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Imri Athaliah is a young Elvish woman from a naval family in the Elvish Isles. She joined the Guild in Summer 807, under the guidance of Tari.

She is a Celestial Mariner, and Cutlass is her prefered weapon.

Originally a water mage, during Summer 810 Imri offered to give up her college in return for The Fire Duke's assistance in destroying a greater undead that was threatening the party and the local villagers. Instead, he transmuted her magic to Fire College. As she was extremely uncomfortable with the destructive nature of this, Sammael (who was one of the parties to the original deal) arranged to transmute it again, this time to Celestial Mariner (which is Celestial Star with a few minor changes).


Smartest 1 Fruit 810 (for plan during Ghost Town contract)

Guild Contracts:

The Rainbow Gates Spring 810
Ghost Town Summer 810
Watching the Watchmen Autumn 809
Thanks for all the fish Summer 809
Fair-bound Ride Spring 808
Horse Thieves Spring 807
Scouting for Silus Summer 807