Scouting for Silus

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Scribe Notes

The adventure primarily takes place in Viscounty of Westmarch


Adventure: Scouting for Silas
GM: Chris C
Session: Summer 807 WK
Night: Alternate Sundays
Level: Low

Imri a hot elv chik. wet and wild.
Tari a hot elv chik. urthy but a bit bludy mindid. Uzi's x-gurlfrend.
Mavric a hot dwarv chik. she karnt hold hur ail.
Rahne a hot humin chik. danjarus wen shaken.
Sam a bold hansum and viryl ork.
Mario Valentino Pavoni , iz a reel ladiz man and Loonatik.
Joynd in Freetaun, 28 Medo.

Silus von Merkel on behalf of the Braemar Mercantile Cartel.
  1. To capture the bandits that Silus and his Draymax Death Squad don't kill.
  2. To find out who is building up military forces so the Braemar Mercantile Cartel can engage in war profiteering more efficiently than their rivals.
  1. 200sp/wk each retainer (1-21 Meadow) = 600sp ea.
  2. 500sp/wk each when in active service (22 Meadow - 12 Heat) = 1,500sp ea.
  3. Any salvage without an owner.
    Green Ivy armour and weapons.
    Red Hand armour, weapons, and horses.
    Goods confiscated from Red Hand.
  4. 35% salvage rate for the Braemar Mercantile Cartel.
  5. similar rate for other traceable goods, to be negotiated.
  6. 200sp bounty on each bandit, dead or alive.
3 collected in Freetaun 28/1. Draymar Death Squad directed to 40 near Gaunton 29/1.
10 in Shontouse-Gaunton ambush + 3 escapees picked up later.
20 in ambush north of Gaunton.
Death squad sent to 35 at Green Ivy base.
45 (surrender)+10(resist)+2(boss)+4(patrol) ~61 at Red Hand Clan cave.
Total 97 + 75/10 = 104.5 bandits = 20,900sp.
  1. parallel wages, while under cover. 40sp/wk each.
  2. profits from smuggling goods in illegal transit (its just a cover, honest). 72sp.
  3. first week of active service pay is 7xRank 6 Shadow wings
5 rings, 2,2,1,1,1 charges, BC 85%
Sam's ring (1 charge) given away as nipple piercing in Freihyn.
3 more charges used to fly the party to caravan early on 5th Heat.


"I'm not a chap, I'm a dwarf" - Mavric

"So any man except Sam brushing my hair might be flirting?" - Mavric

After the reply, Mavric cuts her hair much shorter.


1 Meadow 807

Contacted at guild by Silus. On retainer until ship arrives.

20 Meadow 807

3 am. Board the Lakestead Lover

22 Meadow 807

7 am. Disembark the Lakestead Lover at Oldar, the northeastern-most port of Brandenburg 9 am. Board barges to Lakestead.

23 Meadow 807

3 am. Disembark at Lakestead 11am. Meet with Braemar Mercantile Cartel.

25 Meadow 807

Travel towards coast in caravan.

26 Meadow 807

Travel to Royston in caravan.

27 Meadow 807

Travel to Freetaun in caravan. Get mugged twice.

28 Meadow 807

Travel to Pentyce in caravan.

29 Meadow 807

Travel to Mokrin in caravan.

30 Meadow 807

Travel to Freihyn in caravan. Meet locals.

1 Heat 807

Laze with beautiful ladies all day.

2 Heat 807

Travel to Schontouse in caravan.

3 Heat 807

Mountain pass towards Gaunton. Brutal Ambush.

4 Heat 807

Arrive at Gaunton. Unjustly Fired. Gather Info.

5 Heat 807

Fly to another Caravan north of Gaunton. Get Ambushed again. Intimidate Homestead.

6 Heat 807

Question hamstrung Green Ivy, learn about kidnapped daughter and Green Ivy base near Vienaheim. Signal Silus, Ride South.

7 Heat 807

Ride South to Schontouse.

8 Heat 807

Follow Sam and Red Fingered Lyric west to river.

9 Heat 807

Follow up river to Red Hand meet.

10 Heat 807

Raid Red Hand pre-dawn. March prisoners south.

11 Heat 807

March prisoners east, meet militia. Get to Schontouse late evening.

12 Heat 807

Organise the sale of horses and goods recovered from Red Hand. Fly to Draymax estates for training.

24 Breeze 807

Fly/sail back to Seagate.



Small port at the mouth of a river just north of Maunderlak Castle. 800 people. There is a regular barge service to Lakestead 40 miles upriver. This takes 18 hours, with several changes of barge-hauling horses along the way.


This town of around 500 in northeast Brandenburg is the base of the Braemar Mercantile Cartel. Here, we rested for a day, and practised horse-riding and combat manouvres while on picnic.


The town of Royston is in the lee of Royston Castle, which guards the border of Westmarch against the evil southerners in Brandenburg. The town of 2,000 people is quite military and orderly, although Mavric & Sam were mugged a little bit when pretending to be drunk. Inns include the White Wolf, where the caravan stayed. The taverns include the Fighting Fowl, which had a lot of mercenaries and solider types, and the Cocks and Hounds, a scummy dive, with Karris as Bartender. Karris probably sicced the muggers onto Mavric & Sam.


This town is a free town, with its own charter. It's a lot more lawless and rough than most nearby towns. It is not part of Westmarch. Everywhere within 5 miles is grain and vege gardens for the town. Inns include the Hooded Monk, where the caravan stayed. The taverns include the Horse and Mace, which had a lot of mercenaries and solider types, and the Shattered Cow, a cut-throat bar run by Arnold. Arnold paid Sam & Mavric to deliver a box of "herbs" to Misha in Pentyce. Also in the Shattered Cow, Tari and Sam had a stoush. We were followed from the bar, and would have been mugged by the locals except for a diversion as the party pretended to kill Sam in a back alley. It transpires that this was probably for the 35 ounces of krrf we were now carrying.

At 2am, four skilled knife fighters of the Black Lotus Brotherhood powered-up with magic attacked us while we slept. They were more skilled than us, and many of us were asleep and unarmoured. We lost a great deal more blood than them. However, we had an Orc. Two were quickly thrown out a window; one broke his neck, but the other - Simon Fellhand - disappeared into the shadows from under the blade of Mario, who was passing by. The third leapt out another window, and was shot dead. The last was pinned and surrendered. The guard questioned the party (except Sam & his prisoner, who hid, healed up, and then bathed together). Mario was heading the same way as the party, and fell in with us. Over breakfast, Tari's wrist got broken. She says she fell, and Sam was very sorry about it. The prisoner was searched - he had a key - and was then handed over to Rahne's friend Segeant Giles Smith, and was not to be hung for three weeks. The prisoner also told us about the Black Lotus Brotherhood; an attack the next afternoon in the pass west of Gaunton; a cave in the south edge of Zouche Vale were they might be based, and the Grubby Trout inn, a dive here in Freetaun. All this info was passed to Silus that afternoon on the road to Pentyce.


Gareth the Guide, cousin of Karris (of Royston)'s sister's brother-in-law. To be found at the Stony Hound tavern. Probably a thief, bandit and low-life - maybe Black Lotus Brotherhood.


We met Silus and his hot-to-trot healer Avril just outside Pentyce. Avril accompanied us, and spent the evening healing Tari and then massaging Mario.

  • Misha the Alchemist (Apothecary, Herbalist, etc) of Codryn Lane. Receives smuggled krrf from Freetaun. A smuggler, thief, and bandit fence. Krrf is 31sp/half ounce. Sam and Mavric joined her gang of bandits.
  • Deer & Dragon Inn, barkeep Akron.
  • Cat & Scythe Tavern.
  • Devil's Door Tavern.


  • Able Dead Dog Inn, 'keep is Cedric. Or did I sleep beside a dead dog?


Where the women are free and easy, and the summer meadows are tranquil and undisturbed. We leave Bob and our caravan here, it being the end of their line. We have a day off, and them will travel to Gaunton, to join up with the rival gang to the Black Brotherhood.

  • Scything Blade Inn - innkeep Tyrone.
  • Golden Apple Inn.
  • Lake Serven (4 acres, tranquil, well stocked with fish.
  • Fulsome Flounder (good trout) - beside Lake Serven.
  • Searing Salmon (ok trout) - beside the F.Flounder.
  • The Teahouse of Contemplation - for weird people who take tea, like, seriously.

There are also several good romantic walks by the lake, pleasant meadows, idyllic glades, and soft haystacks. Mario & Sam got to know local lasses Emily of Royston (a fabric Merchant) and Yohanna of Royston (lady of leisure) very well. The rest of the party also appreciated their absence. On the morning of the 2nd, met with Vance and the new caravan.


A small town or over-grown village of 1000. We recommend you stay at the Tunneling Troll Inn, a 3 storey building set into the hillside, run by Sean the Innkeeper, his red-head daughter Aliese, and blonde 'niece' Inga. We hear of an attack on Dieterburg (50 miles NW of Darston) that happened on 29th Meadow. It's 200 miles away, so out of our area of concern. Expect Silus's Death Squad will head up there. Also meet trappers Lyle & Barak, and Darren & Djork, dwarven miners from the "Lucky Nugget Strike" claim.

Schontouse-Gaunton Road

Its a two-day trip with wagons to go the 20-odd miles through the narrow, windy, stony pass. There are signs of some elementals having shattered the larger boulders or otherwise making the road passable. Half-way along is the Sly Merchant, a fortifed Inn run by Torrence. We are attacked on the first day by 14 bandits, at a narrow, windy section. The six guards kill 2, the party kills 3 and Sam captures 8 more. 1 (Jock) gets away. That night, 3 of the prisoners get away at the Sly Merchant, stealing horses from Albert, another caravan master. We are blamed and fired. We also have to pay for the horses the thieves took. Without us, they would be dead. There is no justice in the world for orcs and only some for dwarves.


Draken, a local drover, is a lieutenant in the Red Hand gang, which Sam & Lyric now belong to. Sam & Lyric publicly break from the rest of the party to gain intelligence. WE meet back after dark. Collectively we have learnt:

  • The Sirs Respite is a good Inn.
  • The Queens Head is a flea-ridden, beloused Inn.
  • The Lazy Lizard is a low dive & Tavern. Hang-out of the Red Hand gang.
  • Jolly Poacher is a good Ostlers.
  • The Red Dog is a merchant's Inn. We are supposed to return horses there.
  • The Green Ivy Brotherhood is to raid a caravan heading from Syfeld to Gaunton tomorrow morning.
  • Nigel of Green Ivy & his two escapee mates have holed up just NE of town.
  • Wagrin the crofter (NW of town) is being targeted. Sam & Lyric of the Red Hand gang are going to burn him out and force a cheap sale tomorrow.
  • Silus's family was probably killed or kidnapped in the Dieterberg attacks. We can't expect any help from him.

The elves & Rahne check out the Green Ivy safehouse. No sign of the missing horses. They tell the local cavalry of the bandit attack due tomorrow morning. The Cavalry plan to set out & intercept the attack. We then fly north to just outside the fortified Inn where the caravans are camped between Syfeld and Gaunton. It's 2am and cold in the mountains, but we don't want to go inside in case they think that's more suspicious than hanging around outside, freezing our balls off.

We warn the Caravan of the impending ambush and organise to sneak on board their wagons as they pass. The ambush is a rockfall hidden by a bend in the trail, the bandits leap out to be met by x-bow fire, Sam's hands in the front and Tari's hands behind. The few that evade the hands are quickly caught. 20 Bandits, 8 killed, none escaped. The cavalry arrive about 15 minutes later to escort the prisoners to Gaunton and sign a chit for the bounty on 20 Bandits.

We ride with the caravan back to Gaunton. Sam and Lyric continuing their bandit ways, terrorise some chickens, evict some crofters, and stable their livestock in town. This earns the trust of the Red Hand and they receive their first red finger tat and an invite to something big down south. Mario and Rahne sell the armour and weapons from the bandits for 2,000sp.

Schontouse Again

Heading west pre-dawn we raid the croft where the escapees are hiding out. Questioning reveals they met their Gaunton contact Charles the Trapper, he and Barris bought them to Widow ??'s croft, told her to shelter and heal them, and took her daughter as surety. They are due to return in a week with the daughter and collect their men. The daughter was probably taken to Vienaheim, Green Ivy have a base near there, a cave a few miles out of town. Their contact there (?? - one ear, to be found at ??) knows the way to the Cave.

We ask the militia to pick up the three bandits and leave some men to keep watch for the Green Ivy guys returning to pick them up. The evicted crofter is directed to stay with the widow as well. We leave messages for Silus to contact us and ride for Schontouse.

Silus lands to talk as we ride south. His group will take care of the Green Ivy base and rescue the daughter. He needs us to follow the Schontouse lead as his family is held hostage and will be killed if he goes anywhere near Schontouse. Silus is down a few people, they were ambushed by the Black Lotus gang in a fake caravan attack.  ?? was killed and not recovered.  ?? the Elf was killed with some sort of necromantic soul destroying magic and is not resurrectable. The other two killed were recovered and are being healed.

We try to hurry through the pass, but after a couple of riding injuries we slow our pace. Sam and Red Fingered Lyric arrive late the next afternoon, the party arrives in the early evening.

Sam and Lyric ride out with other Red Hand Clan the next morning, we follow 3 to 5 miles behind. They pass a few Red Hand scouts and stop by the river, the next day they travel north and reach the cave complex. Sam sneaks out to meet the party and co-ordinate a pre-dawn attack. All goes well, we capture all of the on-watch guards, recover Silus' family, contain most of the bandits and the leaders, then summon Silus. He turns up within seconds as they have been tracking us with locates and staying close. The majority of the bandits (about 40) surrender, Silus and crew kill the leaders and the 10 who try to resist.

After tying all of the prisoners we load them up with goods from their stores and march them out. Silus sends one of his people to summon the militia to meet us.

The following day our caravan of prisoners, horses, and bandit loot meet the militia out of Schontouse and we all get back to the town late evening.

Green Ivy and Red Hand have been dealt to, Black Lotus is using Soul Destroying magic which is way out of our league. We decide to head home and let some time reveal how much effect we have had.


Xool of Guild Security He's just graduated and is trying hard. Please be kind to him. Nephew of Xool the Magnificent.

Captain Artur Rossignol Captain of the Lakestead Lover', a 80' Cog out of Oldur, Brandenburg. A fair, honest trader, who only drinks a little bit, and likes the ladies. Member of the Braemar Mercantile Cartel

Silus von Merkel Noble Namer & Warrior, honourable man of action. Runs an adventuring group of 12, including 5 mages. Ruthless, hard, but fair.

Sargent Giles of Freetaun A (human male) member of the town guard who believes he has several dates with Rahne in his future.

Brotherhood of the Black Lotus

A bandit group of approx 100. Based in the mountains of Westmarch.

Four of them attacked us in Freetaun, their leader Simon escaped, two were killed, one was captured and handed over to Sergeant Giles.

The Death Squad is directed to their cave in the south edge of Zouche Vale, and to a likely ambush spot just south of there.

  • Simon - shadow celestial and Brotherhood lieutenant, based in Freetaun.

Green Ivy Brotherhood

Bandits. Reported by Red Hand contacts to be Slavers. Maybe 40 members?

3 Heat 807 - Attacked merchant caravan on road between Schontouse and Gaunton. 5 killed, 5 captured and sent to Schontouse with militia (Captain Merkel), 3 tagged and released, 1 escaped (Jock, the leader).

Have a safe house, a semi-fortified croft 2 miles north-east of Gaunton.

5 Heat 807 - Executed a raid on the road north of Gaunton. 8 killed, 12 captured and sent to Gaunton with militia, no escapees.

6/7 Heat 807 - Death Squad raids base near Vienaheim.

  • Jock - leader of a (now-defunct) part of the gang, archer & excellent ranger - an Earth-mage Ranger wolf lost his trail.
  • Nigel - caught and released by party. Tracked to safe house near Gaunton.

Red Hand Clan

Smugglers and drug dealers, maybe more. Good solid people.

10 Heat 807 - Cave west of Schontouse raided. Leaders killed, 40+ captured. Two rumoured to have escaped.

  • Arnold - Barman at the Shattered Cow, Freetaun.
  • Misha the Alchemist in Pentyce.
  • Draken - Drover & contact in Gaunton.
  • Sam - Mangy Orc, a courier.
  • Red Fingered Lyric - Scrofulous Dwarf, courier, partner of Sam.


After the War the northern part of Aladar was given to various Aquilan lords, and some of the southern Aquilan lands were given to the surviving Aladarians. Since then, the Aquilan-born Aladarians and the Aladarian Aquilans have hated each other for occupying their lands. The feuding is starting to reach flash-point, now that the Aqualian Hertzog is becoming more insular and strange, and the Aladarians have rebuilt their military infrastructure. War is brewing, but where, oh where should one make a profit? Merchants are such vile Vultures at times.

There are many "bandits" - at least a dozen organised groups, plus many individual opportunists, in southern Westmarch. These are also interfering with trade. Some of these "bandits" appear to be rival merchant groups whom the Cartel doesn't like, or small-time entrepreneurs. By chance or design, 3 of the big players have not publically admitted to being attacked in the last few months.

The big merchant groups in Westmarch and north-eastern Brandenburg include:

  • Braemar Mercantile Cartel
  • Lowe Merchants (not attacked)
  • Greville Merchants
  • Bradshaw family
  • Schelfhout Merchants (not attacked)
  • de Vonge Merchants
  • Vertenten Merchants
  • van Schoonhoven Merchants
  • de Wilde Merchants
  • Bollier Merchants
  • Manser Merchants
  • de Zwart family (not attacked)

Party Organisation

Single person, two hour watches. With guard & caravaneer. Vary dynamically.

Communication Protocols

  • Use yellow smoke to summon Silus
  • Silus will use purple smoke to summon us
  • There will be a series of flags with different meanings at different inns.
  • A Bandanna on the door means find another room to sleep.


Sam - SoS on himself (thus Rahne, Mavric) & Mario dawn & dusk

- AoE on himself (thus Rahne, Mavric) dawn & noon
- AoE on whoever is on watch

Tari - SoS on herself, Imri dawn, early afternoon, late evening (6am,2pm,10pm)

First Caravan

Bob the Wagon Master - Caravan #1
Derek the Wagoneer - Caravan #2
Giles the Wagoneer - Caravan #3
Thomas the Cook - Caravan #3
Bryn the Wagoneer - Caravan #4
Kylie (short sword) (easy)
Graham (hand & a ½)
Linden (lance)
Sela (dagger) (hot & wild)

Second Caravan

Vance the Caravan master. Mean, hard boss.
Three wagons, + Mario's wagon.


Zephyr - herd leader, mustang (Sam)
Laura - Imri
Gertie - Mavric
Morticia - Tari
Tilda - Rahne
<wagon> - Mario