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The Middle Duchies War, also known as the Western Kingdom War (or erroneously as the Baronies War), took place between and the end of 793WK and the beginning of 795WK (May 5th 1993 and 1st October 1994 in the old calendar).



The Peace Agreement

The peace agreement between Aladar and Aquila following the resolution of the war is as follows:

I. The new border between the two Duchies is now where the front lines were when hostilities ceased. All lands in old Aladar which Aquila now holds have become part of the Duchy of Aquila.

II. The Duke of Aquila's son is recognized by Aladar as the King of The Western Kingdom and Lord over the Duchy of Aladar. Aladar maintains it's status as a Duchy being equal in all aspects to Aquila.

III. Aladarian counties are to be free of scutage and military service requirements for 2 years. Aladar is released from any obligation to pay reparations. Aladar will not be taxed or levied more than Aquila.

IV. All Aladarian county lands are to be split in half with the control of half being subinfeudated to Aqualians with an equal portion of land in Aquila subinfeudated in reverse. Each half of the land is to be equal to a Viscounty. Marriages between Aquilan and Aladarian nobles will be arranged to maintain cordial relations.

V. Aquila is assisting in the post-dragon rebuilding efforts in Aladar. The new regent also entrusts The Orb of The Western King to Duke Baltiich's care.

VI. The state of Aladarian nobles and their territories is as follows:

  • Walar county: ceded to Aquila (Count Novamund Dead).
  • Bolar county: ceded to Aquila (Count Bolariich disposessed of his lands).
  • Novar County: ceded to Aquila (Duke Novar Dead).
  • Barrety County: split North and South into two Viscounties (Count Westmund Dead).
  • North Barrety: ceded to Aquila.
  • South Barrety: remains in Aladar under Viscount Blitzkrieg.
  • Zumalar-Baltheim County: remains in Aladar under Duke Baltiich.
  • Ferezilar County: remains in Aladar under Tomar, Lord Warden of the Marshes.
  • Grobbety County: remains in Aladar under Count Grobbelar.

A state of war still exists between the new Western Kingdom and Brandenburg.


Spring 1992

Spring 1992 Duke Frederick of Aquila and the Dulcenia the Marquessa of Bowcourt are married with much celebration.

Winter 1993

Winter 1993 The Duchy of Aquila and the Marquisate of Bowcourt, allied the previous year by the marriage of their ruling dynasties, become increasingly belligerent to their smaller neighbours, such as the Republic of Innesburg. This causes great uproar in the Duchy of Aladar and Duke Novar IV guarantees Innesburgian independence from "the usurpers of Ducal rights".

Duke Novar opens parley with the great houses regarding the formation of a loose confederation of duchies with the aim of maintaining a balance of military and diplomatic power between the ducal families.
Sporadic violence is reported in several border towns in Aquila, Drakenburg and Aladar
Ulric Schwarzrotgold, born to Duke Frederick of Aquila and Dulcenia the Marquessa of Bowcourt.

Spring 1993

May 5th 1993 The child Ulric Schwarzrotgold crowned King of the Western Kingdom in Aquila.

Innesburg invaded by the Aquilan High Guard. City placed under martial law in the governorship of the Baron of Maumains.

May 18th 1993 Duke of Aladar reported dead. Duke of Aquila invades Eastern Aladar "to maintain order in the Western Kingdom"
May 24th 1993 Border city of Walontaun falls to Aquilan forces after 5 days seige.
June 22nd 1993 Several hundred Nobles and Officers of Aladar assassinated in Novalar at the Duke's mid-summer feast of two part poison . The Duke, his two brothers the Count of Walon and the Viscount of Droskyan, the Count of Bolar, the Viscount of Ferezilan, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Archbishop Gozillar, three Bishops and Cardinal Fang of the Holy Retribution and at least 40 other Barons and Lord Marshals died.

Summer 1993

Summer 1993 Two Aladarians nobles come forth to seek the vacant Ducal Throne, Count Grobbelar from the north and Count Baltmund of Zumalar-Baltheim in the southwest. The heraldic office of Aladar is unable to confirm as several chief herald were among the poisoned. The heraldic office of Aquila sides with Grobbelar.

Count Grobbelar allies to Duke Frederick and if he were the next Duke of Aladar would certainly sign an accord to make Aladar the third duchy of the new Western Kingdom.
Brandenburg and Eltrandor side with Count Baltmund. Count Wessmund of Barretskine also sides with Baltmund and defends the Valten Pass between Aladar and Brandenburg. Count Boyariich fights a violent running war with Bowcourt forces under Lord Marshal Moore, in northeast Aladar. The Aquilan advance stalls at the Battle of Valten Pass where a great army of elves carried the day for Count Wessmund against the Margraf of Ostow and his Western Kingdom forces.
Baltmund signs treaties with his allies and forms the Middle Duchies confederation, whose purpose is to uphold the dominion of their lands for King Sigismund, still believed to be the true king by Baltmund's followers.
Count Kree of Borovia signs non-aggression treaties with both Aquila and Aladar.
The small Duchy of Drakenburg send massive waves of raiders. Aquila and Bowcourt declare war on Drakenburg and portal troops north to capture the city of Drakenburg.
Karrinski the Eltrandorian Necromancer decrees that he will help the defense of the West "in his own way". Official orders deem all Vampire hunting in Eltrandor to be illegal.

June 28th 1993 Bishop of Ranke assassinated, by a group of tattooed 'black mages'.
June 1993 Seiges of Novalar and Drakenburg City, capital cities of Aladar and Drakenburg. Adventure notes: Drakenburg Assault
June 31st 1993 Guild taxes raised to 10%

Autumn 1993

July 1993 Alidarian troops loyal to Duke Baltmund crush the Alidarian troops under Baron Grobbelar, in a pitched battle at Grobblartaun. It is not known what has become of Baron Grobbelar in the aftermath of the battle but it is thought he has escaped to Bowcourt and is seeking sanctuary with the Bishop of Mordeaux.
August 20th 1993 The city of Novalar (capital of Aladar) falls after four assaults by the Aquilan High Guard.
September 28th 1993 Kingdom troops advance on Droskine, Baltmund's main command centre and third city of Aladar. After initial successes, the Aquilan troops are stopped only a mile from the town, after a terrible magical exchange between the Aladarian magical corps led by Captain Mad and Aquilan magi commandos. Reports tell that the land killed men like a living creature, and the sky turned to fire. The Aladarians took terrible casualties, but the Aquilans withdrew to save the remnants of their own battered magicians. The battle, so far the biggest of the war, and the bloodiest, is a draw. Estimates range from ten to eighteen thousand killed and wounded.
September 29th 1993 Bishop of Mordeaux appoints Father Graham of Ranke, leader of "The Order of Divine Retribution", the new Bishop of Ranke.
September 1993 The siege of the Castle of Drakenburg in Novalar raised at the end of September due to the intervention of Eltrandorian forces complemented by Aladarian rangers and magicians, and led by Karrinski and Baron Blitzkrieg of Sturmwald.

A Drakenburg sponsored raid by guild members on Aquilan Headquarters at the Drakenburg siege captures Richard of Foxcourt but misses the Bishop of Mordeaux.

October 1993

Eltrandorian troops pushing through Unsreimer are turned back north of Einsburg by rapidly deployed Aladarian troops. Unsreimer has turned neutral at the decision of the Magraf there.

Autumn 1993 The Wizard Karrinski awarded title Baron of Vankran for services to the Duchy of Aladar.

Elves enter war under "Countess" Isil Ith, to "protect farmers" in southeastern Aladar.
Matthew of Foxcourt succeeds Richard.
Plague in southern Cauldersfield vanquished but there are still sporadic outbursts in Aladar, Brandenburg and northern Cauldersfield.
War becomes increasingly bitter and bloody. Rumours of mercenary dragons being recruited by Aquila, and of a super weapon being manufactured by Brandenburg mechanicians. Aquilans use a Horn to destroy the castle walls at Drakenburg. This sound weapon causes minor earthquakes in the surrounding area, disrupting all rune portals in a 5 mile radius.
Aquilan troops reach the Drosky Ranges in central Aladar and overrun the Aladarian forces their but fail to break through the pass to Barretskine.
Grobbelar's forces bottled up in Grobbelartaun by Count Aldred of Karracksbridge.

December 29th 1993 Bishop of Mordeaux invested as the first archbishop of the Western Kingdom in Aquila. The Bishops of Ostow, Aquila, Helheim, Ranke, Ormond, Destiny and Midheim attend. The archbishop's new see is to be Novalar, the former capital of Aladar, and the announcement leads to riots in the streets. The new commander of the City is Sir Matthew Kallinbree, of the Order of Divine Retribution.
December 31st 1993 Guild taxes raised to 20%

Winter 1994

November 13th 1993 Aquilans gain victory in the East at Helheim, where ten thousand Drakenburg horsemen, the last cohesive force of their invasion, assault four thousand Aquilan troops and militia in prepared positions across a river. The Drakenburgians are decimated for the loss of barely five hundred men. Aquilan estimates Drakenburgian dead at over six thousand. The commander of the Drakenburgians, Chief Eshnarl, is said to have committed the troops in his belief that the gods would make his horses fly.
Winter 1994 Warfare along the Drosky river in Aladar and north of Einsburg in Aquila continues spasmodically, but deserting militia and the onset of bad weather has forces both sides halt open warfare.

Baron Karrinski now Count Karrinski of Solport.

Spring 1994

March 1994 Peace talks fail. Duke Baltmund of Aladar does not accept King Ulric, the son of Duke Frederick of Aquila as the heir of King Sigismund and as soon as Sigismund returns, he will swear fealty. Until then, all Dukes are equal. However the Regent, Duke Frederick has said that the war was showing that some dukes are more equal than others. The Regent of course wishes stability and peace but Peace requires a wide power base to ensure all barons accede to the needs of the masses. The Regent was willing to recognise the Duke of Aladar as an autonomous Duke. The only exception would be in declaring war.

On a positive note the Duke of Aladar might recognise that the kingdom still exists. If he acknowledges the Kingdom, but not the King, then the Regent will be his equal. Where the elves fit is unsure. Some wish the Kingdom to return. Some speak of diabolic forces moving into the area. It is unsure what is meant by that. While others within the elven court wish humans to stay split and weakened by warfare.

March 31st 1994 Guild taxes drop to 10%
April 22nd and May 3rd 1994 The Aquilan High Guard attempt to force the pass over the Drosky Mountains to Barretskine and fail against Elvish archers.
May 18th 1994 Aquilan halfling rangers and the Archbishop of Mordeaux's forces disrupt the Eltrandorian defenses. A third assault on the pass by giantish and dwarvish heavy infantry break up the elvish forces, and 3000 knights of Aquila crash through the pass getting to within 2 miles of Barretskine.
Spring 1994 Aladarian and mercenary forces strike out of the Ffenargh River at Walon and Ostow Counties, into northern Bowcourt and parts of what was Innesburg. Kingdom forces tied up in the North lose control of many parts of Walon, Ferezilar, Bolar and Ostow.

Summer 1994

Summer 1994 Much of the land held conquered by Aquila in the previous year, including that taken by Isil Ith, is in disorder, though being suppressed by Bowcourt forces under the Count of Chagny.

Barony of Dumas pulls out of the Confederation.
Duke Branden of Brandenburg is anxious about the number of Eltandorian force in his duchy and withdraws 3000 men under Count Aldred of Karrcksbridge to Brandenburg City.
Terror weapons produced by Brandenburg alchemists and mechanicians from the bells of Barretskine's cathedral are used against Aquilan forces at Barretskine, throwing huge stones, halting charging Aquilan knights long enough for Confederation troops to regroup and force the Aquilans back to the pass.

June 1994 Barretskine is besieged, and under increasing pressure.
July 1st 1994 Aquilan held Barretskine invaded by a chaos army from the Plane of Brass, summoned by Aladar's ally, Baron Zadrin Dumar, without consent of the Confederation commanders.

At midday, a swirling vortex of black clouds forms, wreathed in red coruscations of energy from which emanate clouds of ash carried by a copper-tainted wind. A huge column of blood red energy arcs down to ground amidst the rear echelon and supply lines. From this hellish portal issues a stream of creatures so foul and numerous that the very ground shakes with their approach. Huge infernal machines of war cut a bloody swath through thousands of weary soldiers and defenseless supply troops.
Counter-air patrols are met by hideous flying wyrms and repelled. Amongst the horde are a vast number of the living dead, and terror weapons, the destructive power and fury of which the like have never been seen before.
The order to retreat is given and the High Guard and allies take to the walls in a vain attempt to stem the tide of evil.
The vortex moves closer to the city, still spewing forth its demonic issue as a storm breaks over the city, turning the battlefield into a sea of blood and gore.
A headlong flight through rune portals follows. The walls and troops are torn apart by huge explosions and the horde pours into the city, destroying all before them.
A guild party encircles the city with warding magic to prevent them leaving. Several days later, a smaller vortex is seen over the city and what is left of the horde leaves. Barretskine is now held by the undead horde, and the cathedral bells toll day and night. It has been determined that undead are free of their normal restrictions within earshot of the bells.
Zadrin Dumar is denounced by the confederation and declared anathema by the Michaeline church.
Zadrin's brother, Alfred, assumes control of Dumar.

Autumn 1994

Autumn 1994 Eltrandor sues for peace and offers a neutral ground for peace negotiations on Tarcs Island in the Felice Bay.

Archbishop of the Western Kingdom and the head of the church in Eltrandor withdraw support for the war and troops to fight the common enemy, the Dumarians.

September 7th 1994 Thirty thousand church knights and men at arms march on Barretskyne under the Banner of the Arch Bishop of Mordeaux.

The attack is followed by two days of hand to hand combat between the forces of light and darkness.
Although the cathedral is taken soon after midday and the magic of the bells disrupted, causing the greater undead to retreat, the fighting continues until night time at which time the greater undead counter attack inflicting great carnage on the mortal forces, who wisely choose to retreat. By daybreak it is observed that most of the greater undead in the city had either left, perished, or gone to ground in the extensive catacombs below the cathedral.

October 1st 1994 The War Ends

The Ruby Scourge, a dragon from the Western Continent attacks Zumalar and inflicts huge casualties, including a number of Aladarian nobility. A guild party attacks the dragon. Duke is breathed on and reduced to a skeleton. Lord Ambrose dies mysteriously after the guild party kills the dragon.
Aquilan forces take Novalar through overwhelming use of magical fire-power.
Novalar is now in ruins having been seiged, assaulted and taken, retaken and then heavily assaulted and taken back again.
Peace talks ensue and it is agreed that Aquila keep the land they are occupying and all go off to attack the undead horde in Baretskyne.
Brandenburg refuse to accede and are continuing to fight.
The Western Kingdom is now in existence once more.
The war lasted 3 years and was ended with Lady Catherine, Duke Frederick III sister's marriage to Baron Blitzkrieg of Stormguard; to whom she has never spoken.


There appear to be no scribes notes for adventures run involving the war. Anyone have any?

Drakenburg Assault