Red Fingered Lyric

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Red Fingered Lyric is a scrofulous Dwarven bandit operating in Westmarch.

She and her hench-orc Sam were apparently small time smugglers and heavies until their miraculous escape from the brutal raid on the Red Hand Clan by the Draymax Death Squad.

Since then there has been no confirmed sightings but rumours abound:

  • Lyric is a member of the Black Lotus gang sent in to destroy the competition.
  • Lyric is secretly rebuilding the Red Hand Clan and planning revenge on Silus and his Draymax Death Squad.
  • Lyric has turned assassin and now hunts anyone who has ever squealed on the Clan.

Guild Security have investigated and confirm that this is not Lyric the Dwarven adventurer, known to have associated with an Orc named Sam. She was on another plane at the time, this is just a coincidence of name, race, gender, and description.