his doom, taking with him the bulk of the Order's knights. A memorial to them is carved in Braegon's Pass
Knights of the Dragon of Michael
(Destroyed) Little is known about this Order who were once headquartered in Newcastle. The chapter fell into disrepute with the Michaeline Sect several hundred years ago, was declared heretical, and destroyed. There is evidence to suggest that they may have forsaken Michael for some other (darker) power.
Order of Michael the Crusader
This Destinian cult is a militant order dedicated to the destruction of foreign sites of evildoing (and evil-doers in situ), especially demon worship. It was founded some 40 years ago, following direct revelation to Blessed Fra Innocente, its first Vicar General. It's last known Vicar General, an Erelhiene Warrior known as the Black Bishop, was killed by an agent of Foras in the Ellenic Isles in late 804. The current power of the order is unknown, but at its peak it was approximately equal the firepower of the entire guild (if the Seagate guild ever could be united) — some 200 powerful knights or mages possessing magic items, including about 50 ordained members and 150 medium-high level "Auxillaries", including powerful E&Es and Namers, and Master Assassins and Healers. The OMC had an acknowledged annual income of over 2M Seagate pennies, from liberated loot sold in Destiny & elsewhere, in addition to hefty subsidies & gifts from King Carlos, and "donations" from foreign rulers as tokens of their piety or repentance. The Mid Winter Edict of 804WK forbids any Destinian contact with the Vicar General of the Order of Michael the Crusader or his minions, along with the Cult of Carlos the Martyr.
Circle of Carlos the Martyr
A short-lived, but popular religious cult that sprung up on the death of King Carlos of Destiny. They were a core of powerful and fanatical Michaeline Knights who believed that Carlos was destined to lead a grand Michaeline army against the forces of Darkness. The sect utilised magic to kill both traditional Powers of Light enemies and those considered politically undesirable. They have attempted to bring King Carlos back from the dead on many occasions. They serve the forces of light but worship vengeance (a trait of Gabriel), attempting to destroy anyone they perceive as having aided their enemies; this has made many semi-neutral parties their enemies. The "Circle of Martyrs" have primarily been eliminated by elements with the greater Church, with survivors turning their energies to carving a Theocracy out of the ex-demonic Raniterran state that is now Bretonnia.